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Airline S7 «Siberia»
Airline S7 «Siberia»

Airline S7 «Siberia». Official site.


Airline "Siberia" carries out flights on domestic routes, as well as in the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East. The company is based in Moscow and Novosibirsk.

The first civilian flight "Siberia" Airlines was held in 1957 from Novosibirsk. Since 2005 airline "Siberia" is known under the brand name S7 Airlines.

Airline S7 «Siberia» 1

One of the most perfect and at the same time the youngest fleets belongs to the airline. S7 Airlines is a member of the oneworld alliance, which in turn is considered to be the clear leader on the quality of passenger service. Participation in this alliance demonstrates the high quality of the work with S7 Airlines of passengers and compliance with international standards.


The carrier «S7 Airlines» one of the five largest airlines in Russia, providing operating regular flights, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Airline «S7 Airlines» repeatedly became the winner of various awards as one of the best carriers. To a greater extent these awards is determined by the passengers, who gave their vote in favor of this particular flights shedule.



Currently, the airline «S7 Airlines» intends to expand its zone of influence, by opening a new route directions, both on the territory of Russia and beyond it, which certainly will be reflected in its popularity and further activities in the field of air transport. In particular, we are talking about creating destinations in the city in Western Europe, which will certainly increase the passenger of the air carrier, and, among other things, make it as popular and in new areas of its activity.

Regularly conducted promotions and discounts offered, make flights on «S7 Airlines» Airlines planes really beneficial.


S7 Airlines company constantly keeps pace with the times and offers its passengers to get the necessary consultation, order tickets, choose a flight on the airline's website or by mobile phone. The company is ready to provide its customers with a range of special services:

  • 1)online services. Allows passengers to be aware of with regard to order tickets or reserved seats. The company's website contains all the information in the "My reservations." With the Internet, you can easily register online. The same can be done with a mobile phone;

  • 2)transfer iway. The company not only cares about the comfort of the flight of its passengers, but also on the further stay in a foreign country. You will be taken to your destination at a fixed price.

  • 3)flying envelopes. You need to urgently deliver an envelope or package to another country, and in your presence is not necessary? The service "Flying envelopes" is just for you. The company will deliver your package after the conclusion of the relevant contract.

Airline S7 «Siberia» 2

program "operates for regular customers flying aircraft S7 Airlines companiesS7 Priority". Participants in this program earn miles for each flight and then get to them from S7 Airlines company bonuses.

The company is currently S7 Airlines-holder of many achievements in the field of civil aviation. The airline has more than 10 years, is a member of the International Air Transport Association. In 2007 it has successfully passed the audit for compliance with international safety standards. In addition, the company is a well-deserved winner of many awards and prizes.


Basic data:

  • Year of occurrence: 1992;

  • IATA airline code: S7;

  • ICAO airline code: SBI;

  • Domestic airline code: S7;


Airline S7 «Siberia». Official site.

Airline S7 «Siberia». Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of airlines: OJSC "Airline" Siberia ", Ob-4, Novosibirsk, Russia, 633104;.

  • City Airline Phone: + 78002000007;

  • Airlines Fax: + 74953630580;

  • E-mail;

  • Base airport in Moscow airport Domodedovo, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo.


Domestic flights: Astrakhan, Anapa, Bratsk, Barnaul, Vladikavkaz, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Kemerovo, Magadan, Kurgan, Makhachkala, Magnitogorsk, Moscow, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhnevartovsk, Nadym, Novokuznetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novy Urengoy, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Norilsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Perm, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Ufa, Chita, Chelyabinsk, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The CIS flights: Baku, Ashgabat, Dushanbe, Gyumri, Kiev, Yerevan, Bishkek, Chisinau, Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar, Tashkent, Simferopol, Urgench, Tbilisi, Khujand, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

International flightsBangkok, Antalya, Varna, Burgas, Dubai, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Munich, Innsbruck, Podgorica, Beijing, Seoul, Sanya, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Tivat, Tenerife, Utapao, Urumqi, Shenyang, Frankfurt .

