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Dry T-50 PAK FA
Dry T-50 PAK FA

"Dry" T-50 PAK FA. A photo. Characteristics. History.



Promising aviation complex tactical aviation ( "Dry" T-50 PAK FA) - a multi-purpose domestic fifth-generation fighter, the Sukhoi Design Bureau created a division, where he was designated T-50.


It made its first flight 29.12.2010 of series production is planned to KnAAZe, which is currently being assembled test samples. A full-scale serial production will be launched in the year 2015 and 2013 from being a small-scale assembly of the aircraft to check for weapons.

Dry T-50 1 PAK FA

This modern fighter military leadership wants to oust the future Su-27 of the Russian Interior Troops. Also developed export version of the aircraft, together with Indian design engineers, named FGFA.


History of creation


The requirement to develop a highly mobile and inconspicuous fighter for the first time came in the design offices at the end of 80-ies. As planned, he was replaced in the tactical aviation Su and MiG-27-29. Therefore, during the development of the project has been created 2. One of them was named 1.44, and developed it into the RAC "MiG", and the second - the Su-47, which is engaged in the development of the Sukhoi Design Bureau. However, the collapse of the USSR and, as a consequence, the country's slide into a severe economic crisis has led to a lack of funding, both projects had to collapse. However, Su-47 have released and used it as a flying laboratory. Perhaps for this reason that the resumption of the fifth generation fighter development was entrusted to experts from Sukhoi.

Dry T-50 PAK FA is an old photo


Progress on the creation PAK FA (T-50)


Design fighter 5-generation started in 2002, the layout of the new aircraft in 2004 was demonstrated before the President of the Russian Federation VV Putin, while in 2005, the already allocated funding of development.


December 2007, at its press conference, CEO of EDB "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan unveiled perspective, according to which flight and ground testing PAK FA (T-50) should begin in the city of 2009, and serial production - in 2015.


26.12.2008, A. Zelin, commander in chief of the Russian Air Force, said that the first sample of the finished fighter, our country will receive 12.08.2009 city, and in the same year he was the first to rise into the air. Also, in his words, it will be produced in 2010 3 further validation of the aircraft.

Dry T-50 PAK FA schemeDry T-PAK FA scheme 50 2

11.08.2009 3 aircraft was collected. The first flight is calculated in November, and the second - in December 2009 of (word management Russian Air Force).


Severe weather conditions are not allowed to lift into the air, "dry" T-50 PAK FA on time. At the end of 2009 aircraft could only jog on the runway of the aerodrome, first flight postponed to January 2010. The secret tried to preserve the appearance of the aircraft prior to the official press release of the first flight of the fighter 5-generation Sukhoi. Pages of the press and the Internet were filled with invalid data about the new Russian aircraft.


23.12.2009, the first jogging PAK FA T-50-based airport "Dzemgi" (Komsomolsk-on-Amur) have been fulfilled.


25.05.2010, after the visit of the Public Chamber of the delegation to Brazil and Argentina, one of its member Iosif Diskin said that Brazil is very interested in the joint design of a fifth-generation fighter.


flight tests


The first lift in the air, "dry" T-50 PAK FA charged honored test pilot, Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan. And it happened 29.01.2010. The second flight was dated 12.02.2010 was like the first time, carried out at the airport "Dzemgi". After a day of 3, 15.02.2010, at the same airport it has successfully managed to make the third test flight of the PAK FA T-50.

Dry T-50 PAK FA

For completions avionics flight we decided to stop and resumed in mid-March. As the head of CB "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan, already in the first 3 flight on the new combat aircraft able to reach the angle of attack in 27 ° - a stunning result that the Su-27 could be achieved only after six months of flight testing.


As Mr. T-6.04.2010 50 6 PAK FA completed test flights, all - successfully. As stated by the experts of the military-industrial complex, significant improvements aircraft is not required.


8.04.2010, the aircraft AN-124 «Ruslan» transported the first prototype of the PAK FA in Zhukovsky, where it was planned to continue the main stage of testing military aircraft 5-generation. Start of flight testing began in Zhukovsky already 29 April and drove the same car Sergey Bogdan. The first phase of flight and ground testing of the "dry" T-50 PAK FA was completed in mid-June 2010 was without incident.


