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Krasnozvёzdnye Americans Stalin. V. Kotelnikov
Aviation and literature
Krasnozvёzdnye Americans Stalin. V. Kotelnikov

Krasnozvёzdnye Americans Stalin.

V. Kotelnikov


A new book by the exploits of A-20 described in detail, distinguished himself on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War. This happened in July 16 1944 year in the Finnish port of Kotka. At that time, as our bombers are trying to divert the anti-aircraft forces of the enemy, a few meters above the water directly to the enemy closing in high speed twin-engine aircraft, each with a bomb weighing 1000 kg. After the bombs were dropped, they otrekoshetili and hit on the board of the German cruiser Niobe, which is the largest warship, flooded during the Great Patriotic War. But it is worth noting that the bombers to sink it, flew on American-made fighters, better known as "Boston".

This plane was created as a heavy attack aircraft, the Air Force used the forces of Britain, France, the United States during the Second World War. But most of the cars was in the USSR. But we had plenty of attack aircraft, moreover, booking they may include any comparison with the US. And so A-20 mainly used as a short-range bombers and heavy fighters. And A-20 appeared extremely highly effective, earning the accolades of many soldiers.


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