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Aerokon INSPECTOR-601 Multipurpose UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-601 Multipurpose UAV

Aerokon INSPECTOR-601 Multipurpose UAV

"Inspector-601" is an unmanned aerial vehicle, the latest development of JSC "Aerokon." Its purpose is to implement the drums, transport, and special reconnaissance missions. The device has excellent aerodynamic performance. The designs have been applied KM advanced technologies, as well as to the features of the machine include ease of operation. On the deployment of the complex takes up to 30 minutes of time, it established a two-stroke boxer engine ZDZ 210 with air cooling, work is going on petrol with an admixture of synthetic oil in the ratio of 40: 1.

Take-off weight "Inspector-601" is 120 kg, the rate varies between 120-210 km / h. Wingspan drone is 5,2 m. In flight, it can hold up without landing 6-7 hours. Planting should be done in an aircraft, but work is underway to implement the landing by parachute. UAV is able to bear the 20 kg payload.

All machines are equipped with automated flight control system of its own design. Its use allows you to create a job flying with reference to the map, organize digital wireless communication channel for the transmission of video and telemetry to remotely monitor the flight. Also, it displays the current status and position of the UAV navigation, management control of the UAV operator, automatic control, the ability to conduct photo and video surveyed the terrain, transmission, processing and receiving information.

Ground complex is compatible with PC-class "notebook", equipped with a special external wireless module. Ground complex works on the operating system Windows XP.

Aerokon INSPECTOR-601 multipurpose UAV. Characteristics:

Modification Inspector-601
Wingspan, m 5.20
Length m  
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 120
engine's type AP ZDZ 1 210
Power, hp X 1 20
Cruising speed, km / h 210
Practical range, km 900
Radius of action, km 40-90
Flight duration, h 6-7
Practical ceiling, m 3000


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