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Plane crash of the Tu-104A Irkutsk. 1976
Plane crash of the Tu-104A Irkutsk. 1976

Plane crash of the Tu-Sun 104A CAA in Irkutsk

Date of the crash: 09.02.1976 of

Time of the crash: 08:15

Country of the crash: the USSR

Location of the crash: Irkutsk airport

aircraft Brand: Tu-104A

Registration of aircraft: CCCP42327

Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

Subdivision: East Siberian CAA of Irkutsk

Flight: 3739

Chronology of events:

Tu-104 RD №1 crossed over the tail-154B. Korean crew felt the blows on the aircraft debris that flew. Later, when viewed from the Tu-154B were found damaged starboard side of the fuselage and the right plane. As a result, lowering the countryside on 4,5-5 m for RD №1 Tu-104 30 m went to the second collision with the ground at a distance of 232 meters from the location of the first touch. As a result, the impact on the ground began to break down the fuselage. Stop the airplane was held with MC = 206 322 degrees at a distance m from the first touch (480 m from the axis of the strip and 80 m to the beam output end with MC = 116 degrees). Fuselage disintegrated into three parts: from the 25 32 to the frame, (the greatest destruction), up from the 1 25 the frame, from the 32 76 to the frame. Because the crew of fire hydrants blocked, did not have the fire. 7 8 crew members and passengers, including the son of radio operator, who was in the cockpit on the ground were killed. In hospitals with at 9 16.02. died 7 2 passengers and crew members. Stewardess and 77 different passengers were injured. We do not hit 12 people.

Data on victims:

Total on board were people 114: 10 104 crew members and passengers. Total killed 24 people: crew 9, 15 passengers.

Details of the crash:

Phase of flight: takeoff

Identify the causes of the plane crash: an unknown reason.

Data on the plane:

aircraft Brand: Tu-104A

Aircraft ID: CCCP42327

Country where registered aircraft: the USSR

Date of manufacture of the aircraft: 26.11.1956

The serial number of the aircraft: 66600201

Hours aircraft: 22069

The cycles of use of the aircraft: 10308

Engines: A 5210229 5530048 A

Flight data:

Flight: 3739

Tour type: Regular passenger

The aviation company Aeroflot (USSR)

Division: East Siberian CAA of Irkutsk

The country, which was registered aviation company: USSR

Flying from: Irkutsk

Flying in: Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo)

Original item: Irkutsk

A final point: Leningrad (Pulkovo)

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

KBC Ivan Whistlers (died)

the co-pilot, Anatoly F. Grafenkov (died)

navigator Yury Kranoyartsev (died)

navigator trainee Vladimir Dubrovsky (died in the hospital)

flight engineer Nikolai Yefimovich Konshin (died)

German radio operator Firstov Vladimirovich (died)

Flight instructor Ariada L. Shabalin (died)

flight attendants:

Nina Aksamentova (died)

Alexander Surkov (he died in the hospital)

Galina Ushakova (injured)


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