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Airline UTair (UTair)
Airline UTair.

Airline UTair. Official site.


UTair - is not only one of the airlines, but the largest operator of helicopter transport. In its work, the company is betting on transparency in customer relationsOn constant development and self-improvement. The company's management aims to rise to the status of undoubted leader of air transportation in Russia and is moving steadily toward her.

"UTair" airline is today one of the largest fleets of aircraft, consisting of both the aircraft and of helicopters. Despite the fact that the airline increasingly known for its aircraft, a fleet of helicopters from the airline has more than 350 air machines used mainly for the transport of passengers on local routes for transporting goods, performance of sightseeing flights etc.

"UTair" airline has in its composition of several subsidiaries, which are also very well known in our country and abroad, in particular in Western Europe, Africa and so on countries



The airline "UTair" regularly offers its passengers a discount on the different nature of the implementation of flight, which is what makes this carrier is very popular in our country and at the same time capable of competitively among other major Russian airlines. The more air carriers depends on cooperation with travel companies, which allows us to develop new routing may open new flights and, as in the cities of the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries.

Due to the unstable economic situation in the world, the company is building a UTair operates in three main areas: helicopter transportation in Russia, helicopter transportation abroad and passenger air transportation. Such a wide range of activities enables the company to be prepared for any economic cataclysms and stay afloat.

In recent years, in Russia and abroad received a large corporate business development. The company UTair sharply reacted to the situation and is ready to offer its customers a specific type of service - business transportation. In no time the company's management was able to achieve the right to serve corporate clients, as well as government representatives.

UTair Company is ready to offer its customers a range of special services:

  1. VIP-transportations. Customers of these services are provided with aircraft equipped with the latest technology, equipped with comfortable seating, video, bar, restaurant.

  2. Customized transportation. Provides businesses and organizations for the transport of personnel.

  3. Tourist charter. At the height of the season such shipments ordered travel agencies to their clients.



UTair Company has developed and is implementing a program, participation in kotoroypozvolyaet regular passengers to buy tickets at a discount. This program "Status". According to its rules, each passenger, who became member of the program and regularly uses the services of this airline, receives a bonus for each flight. As part of these bonuses are a mile away. After accumulating a certain number of miles, the passenger can exchange them for a free ticketFor example, or increase class trip. This program includes two more routines status, family status and business. The participants of the first are, respectively, the family, the second - the organization.

The company's mission is to provide UTair passengers comfortable flights at reasonable prices.


Basic data:

  • Year of occurrence: 1991;

  • IATA airline code: UT;

  • ICAO airline code: UTA;

  • Domestic airline code: UT;


Airline UTair.Official site.

UTair (UTair). Official site.


Contact details:

  • Postal Airlines Address: Airport, Khanty-Mansiysk, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia, 628012,

  • City Airline Phone: + 78001000808;

  • Airlines Fax: + 73462280116;

  • E-mail;

  • Base airport airportSurgut, Moscow Vnukovo, Tyumen Roshchino.


Domestic flights: Arkhangelsk, Anapa, Barnaul, Astrakhan, Beloyarsky, Belgorod, Biysk, Birch, Gelendzhik, Bugulma, Igrim, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Irkutsk, Kirov, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Kogalym, Magnitogorsk, Krasnoyarsk, Mineralnye Vody, Makhachkala, Moscow, Mirny, Murmansk, Cape Stone, Nizhnevartovsk, Naryan-Mar, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Nyagan, Noyabrsk, Perm, Omsk, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Samara, Rostov, Soviet, St. Petersburg, Stavropol, Sochi, Syktyvkar, Surgut, Urai, Tyumen, Ufa, Usinsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Ukhta.

The CIS flightsBishkek, Baku, Dushanbe, Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Yerevan, Lviv, Kiev, Minsk, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Nakhichevan, Kharkiv, Simferopol, Khujand.

International flightsBrno, Bratislava, Hannover, Vilnius, Tallinn, Palanga.

The airline's fleet are aircraftATR 72, ATR 42. Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 737-800, Bombardier CRJ-100 / 200, Boeing 767-200, Tupolev Tu-154.


Uniforms stewardess: UTair (UTair). Russia.

Uniforms stewardess: UTair (UTair). Russia.


