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Piasecki CH-16 Transporter
Piasecki CH-16 Transporter

Piasecki CH-16 Transporter


In 1948 of the firm Piasecki started designing huge helicopter longitudinal scheme, designed to carry 40 marines with full arms. The machine received the designation XH-16 "Transporter"


Piasecki CH-16 Transporter photo

Piasecki CH-16 Transporter photo


Basic data

  • Crew - 2

  • Maximum speed - 236

  • Ceiling - 5456

  • Range - 367


Maximum load:

  • passengers 40 people.

  • or cargo 5 400 kg

  • Takeoff weight 16 000 kg



  • Transportation of troops

  • freight

  • The evacuation of the wounded.


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