The airline's fleet are aircraft Airbus A319, Airbus A310, Airbus A320, Boeing 767-300, Airbus A321.



Uniforms stewardess: S7 Airlines. Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: S7 Airlines. Russia.


Airlines of the World and Russian ...


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I flew from 18 to 19my 2017g. From Moscow to Mirny with a landing in Novosibirsk flights S7 181 and S7 3255, the aircraft changed. In Mirny, when issuing luggage, it became clear that a suitcase was stolen from the suitcase, rummaged in a suitcase, but did not take anything. It seems a trifle but it's disgusting. WHEN YOU, FINALLY, LEAD THE ORDER OF THE LORD ?!

Hello, Eugene! 05 March 2017 city I had purchased tickets to Siberia Airlines: Novosibirsk to Surgut-13 May 2017 of Novosibirsk and Surgut on May 29 2017, the But due to the disease and outpatient treatment, launched in May 03 2017, at fly on vacation, I can not. In the primary treatment the cashier Surgut airport 06 May cashier told me to return "non-return" tickets need help with the honey. institution, which is written in an arbitrary manner. In honey. establishment of 06 May my honey was framed. FAQ about the disease and the prescribed treatment (with the subsequent appearance before 17 of May). 07 May, I arrived at the airport a second time with the help of the honey. Institutions that are not accepted. At this time another cashier opened the me for completing this certificate requirements. And only 3-her attempts I have accepted this help and a return ticket from Surgut to Novosibirsk on May 13 2017, after refusing to take a return ticket Novosibirsk, Surgut on May 29 2017 city, motivate the refusal by the fact that until that time, I can already I am cured and somehow come back in May 29 from Novosibirsk on the ticket. QUESTION: Do cashiers Surgut airport right by refusing to accept I have a return ticket, and how do I do in this situation, to still get a refund for the failed flight and vacation due to illness? With respect and hope for a response to my email

Hello)) tell me where you can find out information about a set of flight attendants in your airline? my email

Hello! Where can I find information on the recruitment of stewards and aviakassirov your airline? If you do not make it more difficult, waiting for the information to email Thank you in advance.

Missed the landing on 5 minutes, refused to sit down in the plane, we had to run around the airport, tickets are not reimbursed, the luggage back bag with torn handles, suitcase lock broken, with the words: we have every day this happens, leave the application to understand. while I am waiting. In general, the company is not decent at all I do not recommend flights s7

Good afternoon! Passes if the flight attendants set in your company? I 22 years 172SM growth 61kg.Obrazovanie higher weight hotel service, English language skills base. Please answer the mail

Hello! I bought a ticket for the flight departure 3318 25.04.2017 without paying the cost of luggage. Is it possible to pay before departure for baggage and how much does it cost?

Berlin-Moscow flight delayed for 2 days, the passengers did not provide a hotel, meals, etc.

Hello! Since 15.02.2017 16.02.2017 to r, mother and niece returning from Saint - Petersburg to Moscow, when loading bogazha in Saint - Petersburg suitcase was broken. The application is written in Domodedovo airport, the answer came in the mail. Please send an inquiry, that the suitcase can not be repaired and is not paid not to conduct the examination. Where do I take this help?

Flown by the airline flight 18.02.2017.Reys 166 30 late for minut.V time hours 2 15 2 minutes during the hours of feeding ice cream sandwiches and drinks.The time of the forced registration of luggage in the luggage hand luggage transfer elite Drinking, and then after the end of registration did not take elite alcohol manual kladidazhe in bagazh.Iz of what to put akogol 7000rubley
Such carriers should not be engaged in transportation activities, and they must be in person to find out who litsenzii.Ya etoy otvratitelelnoy company issued litsentsiyu and this story will have an anti-corruption trail through the RF gen.prokuraruru

Is Maria Terenteva is working in your organization as
Quality Management Directorate Lead Expert
Siberia Airlines, PJSC as she was enquiring us for Document Managment Training but after proposal never responded since 45 days ... Prakash Patel India + 919022779087

Please include an email address where to send the claim to the baggage damage.

