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MiG-25 - Soviet fighter

MiG-25 - Soviet fighter



Soviet fighter Mikoyan Design Bureau produced commercially since the early 1970-ies. and was in service until the beginning of the XXI century., including in the countries of near and far abroad. So, in India to 2001 8 it was of this type of aircraft. MiG-25 has a very high performance, but at the same time and is not devoid of drawbacks, which did not allow him to become a leader in its class. In particular, it consumes excessive amount of fuel (10 1 liters per km), it determines that a small flight distance.


Powerplant: two turbojet engine designSK Tumansky R-31 91 kN thrust on when you turn on the afterburner - 122 kN.




The aircraft is configured according to the type dvuhkilevoe monoplane. The design used the top position of the trapezoidal wing, two engines with all-moving stabilizer and lateral position adjustable air intakes.


The fuselage MiG-25 made by the monocoque type. In total he has 57 frames and from the engineering point of view, is composed of the front compartment, zakabinnogo compartment, air intakes, fuel tanks compartment, rear fuselage and tail coca. Hermetic cabin is located between the first two frames. Zakabinnogo compartment insulated and sealed.


The central part is a slot-welded stainless steel with lower additional beams and spars - compartment tank fuel system. The most loaded part of the fuselage is a compartment fuel tanks. It adjoins the rear and front part of the fuselage, wing and air intakes. There are six fuel tanks, which are separated from each other by wall frames. The rear fuselage attachment fins arranged nodes, stabilizer bars, podkilevyh crests, rocking RP control cylinders and brake flaps. It is made of steel HVL-1.


Fighter-Interceptor has a trapezoidal swept wing with aerodynamic twist, the wing was installed at an angle of + 2 °. Wingspan in option scout was 13,38 m, in the version of the interceptor -. 14,015 m Scouts had a constant sweep of the front wing - 41 ° 02 '. For interceptors, this figure varied from 41 ° 02 'to 42 ° 30'. A wing is made of titanium and stainless steel. From an engineering point of view, it is composed of two consoles. Each console has partitions which divide the internal contents of the front and rear fuel tanks.


Above each console is placed two-piece aileron having a maximum deviation 25 ° angle. The two points are attached to the wing flaps, the maximum deflection angle of which at takeoff and landing, and the same is 25 °. Some copies of the MiG-25 first series had a deflection angle 47 ° flaps.


Keely made of aircraft alloy AK-4 and steel VNS-5. Camber each keel - 8 °, sweep angle - 54 °, height -. 3,05 m all-moving stabilizer has a sweep angle front 50 ° 22 ', swing - 8,8 m Angle with deviations -. From -32 ° to + 13 °. The deflection angle of rotation of the rudders - 25 °.


Chassis MiG-25 tricycle. Landing gear lever type. The front desk is equipped with two wheels in size 700 × 200, the main pillar - one wheel size 1300 × 360. Issuing and retracting landing gear, turn the front wheels are carried out by elements of the hydraulic system. landing gear in an emergency can be made by a pneumatic system. Basic rack equipped antiyuzovym machine.


The structure of the power plant consists of single-shaft engines R15B-300-15 or R300BD, single-circuit with a single-stage turbine, axial compressor, two-step ejector nozzle and an afterburner. Motors arranged relative to the longitudinal axis at an angle 13 °. Engines divided the firewall. Nozzles motors are interconnected at a distance that is less than their own diameter. Therefore, they are equipped with unregulated stekatelem, dismantling with three portions of the outer flaps. Air intakes adjustable. Each of them is composed of an adjustable wedge and the bottom flap. Blowing motor compartments for cooling air is performed outboard.


Drill the original MiG-25P on full afterburner has airspeed 3000 km / h, thereby incurring a full set of weapons - rocket R-4 40, which weigh a total of about 2 t and create considerable drag. No missile flight speed indicator increases by 15%. This was confirmed by US specialists, who have spent the race engines, during which it was determined that the aircraft can be overclocked up to 3400 km / h. Speed ​​reconnaissance MiG-25R-over version of the interceptor. However, during operation the machine is allowed to disperse maximum 3000 km / h. Theoretically, the aircraft was the fastest aircraft of its time, but in practice the fastest flying American SR-71 - 3000-3300 km / h.


The structure of the fuel system consisted of six fuselage and four wing tanks. Main fuel - T-6, backup - T-7P. In some instances the additional fuel tanks were placed in the cavities of the keel. The total capacity of the tanks scouts - 15 245 kg, interceptors - 14 570 kg. For the sake of increasing the flight distance was used additional outboard tank, whose capacity was 4370 kg.

MiG-25 video




Initially, the airplane was installed radar RP-25 «Smerch-A", which was created for a fighter-interceptor Tu-128. Immediately after the incident hijacking Japan MiG-25 began to equip a new radar "Sapphire C-25» and a new weapons system.


Also, Soviet aircraft was equipped with:

  • automatic control system SAU-155R1, or ACS-155P1;

  • navigation system SAU-155R1;

  • heat source 26SH-1;

  • radio command guidance system "Lazur" (Interceptor);

  • radio compass ARK-10;

  • radio altimeter RV-184 great heights;

  • air defense system L006 "Birch" or "Siren-3M";

  • navigation system near RSBN-6S "Coral";

  • intercom SPU-7;

  • CO-63B defendant;

  • SHS system air-Mo-5 signals;

  • Bitching Betty RI-65;

  • voice recorder MS-61 etc.


All Interceptors received as part of the equipment system, "Flight-1I". It includes radio engineering navigation system, and heading, and avtopilotirovaniya air signals. Scouts manned photographic-A or A-70 72, electronic intelligence station "Cube 3M", "Virage" or "Pitch", "Sabre" radar, is responsible for the side view.


MiG-25 photo



The performance characteristics of the MiG-25

  • Wingspan, m 14,00

  • Length, m 22,30

  • Height, m ​​5,64

  • Wing area, m2 56,20

  • Empty weight, kg 17410

  • Takeoff weight, kg 37500

  • Airspeed 3000km / h

  • flight radius km 700-800

  • Ceiling, m 30 000


MiG-25 photo

MiG-25 photo


The main armament:

  • missiles "air-ground"


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The two pictures (foreshortening from below) are not MIG-25, and the MiG-31.

In terms of impact on development, as it is now customary to say, high-tech MIG-25 can be compared with the aircraft becoming the era of socialism, when the aircraft made a success of the young Soviet Union the most dynamic industry in the world.
Large 2.8M rate, which is calculated on the plane, demanded a completely new production approaches and technical re-equipment factories. There is a problem of kinetic heating, the solution of which required a creative, unconventional approach. When choosing a primary structural material OKB stopped on stainless steel. Familiar in aircraft aluminum, high temperatures could not stand, and titanium, which worked overseas engineers have made MiG-25 unsupportable in terms of price. The connecting seams performed welded, not riveted. It was necessary to seek methods for the creation and application of heat resistant coatings. MiG-25 required effective thermal insulation, new fuel, as well as special liquid formulations for filling the hydraulic and cooling systems. On the "twenty-fifth" was first used a single set of PNA-based on-board analog and digital computing system later.
MiG-25 produced in versions of the interceptor, reconnaissance, tactical reconnaissance bomber and long remained a mystery to the competition. But 1976 of one copy was stolen in Japan. Glee knew no bounds - finally all the secrets revealed! Hasegawa company urgently even made a model airplane (1: 72). But the scandal has gone on advantage MiG-25. Soviet designers urgently modernized all instrumentation, and the machine will only win.