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Voenlety dead empire. - M. Khairulin
Aviation and literature
This book tells about one of the most neglected events of Soviet history.

German Titov - Aviation and Space
Aviation and literature

Alexander Klinge - Junkers-87. Book. Reviews.
Aviation and literature
This aircraft is the main symbol of the blitzkrieg. Junkers Ju 87 cleared the way for armored units.

Ivan Kozhedub - Fidelity homeland. Seeker battle. Book. Reviews.
Aviation and literature
In your hands there is the first full release of the most experienced Soviet pilot - Kozhedub, which is three times Hero of the Soviet Union.

Vasily Ershov - aerophobia (2008) .book, reviews, reviews.
Aviation and literature
As a flight instructor, I want to say that all this time I was able to safe and sound to carry around a million people.

Jordans Assen - Flying in the clouds. Book reviews, reviews.
Aviation and literature
The book covers the flights that are related to the lack of visual orientation. The conceptual framework of Meteorology, describes the equipment required for the flight.

Richard Bach - Biplane. Book reviews, reviews, autobiography.
Aviation and literature
Richard Bach. Writer, journalist, pilot.


Books about planes. Books about the helicopters.


Modern society can not develop normally and function without constant improvement of aviation, which can be used both as an information communications and transport links. Society undergoing global transformation requires its methodological analysis of social and philosophical understanding. Analysis of literature, which is devoted to the role and place of modern communications in the development and functioning of the globalized society, demonstrates that the researchers primarily focused on information communications.

But little attention is paid to the socio-cultural significance of aviation functions, the value of the aircraft as a vehicle to identify the aircraft as the interconnections of information communications and transport means of communication. Therefore, philosophical understanding of the spectrum of aviation issues is highly relevant and requires a detailed socio-philosophical analysis. But make it will be simply impossible without books about airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft, which can be found on our website.

Books about planes. Books about the helicopters.

Planes at all times attracted the attention of many people. Particularly interesting they are for boys who dream of becoming pilots. They constantly seek out information on the air devices, not just knowledge to comprehend the future profession, but also willing to devote their lives to it. Of course, they are very interested in books about helicopters and airplanes. They captivate not only the current models, but also the history of aviation.

For all time of its development it was created a huge number of different models of aircraft. From books you can learn about the most important events in the history of aircraft and aviation, from the first flights of gliders and ending with the establishment of modern supersonic jet machines. Almost all books about airplanes, helicopters, besides the high-quality illustrations, it is a valuable reference material. Many publications are designed not only for adult readers, but also to school age.

Of course, television, and now the Internet are indispensable means of broadcasting to the masses. However, nothing can replace the human book. Of course, the printed format is more convenient, but also allows you to soak up all of the electronic information. The main thing is to grasp the meaning set forth in the author's words and be interested in the attainment of new knowledge. Our portal offers a selection of aviation best books about helicopters and airplanes. It offered a book of military and civilian subjects.

Books about planes

You can read about the flights, various emergency situations, on how to behave, not only pilots and other management personnel, but also passengers. Particularly interesting you will read about the heroic actions of the pilots of the different models of aircraft, about the importance of aviation during the war years and a lot of other useful information.

Check out all the free books on space and aviation. Choosing one of them, you can easily find it in electronic form or print publication, which, of course, will be more difficult. If you are used to reading books through special programs, then after a few minutes you will be able to find for themselves the most appropriate option, and enjoy reading. We suggest you familiarize yourself with a large library of books about airplanes and helicopters, read the detailed description. Each book cover is picked up, so when you search you will not confuse the coveted book on the other.