Good afternoon!
Please reply by e-mail Does your airline target direction for admission to St. Peterburskoe or Ulyanovsk Aviation College of pilots. My son is studying in a boarding school with initial flight training and dreams of becoming a pilot. He purposefully prepare for this profession, in-depth learning English, including spoken to the pilots, was flying practice. Currently passes VLEK.
We kindly request to respond to my letter.
Yours faithfully,
Sergin PD

The site for buying tickets are bred in the amount of RUB 400. is hidden. It is not included in the ticket and torn off for the "book online". It is not clear what charges and does not indicate that this amount will not be included in the ticket price. Be careful!!!

Buy and fly Aeroflot.

I am an employee of GA (aviation physician)! "December" 016 year decided to use your services Aviakompanii.Kupiv №4212463467521 electronic ticket for a flight to Voronezh 233 paying for baggage (1000rub) .proshla electronic registration on reys.otpravilas in a / p Domodedovo. going up to the front desk (18-00), registered its luggage space 1 11 kg weight. №7419758.dozhdalas boarding after a short delay of departure (19-45 instead 19-05) .proshla on a plane and flew to Voronezh.kakovo my surprise and stress after togo.kak after waiting for receipt of baggage 30 minut.ya uznala.chto my luggage there, it 1000rub.sostaviv for all the necessary documents on the non-arrival bagazha.ya in a state of shock came domoy..Proshu rukovoditelya.otvetstvennogo for arranging transportation, including luggage and give me an answer, leave kakmozhno checked baggage at the airport otpravleniyakak flight attendants took beige luggage checked baggage? Я работник ГА ( авиационный медик) !" декабря "016 года решила воспользоваться услугами Вашей Авиакомпании.Купив электронный билет №4212463467521 на рейс 233 до Воронежа с оплатой за багаж (1000руб).прошла электронную регистрацию на рейс.отправилась в а/п Домодедово.подойдя к стойке регистрации( 18-00),зарегистрировала свой багаж 1 место весом 11 кг. №7419758.дождалась посадки в самолет с небольшой задержкой вылета (19-45 вместо 19-05).прошла в самолет и полетела в Воронеж.каково же было мое удивление и стресс после того.как прождав получение багажа 30 минут.я узнала.что моего багажа нет,это за 1000руб.составив все необходимые документы о неприбытие багажа.я в шоковом состоянии приехала домой..Прошу руководителя.ответственного за организацию перевозок,в том числе и багажа дать мне ответ-какможно оставить зарегистрированный багаж в аэропорту отправлениякак бортпроводники принимали багаж беж зарегистрированного багажа? У меня сложилось мнение.что в Вашей авиакомпании должностные люди не качественно выполняют свои функциональные обязанности.не несут никакой ответственности.процветает халатность.безразличие,пофигизм,кто ответит за принесенный мне моральный ущерб.9 в багаже находился необходимый мне измеритель артериального давления,я не могла измерить себе давление и скоректировать прием лекарственных средств,и еще я осталась без мобильной связи т.к зарядное устройство тоже было в багажнике.тем самым я заставила своих близких волноваться.прошу ответить мне на электронную почту мой рабочий тел (473)206-93-46 какие меры приняты к тем кто доставил мне неприятности и хлопоты.Багаж был доставлен в а /п Воронеж на следующий день.Я позвонив в Домодедово утром 13.12.16 в службу по розыску багажа получила ответ,Ваш багаж был оставлен в Домодедово и в настоящее время самолетом компании отправлен в Воронеж,Единственное приятное впечатление от этого кошмара.это летный состав этого рейса,это настоящие профессионалы своего дела.в случае неполучения ответа я постараюсь отправить жалобу в РоссавиациююЯ надеюсь .что мне больше никогда,никогда не придется пользоваться услугами компании целью кторой содрать в прямом смысле этого слова с пассажира ка можно больше денег за билет и багаж и оказать за эти деньги некачественную услугу.И еще у меня был это второй перелет за день .первый из Симферополя до Москвы ( Шереметьево)авиаперелет ООО "Северный ветер".Стооимость билета 2700 ( Вместо Ваших 5500 с багажом)и багаж 23 кг и 10 ручной клади все без доплат.плюс хорошо организованное обслуживание питания.а у Вас полстаканчика сока или воды.Все кто читает этот комментарий не пользуйтесь услугами компании Сибирь

