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Yakovlev Yak-60


Yak-60 project is the development of design bureau Yakovlev. As it is known, it is a leading designer Yakovlev aircraft, but apart from them, a whole line of helicopters was designed. Yak-60 was supposed to be a heavy transport helicopter for military needs. The machine has a longitudinal structure diagram that you can contain a large amount of cargo.

A brief chronology of the appearance of the Yak-60

Start of the project dates back to the end of 60-ies. The main task of the designers was the orientation of its large capacity in a helicopter in-12, which developed the Sukhoi Design Bureau. This machine is considered a further modification of the Yak-24 helicopter.


The helicopter Yak-60 began to be designed by the decree of the Council of Ministers, which was released in the winter of the year 1958. Design was submitted to the Yakovlev Design Bureau, namely the Leningrad plant, which has already produced Yak-24 helicopters. Chief designer of the project was appointed IA Ehrlich. It was necessary to create a four-engine helicopter with a longitudinal diagram of the structure under the designation Yak-60.

Design features of the helicopter Yak-60

To obtain the desired duty engines have been chosen of D-25VM, which had a capacity of 6497 horsepower each. They can lift loads up to 40 tons. According to the calculations of designers maximum takeoff weight Yak-60 machine was to be 100 tons, including 42 was given tons of the cargo. In addition to high capacity, the helicopter had and huge geometric figures. Helicopter length reached almost 45 meters with body width in meters 8,6. The height of the machine was too big and was 11,6 meters.


The main objective of this giant was transporting tanks, ballistic missiles, ground-based radars, ammunition, oil rigs, and more. In addition to the load compartment, the cargo could append and external sling system. Large cargo area allowed to carry and paratroopers, whose number is on the board could reach 228 people with full equipment. The machine can be used for the transportation of the wounded - to 176 8 people and accompanying doctors. To control the helicopter Yak-60 3 had human crew.


In addition to the project version of the Yak-60 further development of the helicopter did not find due to the closure of the Leningrad plant, which was planned to manufacture. It is for this reason, has not created any class helicopter Yak-60.

Yak-60 characteristics:

  • Crew - 3 person.

  • Maximum Capacity - 42 tons.

  • The length of the fuselage - 46 m.

  • The maximum takeoff weight - 100 tons.

  • Wingspan - 70 m.

  • Engines - 2 GTD D-25VF power 6497 l. from. each.




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