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OKB Kamov
OKB Kamov

OKB Kamov



Open Joint Stock Company "Kamov" (former Experimental Design Bureau "Kamov, Ukhtomsky Helicopter Plant) - Office Design Group" Helicopters of Russia ". Noted as a designer of helicopters coaxial rotors. In addition, helicopters are designed more traditional layout (Ka-62).

Design Bureau named after Kamov was founded in the beginning of October 1948 years. This EDO located near our nation's capital in Lyubertsy. There is a museum, which is dedicated to the legendary designer and his project. This company is a member of the largest holding in our country, "Russian Helicopters". This enterprise since its formation in the design and manufacture of helicopters, a variety of designs and mission. A feature of all of the company's air vehicles is that almost all of them were equipped with screws coaxial design. They are most effectively applied is this company. Additionally, with conventional screws helicopters have been developed. The most successful project was the civilian helicopter Ka-62.

OKB Kamov


The plant is named after Kamov General Designer NI generally accepted 07.10.1948 base date. Since 1992, it became a public company.

Located in the town of Lyubertsy (Lyubertsy between railway stations and Ukhtomskaya).

  EDO "Kamov"- Moscow region. RussiaKamov logo


The main activities of OKB Kamov

This organization was established to design and create a further multi-purpose helicopters with a large range of applications. First of all, they planned to use for the Navy of the Soviet Union. Taking into account this factor and the designers decided to use the devices on aircraft propellers coaxial layout. It is possible to achieve greater agility and superb handling with small dimensions of the machine itself. The most successful models were helicopters Ka-27, which were designed to destroy surface objects. Model Ka-29 was made as a transport-combat unit that can perform a variety of tasks. For marine radar designers have designed the machine Ka-31.

The most successful models have become machines, which were manufactured in 80-ies of the last century. First of all, they were attack helicopters Ka-50 titled "Black Shark". This single machine can perform many combat missions due to the very high flight performance and high combat power. On the basis of this model was developed Bole perfect titled "Alligator", or Ka-52. These devices serially produced at the plant "Progress".

OKB Kamov

Office engaged in manufacturing and civil helicopters. The most successful and high-quality machine for civilian use can be called a multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A. He is rightly appreciated international organizations and noted the international certificates, such as the EASA and FAR. In this class, Ka-32A had the best flight characteristics and load rating 5 tons. It was also made very versatile machine for use in a variety of climatic conditions, it was the Ka-226. This modular machine can be operated efficiently and in high altitude conditions, densely populated settlements or over water bodies.

One of the most successful models of recent times was a passenger capacity of up to 15 helicopter passengers. It can also carry up to 2,5 tons of cargo inside the cabin or on the external sling. This model is equipped with only one rotor and at the same time meets all the international standards of quality and safety.

History and development of enterprise Kamov

Day of the creation of this enterprise is the 7 1948 October year. I headed this organization a successful designer and innovator Nikolay Ilyich Kamov. A feature of this company is that the designers have developed promising helicopters with coaxial screws, which are then mass-produced. No other company in the world to engage in such manufacture in series.

OKB Kamov

Five years after the founding of Kamov bureau has issued one of the most successful helicopter of the coaxial scheme, which was first launched in serial production. He had the designation of Ka-15 and 1953 year became the first helicopter with this type of structure of the screws, which are produced in large quantities. And three years later was based on this model, the Ka-18. After making this unit 1956 he was awarded the Gold Medal at the exhibition in the city of Brussels. This award was given for a very original design of the machine housing.

1961 year brought the company Kamov another quality and reliable machine that has been recognized worldwide. It was a military helicopter Ka-25. This war machine was designed for use on ships, and the main task of which she had to do - is to destroy nuclear enemy submarines. The peculiarity of this type of helicopter - set him on the radar of the circular action stations, which helped to navigate over large marine areas. It can be said that the installation of a large number of on-board equipment and systems contribute to the qualitative performance of combat tasks and military missions. In addition, all equipment is allowed to carry out flights in a fairly adverse weather conditions and at any time of the day. It should be noted that this unit can be used in all climates.

OKB Kamov

Another quite successful prototype of the Kamov company has become a combat helicopter Ka-27, it is also suited for use on Navy ships. It has been developed and an export version of the car, she had a designation of Ka-28. It differed from the original more powerful impact complex. These devices can effectively conduct combat operation against enemy submarines and any other surface objects. Helicopter model Ka-27 was the last helicopter on which he worked directly with a great constructor NI Kamov. Prepare the device for serial production conducted followers Kamov. Since 1974 the post of chief designer took the student Kamov, namely SV Mikheev.

On the basis of Kamov development it has created a whole range of very high quality helicopters for different purposes for the military industry, as well as for the civil service. So, the most famous of the company's helicopters are such machines:

  • Ship devices Ka and Ka-28-29;

  • for the radar was manufactured model Ka-31;

  • civilian helicopter to transport large cargo or passengers under the symbol Ka-32.

It should be noted that the Ka-32 found application in the civil sector: the construction, on expeditions and rescue operations. In addition to operation of the machine in the CIS, it is applied in other continents of our planet. This machine has been marked by quality certificates in Europe and America. Ka-32 was used when lowering sensors into the destroyed nuclear reactor at Chernobyl. This unit was manufactured in the Soviet Union, the production of Ka-32 and its modifications was also engaged in aircraft manufacturing plant Cameroonian.

OKB Kamov

One of the most recent and successful OKB Kamov helicopters became Ka-226. It has a modular design that improves performance significantly. The machine of this type was developed in a variety of options, among which are: transport, patrol, rescue, passenger, fire, etc. The transport option is equipped with a powerful power plant, consisting of two types of the Arrius engine, which provides traction to one thousand horsepower.. All this allows us to operate the helicopter in a fairly harsh climatic conditions and high altitudes.

At this time, the firm Kamov is one of the most famous and developed in the field of helicopter production in the Russian Federation and abroad. The entire staff has extensive experience and expertise in the creation of high-quality aircraft for multiple uses. Among them are a large number of doctors, professors and simply ingenious designers who have excellent technical education. This company in the long history has been marked by numerous high state awards. Currently the firm is part of a huge holding company under the name of "Helicopters of Russia".



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