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The plane SukhoiKR-860. A photo. History. Characteristics.


KR-860 - project double-deck wide-body aircraft, which was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau in the cargo-and passenger version. The first acquaintance with him was held at the Air Show "Le Bourget-99».

The history of the development of the CD-860

Development of the KR-860 «Wings of Russia" started in the Sukhoi Design Bureau in 1997 year. The project led by AH Karimov, chief designer. General guidance came from MP Simonov. During development apply the latest advances aerodynamics, automation, structural materials. At the same time in order to achieve an optimal degree of technical risk and cost of development, they completely abandoned the untested technical solutions and concepts, exotic aerodynamic schemes. The aerodynamics of the aircraft worked out jointly with TsAGI. They were able to achieve high aerodynamic quality, whose figure was 19,5. For the first time in the domestic plane to reach the parking dimensions used folding wing console. The project was first demonstrated in 1999 year at Le Bourget Air Show on. On the Kazan aircraft plant assumed its mass production.


Plane KR-860 is none other than the cantilever low. Vitreous wing - folding in the parking lot. Chassis multisupport, retractable. The power plant consists of four turbofan engines "GE» CF6-80E1, located on the pylons under the wing. However, the option is provided with eight engines NK-93 or PS-90. digital control system, by-wire with multiple redundancy. The basic version is intended for aircraft 860 passengers in three classes, which are located on two decks. For the embarkation and disembarkation of the aircraft it has a built descending ladders. The cargo version of the CD-860 has a stern ramp and the nose of the fuselage, which can be raised. There are also combi version.

The company for the development of aviation technology OKB. BY. Sukhoi led the design work on passenger aircraft super-large sizes to 860-950 passengers in the frame of the program entitled "Civil Aircraft". KR-860 intended for high-speed flight, he developed a speed 1000 km / h on intercontinental and transcontinental flights.

KR-860 - airliner normal aerodynamic scheme with cheyrmya American engines that are on the pylons under the wing.

Two deck design will be used in the cabin. This is directly related to the fact that the airplane has to fit into the existing airport buildings and runways around the world.

Like other "air heavyweights" airliner KR-860 should be based on the ground of the first class. But it worked out measures aimed at improving its takeoff and landing characteristics, that for transport and military transport versions is especially important.

To date, study promising options powerplant KR-860. There were negotiations with the company "General Electric", which created a turbojet-SR6 80E1 (it is planned to equip and Western AZHH). Experts suggest that in the future Russia will have engines as well as a license for their development in one of the country's enterprises. In a short time it has been considered variants of the power plant, which consisted of four "sparok" domestic engines NK-93 or PS-90. It is expected that more cost-effective, despite the higher weight vosmidvigatelnaya powerplant appears on the cargo version of the plane, which will primarily focus on the Russian domestic transportation. Perhaps the equipment of the aircraft and the "Pratt & Whitney RW4168" turbofan and "Rolls Royce" of the "Trent".


For aircraft KR-860, which is used for the transport of liquefied natural gas, the best option seems to equipment by its engine, which runs on gas transported (in our country there is quite a big technological advance for the development of such engines). Using the latest advances in avionics has made it possible to reduce the crew to 2-3 people. KR-860 offered to equip a digital wire control system (do not forget that Sukhoi is considered one of the leaders in the creation of FBWCS worldwide).

In the development of the CD-860 special attention is paid to ensuring the survival and safety of passengers. In this direction it is planned to carry out a whole range of research.

It is worth noting that the program is the creation of "Wings of Russia" has just started to take the first steps. But it is already possible to note its support for large regional leaders and politicians, such as Vyakhirev (Head concert "Gazprom) and Mintimer Shaimiev (president of Tatarstan).

Creation of "Wings of Russia" - a difficult and ambitious task, which can be efficiently solved only with the support of the State Duma, the RF Government, the national capital, the Federation Council. But its successful solution will positively affect the economic situation in Russia, will open a "second wind" of gas and oil industry, will solve the crisis of energy supply in different remote areas of the country and the problem of "northern delivery". KR-860 - new vehicle, which is necessary for domestic transportation. They can bring the country considerable profit.

Construction KR-860 - it still support the domestic aviation industry, which is suffocating without a "real" work, and large orders. It is hoped that the new airliner, no matter what the difficulties, able to climb into the sky, to prove to everyone that Russia, as before, there's wings.

KR-860 characteristics:

  • Wingspan - 88 m

  • Wingspan folded consoles - 64 m

  • Length - 80 m

  • Wing area - 700 m²

  • Maximum takeoff weight - 620-650 tons

  • Maximum payload - 300 tons

  • Passenger - 860 people

  • Cruising speed - 1000 km / h

  • Practical range - 12-15 thousand km.

  • Aerodynamic quality - 19,5


KR-860. Gallery.

KR-860 1 photoKR-860 2 photoKR-860 3 photo

KR-860 4 photoKR-860 5 photoKR-860 6 photo


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