Hello! I'm Svetlana Novikova Arhipovna 2elektronnyh bought tickets for himself and his son Evgeny Sergeyevich Novikov your airline companies "Siberia" s7 on 8.11.2015g.Prishlo time to pass the pension tickets, and they are not prinyali.Dva tickets have been issued on one form of electronic ticket (itinerary / ! receipt) electronical ticket poorly printed, not make required: 1.Razdelit bilety.2.marshrutnaya bileta.3.Pasportnye receipt of electronic data, F.I.O.4.Forma payment. Please help small pension, I ask you to Send in the email! .Thank you in advance.

Hello! I would like to know on which site send resume to position the driver or mechanic (if relevant) to work in your company at the Domodedovo airport. I 35 years driving experience over 15 years 1 driving license class (open all categories) + are acting right to traktor.Rabotal Corporation ROSATOM, have awarded "Man of the Year 2014" in this organization for the driver profession.Veprentseva @ Tel.89163337122.

Good day! I would like to find an email address to send a questionnaire to the flight attendants through training, and which format should be. I am waiting for an answer by e-mail, Thank you in advance.

Where can I go about learning a set of flight attendant training? I am waiting for an answer by e-mail: Thank you in advance, Zalina.

PJSC "Airline" Siberia "
633104, Novosibirsk Oblast Ob-4
Head Obedkova Vladimir Nikolaevich
From Denisova Elvira Vladimirovna,
residing at the address:
184209, Murmansk region,
Apatity, ul. Moscow, d. 4, square. 4
Please send inquiry about the cost of GH 268 trip flight on a route: Simferopol - Moscow on ticket number 4212461632611, 23.09.2016, the perfect route Simferopol - Moscow - Minsk, the name of the passenger: Denisova Elvira. This information is needed to provide the accounting department Goku "Apatity interdistrict TSSPN" to compensate for the fare to the resort and back, in accordance with the RF Law on February 19 1993, the N 4520-I "On state guarantees and compensations for those working and living in the Far North and equivalent areas. "
This FAQ please send a fax organization Goku "Apatity interdistrict TSSPN»: 8 (81555) 76393 and followed dosylaya by mail to the address: 184209, Murmansk, Apatity, Str.. Moscow, d.4 kv.4.
Within a month, I can not get the necessary information. On repeated requests (in writing, by e-mail and fax) not received a single response.
Denisova EV

Good day! I am interested in, really, whether there are internal order does not accept payment by credit card or it is only in the city of Barnaul this initiative, and may in general management principle because I designed the electronic ticket on the airline's website, but for technical bank's reasons are not able to pay it on the map Sberbank Online....???

Good vecher.26.08.2016g.Moy son Dmitry took off from Simferopol to Novosibirsk, lost on arrival boarding pass on Koshel Dmitri name, please help travel was subsidized ticket is needed to report in response to buhgalteriyu.Adres

Good Evening!
Please consider my candidacy for the position Flight attendant initial stage.
I 20 years, 167 height, clothing size 42, 46 weight.
English intermediate, ready to work and learn other languages.
About myself I can say that I am very otvestvestvenny people always come up to the task well deliberation, weighing all the yes and no, so you can always rely on, I'm good, stress, I can always find me approach to people, not a conflict, I have no harmful habits, no tattoos, vision is normal, health problems were observed. I beg you to consider me as a candidate for this job steward, with further training! I always wanted to be a flight attendant, and selecting me as the candidate with full confidence I can say that I will not fail!