Since the end of November 2010, at flight tests of the second machine is connected PAK FA.


March 14 2011 for the first time managed a fifth-generation military aircraft to overcome the supersonic barrier, after which began a full inspection capabilities T-50 at supersonic speeds.

t-50t-50 23

In the middle of August, the two instances of 2011 84 flight was committed. For the general public first flight demonstrated 17 2011 August, at the air show MAKS-2011.


After 2 years in total there were more than 450 departures, and at the MAKS-2013 presented three flight of the PAK FA simultaneously with the implementation of a number of tricks.


cost of


At his press conference, President Vladimir Putin said that in the first phase of a military aircraft 5-30 generation took bn. Rub. and the same amount needed for full completion of the project. However, if you compare this cost with the Western prototypes, our combat unit is less about 2,5-3 times. India agrees to buy "Dry" T-50 PAK FA cost $ 100 million per aircraft.


The design of the PAK FA


General information:


Most of the information about the combat aircraft of the fifth generation of secret, so can only be expected to describe the characteristics of a fighter. If you take the wingspan, it is inferior to the largest Soo-27. As concerns the total weight, as well as Su-27, the category of heavy fighters. The aircraft meets all the requirements for fighters 5-generation: stealth, supersonic cruise speed of the possession, the ability to maneuver with large congestion, equipped with advanced avionics, multi-functionality.




Cabin in the "dry" T-50 PAK FA single, compared to the Su-27 little wider. Equipped with oxygen generator. Somewhat reminiscent of the cockpit equipment Su-27.

t-50 cabint-50 cabin

Displays information on the two indicators of MFI-35 from 15 "display. Two multi-function display, smaller, reflect the information above on the right. Plus available Wide Angle System SHKS-5 and Bitching Betty. As it became known, will also be visible on the glass of the pilot of the flight information.


controls - Central lever control aircraft (RUS) and the side engine control lever (throttle).


Of the two parts of the canopy: the front and rear (the visor). Opening it comes back shift back. In the versions of T-50-1, T-50-3 binding longitudinal, and in others it is not. It is expected that in the future canopy structure will be significantly changed. On the inside of the lantern caused a special coating, which reduced the plane to radiozametnost 30%.


According to "Interfax» 23 May 2010 of C. Pozdnyakov, director general of NPP "Zvezda", on the PAK FA will put ejection equipment 5-generation. From his words, it follows that by its characteristics it should significantly exceed the seat installed on aircraft, which at that time were taken into service in the Russian Air Force. The main difference will be the involvement of the new catapult electronic shift control system of the chair, directly related to the informative system of the fighter. This system is off-line review device speed, its altitude, angular rate, tilt angle, pitch, and other parameters.

t-50 photot-50 photot-50 photo

Also take into account the value of the weight of the pilot, which may be in the range of up to 44 111 kg. Checking the new chairs conducted flight tests in parallel. According to the words of Pozdnyakov finalize the fifth-generation seating plan at the end of 2010-th. New equipment cabin life support system and oxygen system on the PAK FA will be finalized this year - said General Director of NPP "Zvezda".


nearly invisible


One of the main requirements for military aircraft of the fifth generation is its low profile, the essence of which is the use of a set of measures that reduce the likelihood of detecting a fighter by the systems of terrestrial and aerial navigation.

Not only the cabin, but also other coatings are finished with reflective materials and special radio absorbing structures, which weaken the signal and reflects it toward the source.


"Dry" T-50 PAK FA. Gallery.

T-50 PAK FA aircraft in the skyT-50 PAK FA aircraft in flightT-50 PAK FA aircraft close up photo

T-50 PAK FA aircraft in the sky view from belowT-50 PAK FA aircraft with smokeT-50 PAK FA aircraft on runway

T-50 PAK FA aircraft modelT-50 PAK FA aircraft in flightT-50 PAK-FA front view

T-50 PAK FA aircraft in flightT-50 PAK FA samolea photo belowT-50 PAK FA aircraft on runway


"Dry" T-50 PAK FA. Video.



