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Yakovlev Yak-201


Once developed the Yak and Yak-141-43 engineers from the Yakovlev Design Bureau started to further branch of VTOL Yak-201. At this time, it is only a draft design. Neither layout nor the more experienced prototype is not designed. We began designing its own initiative in the middle of EDO staff 90-ies.


According to the set parameters new VTOL must have some differences from the previous Yak and Yak-141-43 first and foremost in terms of increased range. Air unit will create the traditional scheme, applied in the base model with the presence dvuhkilevoe tail. Install it with a large angle of inclination. The entire structure of the aircraft traced unobtrusive performance and has a small number of angles. According to the plan of the power plant applied to the engine in a single copy, hoisting and sustainer, power-driven lift fan on. The engine mounted behind the cockpit. The nozzle of the engine viewed in different ways, in particular flat or round shape, but it will perform in the rotary form.


The mechanism of change of the thrust vector will enable the aircraft to be supermaneuverability. Armament Yak-201 will be placed in a specially designed inner compartments of the fuselage. But to design the layout plane never arrived. A draft version of the show representatives of the Defense Ministry, but it was never approved. The main reason was that the Yak-201 lacked funds, and an additional pretext became uncertain TTT program PRL.


According to preliminary data EDO interceptor was calculated by a single pilot. As with the final version of the engine did not dare, for the exemplary data plane should develop the land speed 1250 km / h, and in the air - 1800 km / h. Service ceiling for the Yak-201 15 000 is m. Among the weapons decided to use a rifle gun GSH-301s ammunition in 120 shells. And on the four-point suspension we decided to set ur "air-air" type of P-77-range or P-27 medium action. In some embodiments, we have studied the installation of missiles near P and P-73-60 and blocks NAR caliber up to 240 mm.


Yak-201 characteristics:

  • Purpose: interceptor vertical takeoff and landing
  • Manufacturer: Yakovlev


  • Crew: 1 people
  • Max. speed at the ground: 1250 km / h
  • Max. speed at height: 1800 km / h
  • Combat radius: 690 km
  • Range of flight: - at the ground - 1250
  • - At an altitude of 10-12 km - 2100 km
  • Service ceiling: 15000 m


  • Length: 18,3 m
  • Height: 5,0 m
  • Wingspan: - in the unfolded position - 10,1 m
  • - Folded - 5,9 m m
  • Wing area: 63,4 m;


  • Max. takeoff - when the run 120 m - 19500
  • with vertical takeoff - 15800 kg


  • Small arms and cannon: 1 x 30mm, GSH-301 (120 ammunition shells)

  • Number of suspension points: domestic accommodation 4 position

  • Suspended arms SD air-to-air (P-77 (RVV-AE) or P-27-Range and P-73 short-range or P-60 close air combat) and air-to-surface (X-25, X-31A or X -35), gun mount (23 mm, 250 rounds) or starting blocks NAR caliber from the 80 240 mm up to six bombs caliber 500 kg.



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