Hello! I bought a ticket to Bangkok in December, the month 2016 But problems with health, was examined, there are contraindications to travel and change of climate. Rate Economy - Basic. Can I return the ticket that you need to perform for this, what documents to collect and where to provide it. Departure from Novosibirsk.

Flew flight number August 19 1032 from Adler to Moscow. For luggage was forced to pay for the 5000 2500 for each suitcase (2 pcs) saying that does not go as hand luggage on klad.Kvitantsiya sounded as payment for excess baggage. When asked why such a formulation, they said that they just have such a form. Steward was in filthy clothes, corporate tie (green) probably just washed the floor, and he handed out drinks and food (burger) .Vody had to ask several times, it ended at them, then forgot about me. Inside, odor resistant tualeta.V of aircraft landing time, one man unbuttoned his safety strap, stood up and turned mobilnik.Nikakoy reaction, because in the cabin of one of the staff was not. I do not recommend this airline.

9.09.2016g in 9.55 MSK, flew from Simferopol to Moscow, lost upon arrival at the boarding Tallon Zipkin Alexander Leonidovich name, help please, Tallon need for advance report on work release was grace! Reply-to address

Good afternoon! I like many interested in the question where to go on the interview - set to flight attendant training courses, further to employment.
Thank you in advance! Address for

Good afternoon! I like many interested in the question where to go on the interview - set to flight attendant training courses, further to employment.
Thank you in advance! Address for

Здравствуйте,20 августа должна была улететь из Архангельска в Читу,с пересадкой в Москве.Рейс из Архангельска задержали,я не успела бы на след.самолет из Москвы.Приехала в авиакассу где покупала билет,сдала билет на возврат денег.Девушка очень долго куда-то звонила,в итоге сказала приехать во вторник 23 августа...Утром 23 августа она мне позвонила и сказала билет закрыт,деньги через кассу вернуть не получится..."Пишите на обратную связь в помпанию S7.Написала,ответили нужно заполнить форму заявления,заполнила-отправила.26 августа мне пришел ответ,отправить заявление в г.Обь...Отправила заказным письмом.По почтовому отслеживанию письмо уже в понедельник было на месте,но адресатом не получено до сих пор.Сколько мне еще ждать?Скоро заканчивается отпуск,который в итоге испорчен переживаниями о возврате денег.Деньги на проезд выдавали на работе,нужно отчитываться...а денег до сих пор нет.Сумма все таки не маленькая.Прошу разобраться как можно быстрее.В аэропорту мне обещали,что денежные средства вернутся полностью без доплат,т.к.рейс был задержан.Отправила вам копию билета с печатью о задержке,и заявление с номером счета.Номер билета 421 6113764299

DD. We bought a ticket Anapa-Barnaul through Euroset. Select the flight booked, we bought and the next day somewhere we received a call and was told that there was an error, and the number is not assigned to the ticket, as now the price vyshe.Esli hotili hand over the tickets and buy the new tsene.Nam returned the money, but time was lost tickets jumped and we had to re-select the flight and adapt to the purchased in one direction already bilety.Kak is perhaps because the price was not only at the time of reservation and the site provided an opportunity to buy at that price, and everything was executed correctly . As it turned out, the employee Euroset innocent. The site was the flight is, it gives the book a flight back on the same old price. In addition, we did not return the money to buy Euroset for registration and we paid twice. Allegedly, after the sale took place.

I want to thank you for your professionalism and attention to the crew of the aircraft en route 26.07.2016 years from Anapa to Moscow (Domodedovo) flight 1122 (09.50). The flight was great, the girls stewardesses - clever and beautiful, attentive to any request. Special thanks to the pilots, professionals with a capital letter (if my memory serves me co-pilot named Yuri Shirokov). Thank you for your work!

