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Plane crash aircraft «Pakistan International Airlines» 7 2016 December of the year in Pakistan
Plane crash aircraft «Pakistan International Airlines» 7 2016 December of the year in Pakistan

Plane crash aircraft «Pakistan International Airlines» 7 2016 December of the year in Pakistan


09: 11 08 / 12 / 2016 Rescuers found the bodies of the crash victims 42.

08: 25 08 / 12 / 2016 At the crash site of the aircraft the airline "Pakistan International Airlines" found the black box.

19: 00 07 / 12 / 2016 Rescuers work at the crash site found the bodies of the victims 38. Despite the extremely low probability of finding survivors, search and rescue operation continues.


7 December in north-west Pakistan crashed passenger turboprop aircraft «Pakistan International Airlines» Airlines, which was carrying 48 people, including both crew members and passengers. Tragically, no one survived the plane crash that has already been officially confirmed by the authorities.


Chronicle of a plane crash in Pakistan


Day, 7 December 2016 years, passenger aircraft ATR-42, owned carrier «Pakistan International Airlines», carried out the execution of flights from Chitral to Islamabad, however, about 15 hours 30 minutes to control air traffic controllers received a signal «SOS», and in another a few moments, the plane disappeared from the radar and the aircraft crew stopped to get in touch.



Almost immediately to the site of the plane crash were sent rescuers, who were able to detect and shattered aircraft in 10 kilometers from Havelian. Upon impact, the plane caught fire, thereby depriving the people a chance to escape.


The reasons and circumstances of the plane crash in Pakistan release



At the moment, the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan refused to comment on how the plane crash occurred in the north-west of the country, however, taking into account the unofficial data, there are two main versions of what happened.


Fault management and human factor


According to officially unconfirmed data, when performing a flight from Chitral to Islamabad, the pilot of the aircraft experienced a technical malfunction of the system control the aircraft, as a consequence, has decided on the need to reduce the height of the flight, however, for technical reasons, the aircraft could not stop the process of reducing the height , as a consequence, at high speed crashed into the ground. With this version of the specialists associated sending «SOS» signal, however, it remains unknown why the pilot did not immediately informed of the problems encountered in flight and make an independent decision.


engine failure



The version of the failure of one of the «Pakistan International Airlines» Airlines aircraft engines experts believe the most likely, however, given the fact that the aircraft was not overloaded, and it could continue the flight on one engine, the plane crash causes remain unknown. It is not excluded that after the failure of one engine, could happen as failure and the other, however, for now, experts such circumstances does not comment.


The victims of the plane crash in Pakistan


At present it is known that on board passenger aircraft airline «Pakistan International Airlines» was 48 people, including 6 42 crew members and passengers (including two children). Arrived at the scene of the crash, rescuers found that the aircraft almost completely destroyed by a blow on the earth, and the fire started, as a consequence, the chance of survival, no one left.


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