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Krasnokutske Flight School of Civil Aviation
Krasnokutske Flight School of Civil Aviation

Krasnokutske Flight School of Civil Aviation

Krasnokutske Flight School of Civil Aviation (KKLUGA) - Flight School, which is located in the Saratov region in the town of Krasny Kut.

Based on the basis of flight personnel Kaczynski school, which was evacuated to 1941 year Krasny Kut. With 2009 years is a branch of the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School.

The school prepares the commercial pilots for civil aviation. Training term - two years, ten months. Graduates at the end of issue certificates of commercial civil aviation pilots, and also diplomas gosobraztsa of special secondary education in the specialty Lal (Flight operation of aircraft). Education students held on the budget and on a fee basis. Park aeronautical engineering school consists of twenty-2 An aircraft, as well as eight new light aircraft Cessna 172S, equipped with navigation piloting complex Garmin G1000. Educational and training flights are made on the ground Komsomol and Krasny Kut.

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In 1978, the Yak-18T (35 series) initial training aircraft was put into operation. Flight School in Krasnokutske 1980 was awarded the Red Banner of passing as the winner of the competition between the educational institutions of civil aviation. A great sense of personal responsibility VG Ivko, demands on the subordinate given the opportunity to provide good work of the institution in 1976-1987 years.

Head of School in 1987 was appointed BC Sulimina, the pilot of the first class, honored Russian pilots, who led a school of up to 2005 years. In 1988 was decommissioned aircraft Yak-18T in school there was only one type of aircraft, that is, the AN-2 aircraft operated till now. The most significant contribution to the improvement of the institution have also: Deputy Head of the school in relation to flight training: MD Abramov, AV Ivanov II Leather, VA Knyazkov, YS Kosarev, LR Miller NV Myshkin;

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Chief Navigator School - VG Orlyanskiy;

Chief Engineer School - Grigoriev S. Ya .;

Deputy Head of the terrestrial services - EE Gorkovenko;

Chief of Staff College: AA Kaskevich, NN Efimov, JL Voronin;

Political workers: AI Rybakov, GA Tula, AS Zykin;

Commanders flying squads: GI Ivanov, VM Vorobiev, I.I.Sinchenko, M.F.Doroshek, V.I.Bykadorov, L.F.Karpievich, S.M.Eremenko, I.N.Derevyakin;

Head base ERTOS - S.I.Voytenko;

Senior Engineering units: P.S.Kovalenko, Ya.S.Korneychuk, I.G.Shibkovsky, S.I.Balakirev, V.A.Antonov, A.I.Samorodov;

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College during its existence prepared for civil aviation more than twenty-seven thousand pilots and navigators of more than three hundred, including: Three Heroes of the Soviet Union; a Hero of Russia; Eight Heroes of Socialist Labor, 96 honored pilots, navigators, four honored; Four Honored Worker of Transport, two Distinguished Educator.

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