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Radio traffic controllers and pilots


How to listen to talks pilots and controllers?

  • Please select your region on the interactive map;
  • Select required by airports in the menu that appears;
  • Expect to download the audio stream.

* When using a mobile device, you may need to open a file using the media player, which should be confirmed in the resulting query while downloading the audio stream can take up to 2-3 minutes.







For many people with expertise in aviation only on the level of performance of a flight from one point of the globe to another, the aircraft flight process is in fact only three major stages, including takeoff, flight and landing itself. However, in reality, this problem is very complicated, as the crew of the aircraft require constant negotiations with managers, request the opportunity to prepare for departure, for permission to take off, climb, etc., Which need to constantly negotiate with managers, located on the ground who actually carry out management of aircraft crews.



What negotiations are conducted between the controllers and the crew members? Often, this information is purely technical in nature, but sometimes you can find the most diverse and interesting information, and thanks to the aviation portal, you have a unique opportunity to learn them.

Your attention provided such an option, as the interception of communications controllers and pilots of aircraft, which you can very easily and completely free to use, and, it is enough to have a computer or mobile device. Listen to talks dispatchers can be almost any time of day restrictions can only arise in the case of an interrupt signal from the transmitting equipment.

Using the map view, select a region and then, in the list of available airports and select the one that is for you interest, and after a bit of waiting, with the proviso that at present negotiations are underway, you can see the information sent between the pilots and air traffic controllers. Pay attention to the fact that the exercise should click on the name of the airport, and to interrupt the interception, it suffices to use the built-in control of the player, or just to make the transition to another airport.