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Hewa Bora
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Hewa Bora. Boeing MD-82. Flight from Kinshasa to Kisangani.

Fly well!

Airports - discord, and how good when arriving in another place of his destination, you feel like home, because behind the grave hours flight.
No matter how difficult life is in Africa, but once arriving in the city of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, you feel really "white man."


Airline «Hewa Bora» - local Congolese carrier, two hours whisk you from the capital Kinshasa to this small town, located exactly at zero degrees, right on the equator. Your flight will take about two hours, if the airport does not have to wait the extra time for loading of luggage - a local businessman. In this case, the flight may be delayed, and no one will take into account the perturbations disgruntled passengers! The plane will take off only when it is completely finished loading cargo. Here, it seems, the door slammed shut, and the aircraft was taxiing to the runway ...

Sama Airlines «Hewa Bora» blacklisted airlines of the European Union, Precisely because, without compliance with the rules of carriage of passengers and goods. Each airline flight is performed with a large front-loaded, which, of course, is not acceptable in terms of compliance with aviation security.

the pilots of the Congo

On the flight the plane was appointed American-made Boeing Corporation, modifications MD-82. It seems to be not bad, but the passenger cabin leads into a rage. Here overdrive noticeable even on the location of seats in the aircraft. The gap between them is so narrow, that I wondered how they were placed lush passenger.

Himself flight from Kinshasa to Kisangani, is considered an internal, and the procedure of the security should be as simple as possible. So arriving at the destination, all the passengers were in a hurry as soon as possible to escape from the cell, and passing through the visual line of control, just goes on, in the airport premises, finishing his flight. Apparently, I too stood out from the crowd, as the security officer asked me to go to him. After checking my documents, and knew who I was, where and for what purpose arrived, he said that I do not have a visa to the city of Kisangani. I explained that the one country two visas does not happen, but the official insisted.

Kisangani Airport, waiting room.

Not too long thinking, he asked me to pay 20 dollars for a visa to the city of Kisangani. What could I do? Of course, to agree to his proposal.
Traveling through Central African countries should be prepared for such situations, and not to spoil, just built a life here.

Martynenko Igor G. - UN official in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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