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Tupolev Tu-344


Tu-344 - Project passenger supersonic aircraft, designed to carry passengers 12. The project is planned to implement on the basis of an administrative passenger version TU-22 M3.


Development of the project Tu-344 performed in Tupolev during the second half of 2-90-ies.


History at-344


In the early 90-ies. the world has sharply increased interest and demand for business aircraft, able to perform the transportation of VIP-persons in a very short period of time. As for the development of a supersonic business aircraft from the ground up to be paid a lot of money in the Tupolev bureau decided to build a device of this class on the basis of Tu-22M3. But already at the stage of development the project was doomed to failure. The fact that the aircraft was intended for international air travel, and even then did not comply with the environmental international standards.


At the end of 90-ies. in the Tupolev bureau under the leadership of AL Pukhov, chief designer of the KB has prepared a proposal to redesign long-range bomber, the Tu-missile 22M3 passenger plane in the administrative class. The new aircraft is supposed to be placed in the cabin to 12 passengers.



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It's a pity of course that the aircraft of this type have not been established. Although a lot of research of our designers did not see further development. I believe that the aircraft could be used for the air forces of our country, just needed a little bit of ego finalized. The more that was abandoned only after a lot of pollution in flight. As always thrown a lot of money, and by the end it is not driven. Shopping could be financed and modify the engine and exhaust system. The positive with this story is only that the accumulated material on the project Tu-344 was used by designers in future models of aircraft of this class.