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Lydia Kuzmina - Pavel Sukhoi and his winged masterpieces
Aviation and literature
Lydia Kuzmina - Pavel Sukhoi and his winged masterpieces

Lydia Kuzmina - Pavel Sukhoi and Winged masterpieces.


The book is written in memory of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi, is the winner of the State and Lenin Prizes, twice Hero of Socialist Labor and talented aircraft designer. Design Bureau, which was created by his order 70 years ago, and to this day is considered to be an industry leader in the global aircraft industry. It is the creator of the first Sukhoi fighter-bomber with variable wing sweep parameters. And that Paul Osipovich managed to reach the speed, twice the speed of sound. In this edition the reader will learn how to develop and test passed creations and Sukhoi Design Bureau.

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