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Irkut Corporation
Irkut Corporation

Irkut Corporation (ex Yakovlev Design Bureau)


Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Corporation" Irkut "(JSC" Corporation "Irkut") - a vertically integrated company, providing a full cycle of design, testing, manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales service of aviation equipment for military and civilian purposes.

In 2004 the JSC "Yakovlev Design Bureau. Yakovlev "was absorbed by JSC" Irkut ". Staff was reduced in 4,5 times (from 1400 2003 people a year to 311 people), eliminated the production base, sold real estate. Later, from the remains of the Design Bureau Engineering Center was established JSC "Irkut".


In 1932 year, in March, by the order of number 181 plant was established under the name of Irkutsk Aviation Plant №125. Oddly enough, the factory began to actively work only after two years. The development was planned to make the fighter I-14, which later successfully passed the test flight was launched for production. The main objective was the destruction of the aircraft air forces of the enemy, but the short-term priority mission - is defense.

Aviation Plant

Defend your country, that's what has been created and-14, as well as it could be used for the transportation of various goods, in particular other details. Fighter conducted active actions during World War II, for this purpose it was created, and further improved significantly. In 1941 year, by order of №1139 wanted to combine the two plants, Irkutsk and Moscow № 125 39 number, the idea was successful, and the company received a new name: the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor №39 Aircraft Plant named after IV Stalin. This "sleep" was very strong and for many years was producing excellent aircraft.

Thus with 1941 1943 for the year was made a dive bomber Pe-2. It is not much different from other models of aircraft, only that it had resolved the problem of protecting the car and the crew. Armor has become greater, thus firmer, and the crew is equipped with new remedies. This is all done in order to fire from land or sea, not easily destroyed planes, that is not getting easy money. For the ideal state aircraft have been added to air brakes, due to which the bomber could easily maneuver. All ideas have been successfully made in life and thus to obtain a model of the Pe-2.

Also during united factory has created several models of long-range bombers, namely:IL-4, IL-6and EP-2. They produced between 1942 1946 on year, respectively. Naturally, the direct object of planes was a battle during the Great Patriotic War. Also, specifically for the Great Patriotic War, was created by long-range fighter, the only one of its kind, Pe-3, it produced just two years, over 1941 - 1943 years.

Irkutsk Aviation Plant 43

After the war, the plant was producing a lot of different categories of aircraft, but became iconic vehicles, such as the AN-12 and An24. The first model was good enough, but not exactly what the government wanted to see her, that's why, have created an improved AN-24, which fits all the criteria. Produced they 1952 1962 and 1967 on 1971 on year, respectively. In 1989 the plant gets a new name "Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association", abbreviated IAPA.

Irkutsk Aviation Plant is currently strong industrial platform Corporation "Irkut", its main processing center.

Currently in mass production are multi-purpose combat aircraft Su-30MK in various versions - Sioux 30MKI India, Su-30MKM for Malaysia, Su-30MKA Algeria.

Serial production of components for Airbus A320 company AIRBUS: it is a niche nose landing gear keel beam and directing flap.

Yakovlev Design Bureau is one of the most advanced and well-known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. This company is working on further design and manufacturing of aircraft. Bureau Chief was appointed a talented designer of the last century, AS Yakovlev.



Brief history and climbing Yakovlev

AS Yakovlev to 1934 years was the head of the group of designers at the plant №39, which was engaged in the design and development of new aircraft. Due to this, the country's leadership has provided this group and provided funding for the development of the industry. State decree issued in mid-summer 1934 years, organized all designers Yakovlev in one unit, which must comply with Spetsaviatrestu. After that, this group was designated as "Factory №115». With 1935, he came under the supervision of People's Commissariat. In 1959 the company was placed under the control and financing GKAT and was referred to as "Enterprise 1303». This renaming is not ended, since 1966 year it began to be called as the Machine Building Plant "Speed".


In 1992 year the plant became a joint-stock company of open type, I began to carry the name of the legendary designer - OKB. Yakovlev. After that, its development has been rather weak, mainly due to a lack of funding and a small number of orders for the products. The final conversion of the company held in 2004 year, when the company absorbed all OKB "Irkut". After that, the majority of workers were laid off, while a significant portion of real estate sold at all. On the basis of the whole complex of the employees and the equipment was formed Center engineers that served the needs of "Irkut".

