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Frigate Ecojet
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Frigate Ecojet

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It seems that the days of creating separate planes KB, complete development from concept to first flight soon completely bypassed in the summer. State participation in the financing of and participation in the launch of a new car, whether it is a modern combat aircraft or a civilian airliner, already reduced to a minimum. Moreover, it is changing the technology development and the start of production of new aircraft. International cooperation, coordination consortia projects at all stages of the work is done the most prepared companies and enterprises.

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Development of new technologies is very successful, is convincingly demonstrated the construction of such aircraft as the Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Frigate Ecojet 23

JSC "Financial-industrial group Rosaviakonsortsium" implement a very unusual project. The project is a new, wide-body aircraft for medium-range lines "frigate ecojet. The project is unusual in many ways. Unusual design of the aircraft itself, which will be the fuselage has an ellipsoidal cross section. This will increase the volume of the passenger cabin, and significantly reduce the weight of the liner. Now in the cockpit will be three passes between Kress, unlike the traditional one or two passes. Driving rows of seats will 2 + 3 + 3 + 2. The design of the fuselage of oval cross section caused a storm of criticism in the aviation world. But the consortium continues to work based on the results of research, computer modeling and wind tunnel.

Frigate Ecojet view

Unusual aircraft not only structurally, is unusual and the scheme of the entire project. Rosaviakonsortsium is the only developer and project coordinator. And in the future, and the certificate holder. All stages of design, manufacture, test aircraft are given to third-party providers and businesses. Now a similar concept aircraft production tested such giants as Boeing and Airbus, which left behind only the design and the final assembly of the planes.

Ecojet Frigate went further. Even the assembly of the aircraft and its flight tests will be carried out contractors.

Frigate Ecojet Salon

Frigate Ecojet is a twin-engine wide-body aircraft for a relatively free niche medium routes. It will be fitted with either a domestic engines of PS-90 A20 or engines Trent 500 Rolls-Royse company. Accommodates up to 350 passengers. Flight range average 3500 km.



To further promote the project was created Ltd. frigate ecojet which all rights and development were transferred. Director General became Vasily Danilov.

The project is now at the stage of purging in a cryogenic wind tunnel. Terms of purging in transonic tunnel as realistic as possible. Blow holds company Thyssen Krupp System Engineering.

A recent project news can be learned from the presentations on the official website www project. frigate-ecojet. ru

Implementation of this project, and the alleged flight of the first-born in 2019 year, will be able to show the world that we have been and remain a leading air power not only in military aircraft.



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