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Yakovlev Yak-112


The Yak-112 - Russian production unit, which is intended to carry passengers or cargo by weight small. It is developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau as a multi-purpose aircraft, while it has a fairly small mass. On board can only accommodate three passengers. Due to the unique design it can be used in the training of pilots and for patrol and rescue operations. The first Yak-112 broke away from the runway in the autumn of 1992 years.

Design features of the Yak-112

This unit is manufactured as an all-metal high podkosny which has a sufficiently large glass cockpit. For the landing and takeoff designers equipped it with tricycle fixed landing gear. Wings machines are located high, which allows glazing with increased review of the pilot. Despite its compact size, the aircraft has the ability to carry three people on board, and the location quite comfortable and spacious. This was achieved by increasing the geometric parameters of the cab.


The advantage of the Yak-112 is that he needs a small enough runway. New rubber shock absorbers allow it to operate even on unpaved airfields which practically prepared. Very small run, only 350 meters and run when boarding the 230 meters allow its use even in the most extreme conditions. To make separation from the runway, the aircraft is sufficient to disperse up to speed 125 km / h. The aircraft can be used in the winter due to the installation of a ski rack, which also allows for landing on unprepared runways.

On the plane Yak-112 possible to install motors 260 horsepower. Moreover, the manufacturers of such power plants are two different companies, namely, Textron Lycoming and Teledyne Continental Motors. The propulsion system drives a three-bladed propeller, which is made of metal. These screws are produced to order in the United States, namely the company Hartzell.


With regard to the onboard equipment, it may also have a different configuration and options, depending on the order. All the equipment of the aircraft can be both domestic production and foreign, namely the company Bendix King. Due to the high quality and new navigation equipment, which our designers have equipped aircraft, flying the Yak-112 can be carried out only in accordance with their performance. In addition, the machine allows you to carry out flights at any time of the day and even fairly complex meteorological conditions.


At the same time the mass of the aircraft is small enough and reaches index 1,3 tons, in addition, it can raise a load of 475 kilos. With regard to fuel power plant, it is taken in a single tank with a storage capacity 180 kilograms. The aircraft has a very long operational period, which amounts to thousands of hours of flight 10 or 20 years of service. Due to the small size and compact design of the aircraft can operate only one pilot. Despite the simplicity and convenience, the plane Yak-112 can reach speeds of up to 250 km / h, and the supply of fuel is enough for 2 thousand kilometers of flight. The maximum height reaches index 4 kilometers above sea level.

Yak-112 cabin

On the basis of the standard models were designed and manufactured, and other modifications. Thus, it developed a similar device, which can be transported 6 passengers. This model had a fuselage of a little more than the original machine. Six-Yak-112 was developed at the end of the year 1998. It is also considering options in this series of aircraft with other power plants. Device was fabricated which had a float chassis.

Yak-112 characteristics:

Modification Yak-112
Wingspan, m 10.25
Aircraft Length m 6.96
Height, m 2.90
Wing area, m2 14.00
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 775
maximum take-off 1340
Internal fuel, kg 180
engine's type 1 TD Teledyne Continental Motors IO-360 ES
Power, hp X 1 260
Maximum speed km / h 250
Cruising speed, km / h 230
Practical range, km 2000
Range, km 850
Practical ceiling, m 4000
Crew 1
Payload: 3 270 kg passenger or cargo



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