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JSC Company "Sukhoi" 13Open Joint Stock Company "Company Sukhoi", previously the main flight control "AMIC Sukhoi" - well-known Russian company, which is engaged in the production, development, training, flight crew, marketing, warranty service, including the supply of equipment and spare parts for military and civil aircraft such as "Be "and" Su. " Full name - Open Joint Stock Company "Sukhoi Aviation Company" (formerly Plant № 51). The union is named after the founder of the Soviet supersonic jet aircraft and aircraft Sukhoi Pavel Osipovich.

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The management and owners

89,6 percent of the company owned by Open Joint Stock Company "United Aircraft Corporation". 10,4 percent - Federal Property Management Agency.

On June 30 2011, the CEO of the group is Igor Ozar.

Concern Dry

The main concern now is the Joint Stock Company "Sukhoi Company", which include:

  • 50 percent + 23 shares of open joint-stock company "OKB Sukhoi";
  • 75,23 percent of Joint Stock Company "KnAAPO Gagarin Yu" is located in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur;
  • 78,32 percent of the public company NAPO Chkalov, located in the city of Novosibirsk;
  • 71,99protsenta closed joint stock company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft"
  • 9,97 percent of Joint Stock Company "Corporation" Irkut "", located in the city of Irkutsk;
  • 30,39 percent of Joint Stock Company "Beriev name. G. Beriev M ", located in the city of Taganrog.

JSC Company "Sukhoi" 4324

Activities of the group

Concern is the largest Russian aviation holding company. The company is represented serial Aircraft Manufacturing plants and design offices, which provides a full cycle of passing aircraft construction works - from development to manufacturing and product warranty aviation. The main objectives of the company are to increase the percentage of its production on the domestic and foreign markets civil and military aircraft due to the promising development and diversification of its own products, provision of air forces of the Russian Federation with modern technology aircraft.

Company products, military aircraft of type "su", make up the base of the frontline aviation of Russia and the strategic aviation of many other countries. A pair of aerobatic maneuvers, such as "Hook," "Cobra Pugacheva", "Somersault" was first performed on the aircraft type "su".

Concern is ranked third in the world production growth of modern fighters (according to 2006 year). The company is currently undergoing long-term programs in respect of both civil and military aviation. In the field of civil aircraft carried out a program of building an entire class of Russian regional aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Technique of the "SU" has been adopted in the thirty countries of the world. Military aircraft brand "Su" were delivered to India, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, China, Syria, North Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Peru, Iran, Ethiopia, Angola. Total delivered more 2 thousand military planes "Su" to foreign countries on export contracts. To date, the most extensive regional markets for military aircraft "dry" are India, China, South-East Asia.

JSC Company "Sukhoi"


In the middle of the year 2008 major promising projects of the company are:

  • production of the Su-35BM (fourth-generation fighter);
  • production of the Su-34 (Sukhoi);
  • production of PAK FA (fifth generation fighter);
  • manufacturing of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (short-haul civil aircraft).

JSC Company "Sukhoi" k435435

The sanctions of the State Department of the United States of America

2006 In August, the State Department of the United States imposed sanctions on Russian state company "Dry" and "Rosoboronexport". They were accused of violating the law "On the Iran Nonproliferation", dating back to 2000 year, according to which the cooperation with Iran is prohibited in the sale of weapons of mass destruction. Data US sanctions prohibited the public authorities to sell or buy any goods or provide the services of these companies. "Rosoboronexport" in late July 2006 signed a contract to improve the thirty Su-24 (bombers) Air Force of Iran, which in theory can be carriers of strategic nuclear weapons. Company "Sukhoi" intends to continue, in spite of the sanctions imposed by the United States Government to carry out the contract.


JSC Company "Sukhoi" 45345


Numerical enterprise performance

The total number of rabotnikov- over 31 thousand. In 2008 year revenue of 38,77 billion rubles. As compared to the year 2007 - 33,574 billion rubles this means 5,5 percent increase in revenue. In the year 2008 1,585 net loss of billions of rubles, and in 2007 year net profit amounted to 3,125 billion rubles.

Company "Sukhoi" in the period of 2008 2013 year occupies a leading place in the world in the number of aircraft ordered and export of modern fighters (280 copies). The company in this period, in monetary terms, took third place with a figure of 12,73 billion., Second only to "Lockheed Martin» (15,65 billion dollars) and the corporation "Boeing» (13,3 billion).

"Dry" takes in money terms 15,2 percent and quantified 19,9 percent of exports in the world with a multi-functional modern fighters of 2012 2015 year. In 2012-2015 years 109 be exported only descended from the conveyor fighters "Su" 5,45 totaling billions of dollars. Company "Sukhoi" in monetary terms, took third place, behind "Lockheed Martin» (9,13 billion dollars) and the association "Eurofighter» (15,91 billion).

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