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Yakovlev Yak-55


Yak-55 1979 was developed in the year in the Yakovlev Design Bureau and represented the single aerobatic aircraft. It was designed for learning and training of pilots and performances in competitions.


History of the Yak-55


In 1976 in Kiev passed the championship in aerobatics, which ended with the victory of the Soviet pilots on Yak-50. They have demonstrated a high-speed aerobatics using permitted piloting zone 800h1000h900 m. Foreign partners have fulfilled shapes with small radii at low speed in a confined space. While such Slower style was considered more progressive. As a result, in our country we have begun to develop more advanced aerobatic aircraft that would meet modern requirements completely. By applying a thicker wing profile and reducing the load on the wing required characteristics can be achieved. For Yak-55 50 was distant load kg / m2. Designers have developed a thick airfoil with 18 percent (against 9-14 percent of its predecessors).

Yak-55 video


To get the best results when performing reverse maneuvers, Yak-55 made symmetrical. All aerodynamic system was too close to full symmetry sredneplan wing is on the engine thrust vector axis, in turn, horizontal tail - almost in the wake of the wing. As for the vertical stabilizer, it is the projection of the lower fuselage. Thanks to this arrangement technique of figures has become much easier, thus improving the performance of the machine veneer.


Yak-55 design was made of metal. In contrast to the Yak-50 she was very simple. Aileron covers almost the entire rear edge of the wing is made for single-spar scheme. At the root of the wing, on the right and left of the fuselage, in front spar made 2 geometric compartments - the main and additional fuel tanks. Wing, consisting of two detachable consoles attached to the fuselage, which is made as a semi-monocoque. Stabilizer and fin dvuhlonzheronnoe scheme. To make the system simpler, one-piece tail complied with the fuselage. Yak-55 has fixed landing gear of a titanium alloy springs. The tail wheel controls, landing gear wheels have a mechanical brake. The power plant is represented by an engine M-14P with the screw-in-530TA D35. The oil system is taken from the Yak-50. The fuel system allows the aircraft to be upside down to three minutes.


Creating a Yak-55


Immediately it is worth noting that the construction of the aircraft took place long enough. The first flight in May 1981 years fulfilled Oleg Bulygin, an experienced test pilot. While our athletes effectively acted on the Yak-50. "Flourish", high-speed aerobatics considered Soviet style, which was used to 1981 pilots of all countries. In place of such a low-speed machines come miniature biplane and, of course, monoplanes of the type "Laser" (USA). The speed style began to fly pilots, who spoke on "Zlin-50L" (Czechoslovakia) and CAPAJ (France).


In these conditions the plane, just released, has become obsolete. It had a relatively low rotational angular velocity, and force the control knobs too large. But, despite this, it was a lot of positive qualities: on the plane perfectly performed aerobatics figures reverse it without any difficulty coming out of different types of spin. Skilled remains only to "force" the Yak-55 will rotate around the axis and fly. For this purpose, the wing was shortened, decreased damping properties and specific load. In this type of Yak-55 able to develop in level flight maximum speed of 315 km / h and rotated over 4 radians per second.

Yak-55 video


Before the World Championships in aerobatics in the Yak improved year 1982-55 handed the USSR national team, but the athletes were not able to so quickly to prepare for the performances at the modernized aircraft. M. Molchanyuk, continuing tests revealed flaws in the design. As a result, Yakovlev was created and designed a new wing with a thinner profile and a high-speed large contraction. In 1984 year's World Cup and Victor Nikitiuk Nikolai Smolin, speaking at the Yak-55, were the winners in the individual exercises.


But most of all has been achieved Halide Makagonova, which won the title of absolute world champion. The Yak-55 easy to operate, allowing you to fly it even inexperienced pilots. At the technical staff of its service does not cause any difficulties. It was decided to mass production. Using Yak-55 in the sports club will promote the efficient development of air sports in our country.

Yak-55 cabin

Yak-55 characteristics:

Modification Yak-55
Wingspan, m 9.00
Aircraft Length m 7.29
Height, m 2.20
Wing area, m2 12.80
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 550
maximum take-off 875
Internally fuel l 120
engine's type 1 PD M-14P
Power, hp X 1 360
Maximum speed km / h 450
Practical range, km 495
The duration of the flight, ch.min 2.00
Practical ceiling, m 4000
RњR ° RєSЃ. SЌRєSЃRїR "SѓR S,R ° ° ° C † RёRѕRЅRЅR SЏ RЅR RіSЂSѓR ° · ° RєR 9
Crew 1



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