Other combat units


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Unfortunately, this technique is outdated:

Preliminary evidence of "outdated" concept of the program PAK FA T-50 "Dry" (Russia) and the program multirole fighter F 35 (USA)
1. Start «development» 1982 year. (Continued development 1999 year)
2. Features AFAR H 036 ( «accompanies» to 60 purposes, and to 16 «attacks» targets simultaneously). and AN / APG 81 (F35) ( «accompanies» to 100 targets simultaneously, and up to 20 «attacks» targets simultaneously).
3.Sravnenie traction engine performance product 117S (15500kgs) (type «30» the second phase with a thrust 17500 kg) and (F35) F 135-PW-100 (19507kgs)
4.Kreysersky "supersonic" at the prototype T-50 is only possible with the use of "partial afterburner" engine product 117S
5.Sravnenie "stealth" fighter T-50, and F 35 (the T-50 "direct" air intakes added "the RCS" (EPR) to about 60% of the "visibility" of all glider
6. «The angle of attack fighter F35 of 50 degree angle T-50 prototype attack all« 27 degree ".
7. "Kink" of the fuselage (have this problem, the problem is confirmed), does not allow T-50 fly under the "overload" a + 5G, the "deck" fighter F 35 B STOVL overload + 7G, and the greater will be the prototype of T- 50 more 500km / h near the ground, flying is forbidden
8. «Export» price T-50 fighter prototype is not less than $ 110 000 000, in F 35 price is about $ 105 000 000
9.Otsutstvie IR surveillance-sighting system at T-50
10.Otsutstvie "network-centric" system (reconnaissance and target designation) in T-50
11. The preliminary and incomplete data !!!
12.Kompleks really "started" to develop in the year 1982, then "Priority" has been given "MiG MFI", but in 2002, the "victory" in the competition won the project "PAK FA T-50 Sukhoi Design Bureau", now it turns out that rejected flaws we have to at least 2020 year. (If you conduct a full test cycle, with a new glider, they need to be carried out, at least until the year 2025).
13.Mozhno was not to raise panic, but NATO at the borders of the Russian Federation, moreover, than the "replace" 339 27 pieces Su is not clear, for "temporary replacement" can offer Su 30 / 34, 35S Su, MiG 29KUB / MiG 35 / 31BM, but solely as a "time swap". In 2025, all fighters should be exclusively 5 + generation.

1.Nachalo "development» 1982 year. (Continued development 1999 year)
Do you really think that in 1999-m will continue to develop in order that began in 1982-m? It is only your imagination!
3.Sravnenie traction engine performance ...
Just like a normal fat Troll you forgot to mention that on the T-50 2 is the engine, rather than one as in F-35. Total overall thrust T-50 31000 19500 kg vs. kg in F-35, in the long term 35 000 kg, which is almost 2 times more than the F-35.
4.Kreysersky "supersonic" at the prototype T-50 is only possible with the use of "partial afterburner"
Fairy tales, as well as other items, about the maximum overload 5G, though in fact it comes to 10G. Generally you do not analiteg and normal Lizun amerskih shoes. ))

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In the F 22 1,7 besforsazhny speed M is clearly higher. So I think anyone here "hang noodles on the ears" ?.

27 degrees angle of attack - the angle that reached in the tests, which were not checked all the possibilities of aircraft. It looked, whether T-50 fly. while the F-22 besforsazhny speed considerably less than 1500 km / h.

In fact, this "miracle" is clearly molded hastily. Result- that will light the flame izrygnёt, the fuselage cracked, Documentation for KNAAZ then transferred to 2006 documents "being finished" and 2008 on KNAAZ brought a second "serving" documents. In the test samples were not pre-production avionics, Afar was on paper, an electronic pilot did not work. And this "product" showed Mr Putin, who was delighted as an elephant, then it probably tipped off, they say it is the prototype (and horseradish prototype), and then, more and engines had to adapt, oil painting. And further. Why is there no information on cabin reservations ??? Why Su 34 have cab booking, and there is no ???. In general, we once again let the dust in the eyes. How sadly for Russia that it all oblaposhili, stripped as sticky, the main suspect POGHOSYAN.

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