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Pudong Airport (China)
Pudong Airport (China). Reviews.

Airport Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai Pudong International Airport). Official site.


Basic data Airport Shanghai Pudong:

  • Airport Country: ChinaAirport Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai Pudong International Airport). Official site..
  • The international main airport of Shanghai.
  • Year of the airport grounds: 2007.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 8 / + 8.
  • Latitude geographical 31.14, 121.81 geographical longitude.
  • The geographical location of the airport: in 30 miles east of downtown Shanghai.
  • Number of Terminals: 2.


Airport Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai Pudong International Airport). Official sayt.1


Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai Pudong International Airport). Official site:


Pudong International Airport is a relatively new airport in China. It is located to the east of the District of Shanghai - Pudong, after which it got its name. This is one of the largest airports in China. A distinctive feature of the other Chinese airports is a non-stop operation.

Airport Pudong (China) 23

On the territory of Pudong Airport Terminal is located a few:

  • - Terminal 1.

It has a waveform. As a result of such a complex structure, the terminal has repeatedly been criticized for the complex system of the layout of stores, escalators, restrooms, and a route of movement to the terminal;

  • - Terminal 2.

Compared with terminal 1imeet large. The form is more like a seagull. Although the interior design is almost identical to the terminal 1.

Airport Pudong (China) 443

Hotels near Pudong Airport.


Near the airport has a large number of hotels. The most common:

  • - Jinjiang Inn - Shanghai Pudong Airport;
  • - Joyful star Hotel Pu Dong Airport WanXia;
  • - Ramada Pudong Airport Shanghai;
  • - Royal International Hotel Shanghai;
  • - The QUBE, Pudong.

Airport Pudong (China) 3rr


Transfer between the airport and Shanghai.


  • Metro.

The second metro line (green). The easiest way to get to the right area of ​​the city.

  • High speed train.

One of the most modern and at the same time, one of the fastest ways to get from one point to another - a bullet train that moves on a magnetic cushion. It was built the world's first passenger route for this type of transport, commissioned back in 2002 year. This creation of engineering capable of a speed of more than 430 kilometers per hour! Ticket cost is relatively small and is about 50 yuan.

  • Transfer from the hotel.

A similar service can be used in the case when you know which hotel you want to stay.

  • Taxi.

He is one of the easiest types of transfer. Even so, one of the most expensive. It is better not to use "bomb" because the cost of a trip they can be much larger than it actually is.

  • Car Rental.

This service is available at the airport.


Services provided in the Pudong International Airport:

  • - A special waiting room for passengers flying in business class;
  • - Mother and child room;
  • - Currency exchange and ATMs;
  • - post office;
  • - lost property office.


The Chinese Shanghai Pudong Airport from Russia can be reached only from Moscow.


  • The geographical coordinates of the airport: Latitude (31.14), Longitude (121.81)
  • Location: 30 km east of the center of Shanghai
  • Number of terminals: 2
  • IATA code: PVG
  • ICAO code: ZSPD




Base airport are airlines:Air China (Air China), China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern Airlines), Shanghai Airlines (Shanghai Airlines), Spring Airlines (Spring Airlines).




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