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Monitoring aircraft
Monitoring aircraft

Monitoring aircraft


The terms "monitoring" and "monitoring system" does not currently have a clear standardized definition. However, monitoring is very widely used and studied in various fields of practical and scientific activities. From a theoretical point of view it can be considered as a kind of monitoring of the scientific and practical multi-disciplinary nature of the phenomenon with its own characteristics in each display area of ​​practical and scientific activities.

The heterogeneity of the achieved level of development and usage monitoring in the various fields of activity and the lack of a standardized classification of existing monitoring systems cause some difficulties in the correct formulation of these concepts in relation to such a complex and diverse field of activity, as the GA. However, the presence of a sufficiently high level of uniformity in the construction of systems of state regulation of aviation activity, a significant level of monitoring in various fields of aviation sphere and practical testing of a standardized approach to building monitoring (largely as a technical regulation) enable to define these concepts while preserving essential aspects of community, m. e. taking into account the characteristics of other areas of practical and scientific activities.

Monitoring of the international and state regulation of aviation activity - it is a relatively independent hierarchical system which:

  • It consists of a specially organized and orderly methods and means of collection (registration, measurement), processing, analysis, storage, storage, accessing and disseminating information on aviation operations, or its individual components;

  • It operates in accordance with the standardized requirements laid down in the relevant regulations to

  • Document for each hierarchical level and in relation to specific objects of regulation;

  • provides the ability to assess and forecast the development of the state, development and adoption of decisions on the management of the entire aviation activities at each level of the hierarchy, every object of regulation and their individual components.

Hierarchical and commitment monitoring system at international and state regulation of aviation activities (hereinafter - Monitoring System) is a consequence of the hierarchy of building management activities, the hierarchy of objects and the need for regulation of the organization of information for management activities.

Rational (based on the well-known prigovorok as "too much information just as harmful, as well as its lack of" or "a lot of data but little information") level of monitoring corresponds to the situation when in fact sold volumes and modes of data collection, as well as the rate of processing and analysis of the available information meets the needs of solving rate regulation.

If the available information can not be processed quickly in the event of the need for a decision or if it is not sufficient for the preliminary status indication object (especially dangerous and immediate threat to the carrier) and for making efficient with an acceptable level of efficiency of the decision, a monitoring system should recognize unbalanced.

At the international level practically implemented quite special aspects of monitoring (eg mandatory notification ICAO about the differences in the application SARPs or the inclusion of aircraft in the Register of state registration of interstate agreements on air transport), as well as sufficiently developed his system. Thus, due to the significant growth of air transportation for many national CAA increased loading on supervision over the compliance of the requirements of national operators of minimum standards established by ICAO, as well as to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the system of state regulation of aviation activity. In order to strengthen mutual trust between the signatory states of the Chicago Convention on international level developing a number of programs, describing that can reflect the appropriate number of features monitoring of the level of aviation sphere.


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