Hello! On e / mail did not come on the itinerary and Vyacheslav Lukyanov Lazutkina Larisa name. Number of tickets: 2460266569 and 2460266570. Please send to the address
Thanks in advance

23 May 2016 years flying from Murmansk to Moscow by plane airline Sibir and lost boarding pass now required to help confirm that there was a flight with an indication of the flight and the flight date in Monchegorsk Murmansk region such certificate to have refused to hand where to buy tickets were told that they are not representative of the airline Sibir help if possible!

Welcome tell you decide the question on planting Tallon and if so, how? We just have an identical problem and we do not know what to do in this situation!

Good afternoon! Tell me when and where the training flight attendants?
I 23, secondary education, special economic. Please reply to mail Thank you in advance!

Hello! Sell ​​whether subsidized tickets for seniors and children 12 years 3, the Ulan-Ude to Moscow. Thank you

when boarding a flight to Alicante selected parasol, bought Benidorme.Zontik carefully packaged in plenku.My with the child used it on the beach all day 11 our flight s7 0886 z 15jun23: 45 was very nepriyatno.Proshu respond to e-mail liu9mila.k@yandex .ru and return the umbrella in Yaroslavl

Please tell me how long you are considering separately (statement) about taking a job steward? I send you my resume and see you do not understand it or not? With whom and how you can be contacted on the matter or respond to e-mail Thank you.

Hello, tell me when the flight attendants will be set. I 21, secondary education aviation education, incomplete higher education. Please reply to mail Thank you in advance!

Regularly flown by s7 always recommended to his friends and acquaintances, but now struck requisitions are satisfied in relation to the size and the cost of transportation of baggage. For example, weight kg 9 50 50 on size will not go down in the standards, a number of standartometra not (Domodedovo) - in the end decided to put into the luggage - 2 thousand. (!) To pay more, go to the cashier where you stand in the queue - paid -vozraschaeshsya - again standing waiting, eventually molded ticket not on the boarding pass, and this paper A4 format. In short, the study conditions of other companies and paves sledujushie routes not in Domodedovo.

Alexander if you frequently fly then read all the terms of the luggage including S7 site all specified what measures are needed, and so on. Basic Economy fare not return. Return only flexible economy and a flexible business. The largest dimension and weight of free baggage on Aeroflot but the tape is to acquire and buy the standard size suitcase to avoid surprises

Good day! I have a great desire to work in your company! Please tell me when the flight attendants will be set? Thank you in advance!

Good afternoon! Tell me when and where the training flight attendants? I 29 years, higher education economic, English bazovyy.rost 164 53 cm weight kg. Please reply to mail argockova.slava@yandex Thank you in advance! Yours faithfully!

Good evening!
I would really like to thank the staff of the airline S7 Domodedovo Airport
Sobol Alena Dmitrievna, Tikhonov and Elena Vadimovna Potekhina (sorry, do not know the initials) of friendliness, sensitivity to passengers, understanding, help in an emergency situation. LOW BOW YOU !!! Thank you from all my heart! If all we have met such people! If we all belonged to each other, these lovely people! SURE, our lives would be perfect !!!
Health to you and your loved ones!

Hello. I want to work in your company. Please tell me when the flight attendants will be set.
I 28 years, Russian citizenship, growth 173, 57 weight, model looks, higher education, intermediate English, please answer my mail Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hello, tell me how you can be trained on the flight attendant? I 25 Russian citizenship, speak English yazykom.proshu answer my mail,thanks in advance!

Hello ! Tell me, please, when and where it will set your company's flight attendants. I 18 years, Russian citizenship, increase the weight of 165 53, secondary education, speak basic English, please answer my mail , thank you in advance!

Hello, please tell me how you can be trained on the stewardess, with training and employment? I 22 years, Russian citizenship. Please write me an

Hello! Please tell me how and where to get training at a flight attendant with further employment in your carrier? I 21 year. Citizenship of the Russian Federation. Please write me an email Thank you so much!

Good afternoon! I bought a ticket from Alicante to Moscow and made a typo - FLEXANDER instead ALEXANDER. Do I have to redo the ticket?