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Do I need to print an electronic plane ticket

Do I need to print an e-ticket on the plane? How to do?


Purchase a ticket on an electronic portal is convenient but unusual. Because this is often a vague feeling that all is done correctly. In fact, everything is very simple. Holders of tickets are registered, referring to a passport that airport workers to collate the database. There is no need to go to the cashier and wait in line. All that is needed - is to become better acquainted with the rules of ticket issuance.

The procedure for listing the type of electronic ticket

Electronic ticket - a digital record in the airline's reservation system. As a confirmation the client receives the file to your email. E-ticket confirms the carriage of both sides.

From the very beginning you need to book a ticket on a special website, which sells tickets for different companies, or directly on the carrier's website, the services of which you intend to use. Selecting a particular service and get your e-mail letter with armor, should be familiar with the terms of payment. Most of the resources proposes to use a bank card or electronic purse for cashless payment. Or are payable in cash through the terminal and sales office. Even if you have to personally go to the point of payment, to resort to the option electronic reservation still stands. Firstly, after the reservation is usually discharged on payment day. Therefore, the road can be assembled without haste. Secondly, there is a possibility to choose the optimum embodiment of the possible given schedules and airfare.

Once payment is complete, your email address will file that contains the ticket. But keep in mind that when you transfer money from your bank account, it may take a certain amount of time before they reach the carrier.

Here you can buy a ticket.

Once you open an electronic file, it should be printed on a standard printer. The document, which come to you, ready to print. Typically, this format pdf.

What should I do if the printout is lost?

If this happens, you have lost a printed e-ticket, the easiest solution in this case is to print a new copy. The document that has been lost, without a document confirming the identity of the owner (passport), has no legal force. This is yet another benefit of booking a place on the plane: e-ticket can not be lost. Also, the majority of tickets are issued at the airport with a passport.

Why printing the ticket?

According to the rules to do print the ticket and take it with you to the airport. Some airlines may require him to produce. For example, in the US there are airports where security service conducts such control. Furthermore, even if the printing paper is not necessary for the control, still better warn and print it.

As practice shows, it is advantageous and convenient service. Most people who have used the e-ticket purchase, any more would not be standing in line at the cash register.


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