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"Transaero" from debt reduction to capacity building
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"Transaero" from debt reduction to capacity building

"Transaero" from debt reduction to capacity building


The situation surrounding the purchase of the company "Transaero"Just beginning to flare up at this, experts still believe that the management of the air carrier could produce the so-called" reset ", thus starting its activity at lower capabilities but without debt.



Until now, the debt situation around the Russian airline "Transaero" was very vague, and just recently appeared finally evidence that 1 2015 year in June, the total debt of the airline "Transaero" before creditors amounted 250 billion rubles. The amount is really enormous, and even if we consider the fact that the activity of the air carrier with each subsequent month will be profitable, in fact, to return all the debts likely to need at least 12-15 years, which casts doubt on the continued existence of the air carrier. Nevertheless, there is an assumption that if the airline put out of operation most of its aircraft, and will continue to carry out its activities, it has in a few years he will be able to go to its previous, pre-crisis level.



Based on data submitted by the airline "Transaero" on the site, it follows that at the moment fleet carrier includes 106 aircraft, including:

  • 20 aircraft Boeing 747;
  • 14 aircraft Boeing 777;
  • 18 aircraft Boeing 767;
  • 47 aircraft Boeing 737;
  • 2 aircraft Airbus A321;
  • 2 Tu-204S;
  • Tu 3-214.



Depending on age, the cost of a passenger airliner can vary within wide limits, however, given that the average age of the aircraft carrier is 16,4 years, when the study is likely to repel it from that figure.

Using the tools of the global computer web, editorial portal was found that the optimum value of a passenger airliner 1999 year is:

  • Boeing 747 - 12 million. Dollars;
  • Boeing 767 - 16 million. Dollars.


Current aircraft have been selected by our experts based on the fact that they are the best representatives of the age "Transaero".



Thus, abandoning the operation of aircraft 38 (20 aircraft Boeing 747 and 18 aircraft Boeing 767), the air carrier can reduce its debt to creditors to 215 680 billion million. Failure to operate more 17 passenger airliners Boeing 737, the cost of which varies on average about 7 million dollars per unit, 14 airliners Boeing 777 which cost an average of 40 million. dollars and 2 airliners Airbus A321, the optimal amount about 40 million. dollars, the air carrier can reduce its debt to 166 billion rubles. Of course, the amount of debt will be substantial enough, but given the fact that the fleet "Transaero" still will total 35 passenger aircraft, the air carrier will be able to gradually reduce its debt to a minimum, and, it will be possible only in a few years. In addition, it is possible that on the basis of existing airlines can arrange loukostera that given the large fleet of aircraft would be able to bring much more profit.



According to some data, operation of passenger aircraft Boeing 737, when 80% of its load, brings an air carrier amount 3,5 million rubles, from which it must be assumed that the proper operation of the entire fleet, the remaining debt will be pay off for about 47,5 thousand flights that when making only one flight per day, during the operation of 35 aircraft will completely eliminate the debt for less than 4 years and more for 5-6 years, the air carrier will be able to return to his old fleet.

Naturally, in such a situation may be nuances, but, in fact, the current solution can become quite correct.


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Yes, indeed, that the waiting workers "Transaero", they simply throw, comforting in the media that will not throw - "dramatically", but gradually, and even warning in two months, not insult it?

I totally agree. Government distributes guidance, lenders are making every effort to return the loans, passengers are told that their interests will be respected, but nobody talks about the people who carried out and carry out their work on 100%, of pilots, flight attendants, technical staff. Due to the false policy of airlines, these people came to "Transaero" from different parts of our country, carrying the family took out loans for housing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Can anyone ever remember them ??? Who will pay their loans and take care of their families?

Planes aircraft, and the author thought about how many people have to cut, if cut fleet of aircraft. They will be thousands. And the chain will reduce those companies which cooperated with the airline. It is better to think about what to do with people, not with the aircraft, mathematician