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Tupolev Tu-116


Tupolev Design Bureau developed passenger aircraft increased comfort under the name Tu-116 based bomber Tu-95. The aforementioned bomber was reconstructed into a passenger for long-haul flights. This machine was made in two copies in a fairly short passages. In addition, the Tu-116 produced in the event of failure of the project Tu-114, which is being developed at the time.

The Tu-116 20 was able to transport passengers. On board machine has a kitchen, a room for crew rest and toilet. This machine has been painted in the colors of civil aviation. The cockpit was completely airtight structure.


This machine is designed as a plane for transportation of the high command anywhere in the world. To do this, the passenger compartment unit was made more comfortable than the standard devices of this class. First of all planned flights to Cuba, but in the end this machine is not widely used. Today Tu-116 stayed in a single copy in a museum in the city of Ulyanovsk.

Brief History of the Tu-116

For the first time this machine has made separation from the runway in May 1957 years. Initially, the initial model existed as a heavy bomber. Factory testing of the ship have been launched in the autumn of 57 years. In these tests, the device has carried out a long flight over a distance of 8,6 thousand kilometers from the city of Chkalov and back to Irkutsk. Most importantly, the plane was not refueled or boarded. After flying machines left in the tanks fuel, which should be enough to 3 thousand kilometers of flight. The average flight speed in this test was about 800 km / h.

Tu-116 back

During these tests the test flights were carried out repeatedly. It is considered to be the longest flight with three fill-ups, which resulted in the aircraft flying a little more than 34 thousand kilometers. These devices are mainly used in conjunction with the Air Force bomber regiment. If the machine was completed in 89, after which it was transferred to the museum.

Design Features of the Tu-116

When designing and building the plane had to carry loads of up to 400 kilos and passengers to 24 people. On board was present big enough cabin crew, among whom were cooks and stewards. The plane had two passenger cabin. In the first it was established comfortable sofas for 8 people, and the second was intended for members of the government and had only 3-4 place. In addition to all the passengers and crew aboard the plane were placed as guards, whose number could be up to 12 people.

When you create a machine with the original aircraft were stripped of all weapons. Due to this increased interior space, where there was a wardrobe and dressing room. Since this is a passenger car, in the sides of the device have been done portholes. In the vestibule near the cockpit hatch was, that could be used for evacuation in an emergency. Furthermore, in the aft aircraft compartment has been located, which houses the parachute flares and the emergency. These systems are used in emergency or unforeseen situations.

Tu-116 cabin

Tu-116 have installed additional oil tanks. This was done for the reason that the original model airplane featuring a large consumption of lubricating fluids. At the time the Tu-116 was equipped with the newest on-board system that provides the best and comfortable flight machine. This unit was installed the radio like "Helium" and 1-type station RBS. Also in the cockpit were two radio compass and altimeter model PB-17. The plane had a blind landing system called "mainland" and the system of radar "Rubidium-MM." For a comfortable flight in the cabin it installed a new radiogram "Mir". In case of emergency on the water bodies aircraft has the ability to splashdown. For this situation placed on the aircraft liferafts and trays type LAS-5. The fuel system of the aircraft could accommodate 77,8 tons of fuel and provide range in 11,1 thousand kilometers. Fuel tanks have a soft texture, and on board were 66 pieces.

With regard to flight characteristics, this airplane model virtually any no way inferior TU-95. The downside of the new device was the lack of feathering propellers that conducted to the problems with the management. In the future, the aircraft was equipped with modified engines. Another feature was that control the aircraft Tu-116 could only highly qualified pilots. The main problem, which did not allow the aircraft into series production, was the creation of passenger aircraft Tu-114, which was much better.

Tu-116 characteristics:

Modification Tu-116
Wingspan, m 54.10
Aircraft Length m 46.17
Height, m 15.50
Wing area, m2 311.10
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 93500
maximum take-off 182000
Fuel l 77800
engine's type 4 theater Kuznetsov NK-12MV
Power, hp X 4 15000
Maximum speed km / h 900
Cruising speed, km / h 800
Ferry range, km 11190
Practical range, km 10750
Practical ceiling, m 12000
Crew 7-8
Payload: 24 400 kg passengers and baggage up to a maximum 60 passengers


Tu-116 video




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