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GNAT was initially created as a simplified version of export UAV LSI Amber. Apparatus General Atomics GNAT-750 first took to the air in 1989 year. At Amber Wing was installed on the pylon on the fuselage, and its upgraded version was a nizkoplan which at its own low weight could raise a much greater weight of the payload. Chassis tricycle with a nose wheel retracted. The flight duration was more than 12 hours, and the radius of action does not exceed the 2000 km.

Some time later, General Atomics bought the rights to the LSI and its development. In 1993, the company entered into an agreement with the Government of Turkey for the supply of 6 units GNAT-750 and 16 transport machines I-GNAT ER, which increases the range of flights. In 90-ies there was a collapse of the communist bloc countries, which allowed the US government to intervene in the internal affairs of some countries of Eastern Europe, in particular the conflict in Yugoslavia. Company-developer under contract to the CIA beginning improvements UAV GNAT-750 to perform special missions. In fact there were bureaucratic obstacles and, apparently, the project will be closed, but in 94-year CIA task force armed drones GNAT-750, arrived in Albania for the implementation of actions of intelligence regarding the internal affairs of Yugoslavia. This operation was not successful particularly because of the bad weather and some technical difficulties, however the development of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles continued. Deep modernization has led to the emergence of I-GNAT (Improved GNAT) fitted with engines Rotax 914 (105 liter capacity. from.). New drone was more durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

Specialists General Atomics UAV used GNAT-750 as a basis for designing and creating the type of tactical UAVs Prowler - a large-scale version of its predecessor, with a wingspan m 7,31 4,24 when the length of the fuselage m. Was significantly increased the duration of the flight - 16 hours. Thus, both the first and second instances were unified.

GNAT. Characteristics:

Modification GNAT-750 (I-GNAT)
Wingspan, m 10.76 (12.86)
Aircraft Length m 5.33 (6.32)
Height with landing gear, m 0.72
Weight, kg  
null 254 (385)
maximum take-off 517 (700)
engine's type 1 PD Rotax 582 (Rotax 914)
Power, hp X 1 64 (105)
Maximum speed km / h 193 (296)
Cruising speed, km / h 175
Flight distance, km 2780
Flight duration, h 48
Practical ceiling, m 7620 (9140)
Payload: target equipment weighing up to 150 kg gyro-stabilized turret (infrared system cameras, day and low light levels)


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