Features and operation of enterprise Yakovleva

The first aircraft, which was designed by Yakovlev, was flown back in 1927 year. It was the era of aerial devices Yakovlev. In the history of the work of the designer and his design bureau was created more than 200 different aircraft, about one hundred of them are mass-produced. The company has engaged in manufacturing of helicopters and other military and civilian equipment. The most important thing is that all the works are unique and new in the world. It is possible to achieve high results, especially because this technique is widely used on the territory of many countries of the world.


Among the aircraft that were manufactured at the plant, the greatest attention was paid to the creation of all the different variants of the aircraft. In the line of machines of this type can be identified training, combat, also manufactures unmanned units. Most were quite aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing system, and this system was quite unique and had no exact analogs.


Designers Bureau had developed a number of military aircraft to perform various operations and missions. Yakovlev's team has achieved great results in the development of supersonic jets and airliners. It made a lot of machines for air sports that are easy to perform the most difficult stunts. It is impossible not to note the contribution of the designer Yakovlev and his team in the creation of aircraft, which took an active part in the fighting during the war.


Due to the fact that the design bureau has collected the best designers of our country, they were able to work in parallel planes of the different designs and applications. It is because the proper selection of factory workers Yakovlev was able to consistently produce production aircraft, since 1932 years and over 70 years. During this time we managed to build more than 70 thousand airplanes of different design with side labeled "Yak". Most of them were made even during the Great Patriotic War.


yak logo
EG Yak-130
UT-1 Yak-242 / MS-21
UT-2 Su-30
Yak-38 / M / Y  


Training of specialists in the enterprise Yakovleva

Yakovlev himself conducted the selection of employees, thereby creating a single, well-coordinated team. All employees of the plant were highly scientific base and the desire to create a new one. Employees were able to translate their ideas into reality, though sometimes they were almost not feasible, but due to the harmonious and friendly team had the opportunity to discuss and finalize all the projects. Through teamwork and creativity, and was created Yakovlevskaya school. Each constructor different responsibility for their creations, and tried to make their offspring the best and reliable in operation.

For long-term operation Bureau has been prepared many outstanding designers who have received international recognition for his work in the aircraft industry. Also, test department had a special respect from the whole team, because their work was the most dangerous and responsible. The very first group of designers who gathered himself AS Yakovlev, to prepare young generation of artists in various sectors of aviation business.


Quality construction and design of the aircraft was received by the latest developments and the introduction of advanced international technology. For this was organized by a department whose main task was to introduce new parts, units and weapons. This experimental bureau had many partners, such as TsAGI NIIAS, NIAT and other advanced institutions. Also, employees of the plant brought to advise on other technical aviation companies.

Coherence and close cooperation allowed Yakovlev receive the latest developments for its power plants and electrical equipment. That's partners engaged in new developments and production, at the expense of such a symbiotic relationship many companies worked as one. All this is possible to obtain high-quality and competitive aircraft with the designation of "Yak".

Achievements aircraft production Yakovlev

All air units that were created in the walls of the enterprise, failed to win 86 world records according to various indicators. It should be noted that the registration records at the world level in the Soviet Union began with only 1935 years, but even before the result set has been reached.


The most famous and important world records of the Bureau are such:

  • The first can be considered a record flight from Sevastopol to Moscow by plane type AIR-1 1927 still in the year. This was the first most important achievement of the Soviet aircraft.

  • From the middle of October 1936 years 1937 before the summer, on the light aircraft Yakovlev was established immediately 5 records, which were carried out by both men and women.

  • 1949 year brought yet another speed record on the plane using a lightweight piston engine, which was noted by the international medal of Louis Bleriot.

  • The most notable achievement was the speed record apparatus Yak-11 1951 in the year. Data of speed could not be achieved in the world for 24 years.

  • With regard to the carrying capacity, then there yakovlevtsev creations were awarded international prizes. This record put cargo helicopters Yak-24.

  • They also set a record for the maximum lifting height and speed, this has been achieved with the creation of jet aircraft Yak-30, as well as Yak-32.

  • The arms race is allowed to get in 1955, the altitude record with a maximum cargo on board. This aircraft was used RVs that could beat the performance of the US unit "Lockheed U-2».

  • The most recent world records have been set using the machine Yak-141, which is able to produce a vertical takeoff and landing.


Large range of enterprise Yakovleva, namely 19 different types of air vehicles, allowing a variety of the highest international awards.

Work Yakovlev Design Bureau has repeatedly been awarded high state awards. The first order was received in 1942 year, it was the Order of Lenin. The second was the Order of the Red Banner, he was awarded in 1944 year for the development and manufacture of high-quality aircraft. In 1981 he was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. Besides all this, a lot of state awards was handed directly to the most active and successful designers of the company.




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