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Transas WATCH-100 Multipurpose UAV
Transas WATCH-100 Multipurpose UAV

Transas WATCH-100 Multipurpose UAV

UAV "Dozor-100" was developed by CJSC "RET Kronstadt "and manufactured by" Transas ". It is a development platform "Dozor-5" in terms of increasing the duration and range. Packaging machine elongated wing it possible to reduce fuel consumption in cruising mode and improve the quality of the airframe. Inside the fuselage hidden exhaust system, it had a positive impact on improving the insulation and providing stealth aircraft. Location powerplant aft airframe allowed reasonable to put the payload and make room for the installation on board the various antenna devices. Through V-shaped tail unit ensures correct alignment of the airframe, where the motor is located in the tail section. The forward fuselage reserved for the placement of a forward-looking radar.

Aft of the UAV is powerplant. With this placement could conduct rational layout of payload, releasing the bow seat to accommodate a forward-looking radar.

At the present time issued 2 instance UAV "Dozor". The first flight of the UAV was made of 30.11.2011

The results of state tests were successful. The main feature of the UAV "Dozor-100" lies in its excellent aerodynamic characteristics. In one test flight engine failure occurred. However, after overcoming the distance in kilometers and 3 of the emergency landing in a field in the device was broken only the front landing gear. UAV is fully repaired and sent to the continuation of the passage of state testing program.

Transas WATCH-100. Characteristics:

Modification Watch-100
Wingspan, m 5.40
Length m 3.00
Height, m 1.10
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 95
fuel 24
engine's type 1 PD 3W210
Power, hp X 1 21
Cruising speed, km / h 120-150
Practical range, km 1200
Flight duration, h 10
Static ceiling, m 4500


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