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Pearl Harbor (2001)
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Pearl Harbor (2001)

"Pearl Harbor" - a film that became descriptions.


In 2001 year on cinema screens went wonderful film, a genre which - military melodrama. This is an unusual story of a love triangle that erupted during the terrible period of human history - the Second World War. The creator of this film was Michael Bay, is quite famous and creative director. However, critics of the film did not take and put small enough assessment, although the story, the main characters and the picture generally had a wonderful view. But despite no matter what, "Pearl Harbor" will still received the "Oscar" for best sound engineering and was also nominated for the award "Golden Globe", and, most importantly, has received high praise from viewers, as well as a lot of positive reviews .

The plot of the film "Pearl Harbor" tells the story of two friends - Rafe and Danny, who since childhood went hand in hand, and did not leave each other for a moment. They grew up in Tennessee, and from an early age to understand that their vocation - is aviation, which was the reason for choosing a profession. The boys were not the usual -So what pilots and the pilots of the US Army Air Corps. In adult life, Ralph begins to meet with a pretty nurse named Evelyn, but the romance does not last long, and soon they leave.

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The young man went to England, after joining the Eagle Squadron, in order to protect Britain from German air raids. Meanwhile, his former girlfriend and a friend begin to serve in Hawaii, based on Pearl Harbor. Soon they find out that their friend was killed, and sharing grief unites them. Evelyn and Danny fall in love, and all would be well, however, appears suddenly Rafe. He climbed out of the wreck of the aircraft and, due to the fact that nearby were French fishermen escaped and returned to his homeland.

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After learning about the novel friends, soldiers decides to find out the relationship with Danny. At the same time, the Japanese are developing a plan to strike on Pearl Harbor, but such that the surprise attack and catch the sailors off guard base. The result of their action became a crowd of wounded, assisted by her friend Evelyn and nurses. Rafe and Danny decided to raise their fighters, and, because of this, bring down a certain number of enemy aircraft. Suddenly, the secondment of US organized a raid attack on Tokyo, and loyal to his friends recorded the state to volunteers. Now they are fighting as part of pilot Doolittle.

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Next bombers take off bombs on Tokyo, however, then fly to the border is not occupied China. Rafe and Danny is not an exception, however, they are not even aware that they will soon take over the Japanese squad. Once in captivity, guys are trying to break out of it, but it can make only one of the characters. Saving his friend Rafe, Danny dies, not even knowing what has become a father. The surviving soldiers returned home, where he is waiting for Evelyn. She had a baby by Danny, who now brings his best friend and faithful companion Ralph!


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