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Yakovlev Yak-142


The Yak-142 is a passenger liner, which serves neighbors highway passenger transportation. This machine is a modification of the Yak-42D. From 42-d model of the new device is distinguished by a long body and great fuel economy. This machine is the brainchild of Yakovlev Design Bureau, the first machine has been manufactured at the beginning of the year 1992. In the same year he was presented to the public in Moscow and at exhibitions in Germany and France.

Brief history of the Yak-142

With regard to the history of creation, it originates from the design of the aircraft as the Yak-42, and is directly connected with it, as the new passenger aircraft Yak-142 is a further improvement of the machine. For the first time the development of the project Yakovlev took at the beginning of the year 1987. Three years after that to this machine MGA has exposed the basic requirements, which should correspond to the machine. As mentioned earlier, in the design of the new liner were taken and study the basic mechanisms that have been carried out on the machine Yak-42D. But the new machine has many advantages over the previous version. Besides elongated fuselage, the aircraft differed significantly better flight and aerodynamic performance.

Design features of the Yak-142

The machine is made in the circuit nizkoplan with a cantilever body. The machine was equipped with a T-tail. all-metal fuselage structure. apparatus Wings had a high degree of sweep and scope in 38 meters. Landing gear was represented by three pillars, Bow Front was manageable. Moreover, wheel chassis system were equipped with braking systems.


As for the power plant, it is more powerful, allowing the machine to lift large loads. By plane three engine type turbofan D-36 installed. In the design of aircraft designers have worked several options for the passenger compartment, thereby it could accommodate up to 39 120 seats.

Plan and equipment are:

  • in the tourist version could be placed on the 156 162 to passengers;
  • two-class accommodation provided in the first cabin 12 people, and in the second 126 people;
  • plane with three passenger compartment should be placed in the first cabin 12 people, in the second - 24 man, and the third - 96 passengers.


This machine is controlled by only two pilots.

At cruise speed airplane developed in 850 km / h at altitude in 11 kilometers. Range, which could fly as much as possible, this unit was from the 1,6 2,7 to thousands of kilometers, depending on the flight type. There may have been flying and 5 thousand kilometers with a maximum refueling.

Customers of the aircraft models could to choose interior layout and associated equipment. If desired, the customer the aircraft could be equipped with the system such as GPS navigation, or a system that prevents the possibility of a collision with another aircraft. Under the terms of the customer could install other systems or equipment.


The composition of the standard on-board equipment includes the following devices: a set of digital navigation system TSPNK 42-class system for automatic approach and its implementation. The plane was programmed to 70 different routes on which the device could fly virtually on their own without the intervention of a large ship pilots. Also pyatirezhimnaya system of the engines has been installed, and their operation is controlled by an automatic system, and all of its actions and indicators to be displayed on the instrument panel in the cockpit. The Yak-142 plane has solved the problem of longitudinal stability at cruising speeds by-wire control system, it was equipped with quadruple redundancy.

Passenger airliner Yak-142 planned to commercially produce an aircraft factory in the city of Saratov, but due to financial difficulties the production was never started. At the moment, there is only one full-scale working model of the Yak-142, and it belongs to the "Lukoil" company.

Yak-142 characteristics:

Modification Yak-142
Wingspan, m 34.88
Aircraft Length m 38.40
Height, m 9.83
Wing area, m2 150.0
Weight, kg  
an unladen aircraft 38400
normal takeoff 57500
engine's type 3 turbofan Progress (Lotarev) D-36
Thrust, kN X 3 63.74
Maximum speed km / h 800
Cruising speed, km / h 750
Ferry range, km 5000
Practical range, km 2700
Range at maximum load, km 1600
Practical ceiling, m 9600
Crew 2
Payload: passengers in a single-class layout tourist class 156 (810 mm seat pitch), or 162 (step 780 mm), or 180 (750 mm pitch). There are also two-class layout on 138 places (12 + 126) and three-class layout on 132 place (12 + 24 + 96) or maximum payload 18000 kg, normal 14820 kg, with maximum fuel 9600 kg




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