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Ilyushin Il-102


IL-102 - an experimental Soviet heavy attack, which is a deep modernization IL-40. Work on the project started with 1972 years.

The air unit had planned to recreate a classic defensive attack aircraft gun mount. Also, the plan calculated that the combined use of radio and infrared traps effectively impact on the overall combat defense. On the plane for defensive purposes would set the gun GSH-23L. Assault weapons planned to use mobile 30 mm gun, which was mounted in two positions: horizontally or at an angle.


The whole process work was quite slow due to lack of funds and, roughly speaking, semi-legal permission for the plane. Though the leaders of the Defense Ministry have been against the development of IL-102, preferring program T8, yet turned a blind eye to the fact that EDO not stop wasting time and energy on the creation of a stormtrooper. In the early 1982 the aircraft finally built.

In late January, the aircraft inspected Air Force Commander and Minister of Aviation Industry. Although they are favorable to the new car, the Defense Department has not approved the project. Defense Minister personally forbade further projections, reprimanded G. Novozhilov, but continued to work. The project was renamed for conspiracy Experimental aircraft-1 (ECO-1). Test flight for most types of stealth decided to carry out in Belarus. And 25 September 82-102 years Il first took to the sky. It was piloted by chief pilot EDO C. Blyznyuk - honored test pilot.

IL-102 scheme

During the period of 1982 1984 year completed more than 250 airplane flights. Almost never on the plane, there was not a single failure or engine failure. Attack aircraft showed very maneuverable. At the end of the year 1984 his cross to the LII MAP in the town of Zhukovsky. There it and mothballed in the hangar. The fact is that by that time established a large-scale production of the Su-25, which almost everyone except defensively and small arms, superior to IL-102. Two years later, the project tried to resume, but because of the changing political situation and the lack of funding it was closed. Once again it was shown at the Moscow air show in 1992 year. There he found a short-term popularity. After a small amount of time you forget about the project at all.

Construction of IL-102

The aircraft is based on the normal aerodynamic configuration with a low wing swept. The structure is made very high-tech. More than 80% cladding sheets made of single curvature. Circular cross-section made air intakes.

Semi-monocoque fuselage. Pressurized cabin onboard gunner and pilot are located in the central part. Between them they have built in fuel tanks. The aerodynamic brake in an amount of two pieces fitted laterally rear fuselage. They are relatively small. Canopy pilot and shooter designed from flat bronestekol.


Dvuhlonzheronnoe wing, swept, relatively thick profile has gruzootseke to accommodate bomb weapons. It is equipped with a flap, which takes about 2 / 3 scope. Two-piece spoilers located on the upper surface of the wing.

Ejection seat K-36L allow evacuation of the airplane in an emergency. System Rescue crew synchronous.

The standard two-wheeled tricycle landing gear has a basic support, which are equipped with low-pressure tires. This unit allows the aircraft taking off or landing on unpaved runways. Bow Front is far ahead and turn back retracts into the fuselage. This arrangement provides a fairly good throughput, but negates the possibility of installation in the pocket of opto-electronic equipment and radar. The main stand are removed in turn forward wing nacelles.

Transport aircraft carried disassembled in railway standard platforms or in the cargo hold of IL-76.


The power plant is represented by two turbofan engines and with a thrust-88 5380 in kgs. They are designed in OKB Izotov. And-88 are unformatted version of the RD-33.

As the plane was all the time in the development phase and had no prior public order, he did not have a complete set of equipment. Then the plan of engineers examined the options installed on modern attack aircraft opto-electronic equipment. The wingtips (folded) antenna installed electronic intelligence "Birch-A."

In IL-102 30 planned to establish a double-barreled gun-millimeter-9A 4071K with ammunition in 500 shells. They wanted to place on the ventral rocking carriage, which can be fixed in two positions. If necessary, the quick and easy installation can be dismantled to replace it on the suspension arms bomb or mount additional fuel tank.


Turret with dvuhstvolny GSh 23L-millimeter caliber 23 located in the rear fuselage. Ammunition placed at a distance of three meters in front of the tail. It has made it possible to increase the ammunition. Feed shells to the turret mechanism occurs elektropodtyaga tape.

In IL-102 7200 can accommodate kg bomb load. Each wing has a console in which there are three gruzootseke. It was there that attach bombs weighing up to 250 kg. Combat load nodes internal suspension - 2300 kg. Total installed on the aircraft 8 nodes external suspension, of which each wing accounted for three and two are located under the fuselage. By decision of the Chief Designer of IL-102 bent down to wingtips installed reflectors blocks release "Auto-F" and IR-traps. From aircraft missile missiles can apply ur 25L C-class "air-surface" semi-active laser-guided, NAR different types and rocket R-60M or P-73 class "air-to-air."

IL-102 characteristics:

Modification IL-102
Wingspan, m 16.90
Aircraft Length m 17.75
Height, m 5.08
Wing area, m2 63.50
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 13000
normal takeoff 18000
maximum take-off 22000
Fuel kg  
inner kg 3700
in PTB, l 1930
engine's type 2 DTRD RD-33I
Link unforced, kgf X 2 5320
Maximum speed km / h 950
Ferry range, km 3000
Practical range, km 1000
Practical range at high speed, km 750-800
Combat range, km 250-300
Practical ceiling, m 10000
Crew 2
Armament: One turning vertical duplex
30-mm gun-9A 4071K (500 shells) and two 23-mm GSH-2-23 in the mobile unit in the tail (60 shells, 2400-3200 rds / min)
Combat load - 7200 16 kg hardpoints (including 6 compartments in the wings to bomb up to 250 kg)
UR-air 60M P, P-73
SD air-to-X-23, X-25, X-29, X-58.
HURSy all calibres
any bomb in t h corrected to 500 kg
gun pods (VAR-23-250, SPPU-1-23)


IL-102 video

OKB Ilyushin Aircraft



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