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Boeing 787-8
Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-8. A photo. Characteristics.



Passenger airliner Boeing 787-8 4 is one of the modifications has become so popular today airplane class Boeing 787 Dreamliner. According to the aircraft manufacturer, the new airliner meet modern criteria air and meets the latest trends in this field.

The main feature of the modified version of the Boeing 787-8 is a large range of flight - airliner can fly up to 14.5 thousand kilometers, which is quite a lot by modern standards. Passenger aircraft Boeing 787-8 250 up to people, which naturally depends on the layout.

Today, flights to the airliner Boeing 787-8 already successfully carried out, and it is worth noting that numerous airlines that use this type of aircraft is completely satisfied with its reliability. Aviation fuel consumption of passenger aircraft decreased by almost 20% compared with the previous modification, and emission of pollutants reduced by 23%, making air travel more environmentally friendly. In addition, the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing claims that they did absolutely everything to Boeing 787-8 fell by providing all the security settings of the new aircraft.


Boeing 787-8 photo salon

Boeing 787-8 photo salon


The cost of aircraft Boeing 787-8 slightly higher compared to previous models of airliners, but in reality very quickly pays for itself by reducing fuel consumption, and this passenger plane has all chances to become very popular among both airlines and passengers transported on them .


Boeing 787-8. Gallery.

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Boeing 787-8. Video.


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