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Good day!!!! I flew the airline Yuteyr composed of: I, the child (5 years) and our four-legged friend of the family (dog Dzhonik) 23.12.2016 along the route St. Petersburg - Krasnodar. I will begin with the arrival at the airport Pulkovo: passed veterinary control and came to the front desk, passed the luggage, put on the scales the cage with a dog (a receipt for payment of the weight of the dog as it should be on the price list), go to the representatives of the airline to pay - the girl at the reception included to pay more 2 suitcases (we pay the ticket with luggage) !!!! girl with a "cash" starts to ring and ask again (oh, I'm wrong), paid, going back to the registration, appeal to the girl unless planeload - whether it is possible for us to anyone "not implanting" (the child 39 temperature ((( (and night flight 03: 05, the answer - negative, the next request - can while you are making us boarding passes - we'll take John to the oversized luggage rack - no, wait till the end of registration. I, in turn, the girl said, did not fly the airline 6 years Yuteyr and never fly .... Everything is always possible, go to a meeting !!!! At the entrance to the plane cute stewardess "arranged" the two of us for three seats (thanks to her huge), I clarified the question about how to download John, to which she replied - our special passenger is already loaded with them all in order !!!!
12.01.2017 route Krasnodar - St. Petersburg: at the entrance of the airport building I was asked the question: Have you been to veterinary control, I - no, but that he was not at the airport? No - it is in the cargo terminal area, my shock beyond words (and the city hosted the Olympic Games ????). Further - more, registration began - a very nice girl at the front have registered, offered several options of places, said the child - where he would like to sit and so on, I went to pay for the extra weight in the office - with me "taken" - 21 50 rubles, ask why 150 rubles more, the answer is "burned down" - we are not representative airlines, so work with taxes !!! The oversized baggage drove his handsome, came 2 "lad" with a focus Kuban: I - the guys, he is very worried on the eve of the flight, do not hurt him - do not worry, they all will be well! They came on board, and all updated about dog. Take-off, flight and landing - went perfectly! Upon receipt of baggage transport by John was taken to the luggage trolley, as - wheel with a "piece" Carrying the bottom (carrying price 7400, made in Italy, this portability is used around the world as one of the best and allowed to air transport) - broke down ( ((((my indignation knew no bounds ... The dog did not stop shaking! Pulkovo Airport spokesman said that carrying of loaded on board in such a state. Conclusion: the cage with a dog - throwing, zhto people do not - it's not people (much to talk about broken wheelchair !!!!! We will always keep the kid drove vehicles only in the transport bags), representatives of the airport Pashkovsky negligent in the performance of their duties! !!! Flight and holidays were spoiled !!!!

Thank you. 3 times) Very good airline. no words


SOCHI (Op) -KRASNODAR (CPA) UT SAINT-378 30 20: 35
Imagine our surprise when the morning of September 30 we moved on 378.oktyabrya №01 flight, and the flight to St Petersburg from Krasnodar remained 30 September! The night before, we successfully registered on both the flight and did not promise changes ... The representative of the airline at the airport of Adler anything intelligible offer smog.Nam not asked to make a flight to Krasnodar 01.10.16 04-10 in the morning, and in St. Petersburg, "as it will probably, 02.10.16, because Places to 01.10.16 from Krasnodar no "amazing comment." Life Saving handiwork of drowning ... "In Krasnodar traveled by taxi, thankfully managed to take off in the 23.00 30 September ... really want to get the money paid for the unused ticket and of Adler to Krasnodar.

You can send a copy of the e-ticket to e-mail

You can always get to the force majeure .... have not experienced such feelings and emotions of insecurity and organization of the airline. Fly like and there are different situations related to delays .... but this time I had no nerves ... vyderzhiayut flight delay first 3 hours ... then transfer to 5 hours ... etc as a result when the delay was 13 hours, we were told about the registration and landing .... eventually passed by appropriate retualy registration and landing, all gathered in the drive and every 15-30 min.otodvigayut fly .... how much is enough in our patience is checked). As a result, another plus 2 hours ... and we still do not know what will happen next ... like this ....

Delayed flight Djerba 1184 5 SPb more hours even a sip of water Ned, nobody knows anything. Classroom airline.

Compre 08 tickets MOscu / Surgut / MOscu salen el20 set y hace dos semanas, el Operador me dicen que no tienen contacto con Uds es para un cambio de Primer Nombre de un pasajero, espero me puedan responder les dejo el código de BOleto oa que correo deben de escribir: ETKT NBR: 2987854730834 / BOOKING REFERENCE: BYHUHG cambio de Garry a Jorge .... espero respuesta

Call impossible. In the emails do not answer. Problems are not solved. How do you assess their work?

Thank you, that left two people with child in Thessaloniki without the possibility of relegation! Simply flight was canceled! They are out there and how to fly, if you have tickets and flight no! I bow to you for this job!

When buying a ticket from Surgut to Ufa route flight 02.06.2016 not properly introduced e-mail address. How do I get a receipt route?

03.07.2016. He flew to Khanty-Mansiysk to pay extra for luggage 2000 rubles. My luggage has not been sent. He returned to Novosibirsk 04.07.2016. where he received bagazh.Kak refund money for baggage?

Good afternoon, 28.04.16 ordered tickets from Vladikavkaz to Moscow on 16.05.16 and Moscow to Vladikavkaz on 19.05.16. but apparently the date with some sort of glitch messed up it was that 16.05.16 I arrive to Moscow. In this regard, I want to return the money for the tickets. 2986148359186 ticket number.

Good afternoon! From all shift workers Strezhevogo. Consider the option of day transfer flight for the evening. People would be very convenient, arrive in the evening, without wasting the whole day and night to fly, rather than wait until the next day because of the delay on the flight day!

Ladies and gentlemen!
Please explain the reason for these discrepancies boarding pass and e-ticket.
31.03.16 has been bought a ticket for the flight company UTair Moakva -Rising-on-Don №298 1652611008.
04.04.16 years by number of tickets was conducted online registration of passengers on the flight.
How boarding pass registers on the document number (foreign passport) does not match the number of the documents mentioned in the ticket (the Russian passport)
What if registration is requested precise information (ticket number? Order?)

In late January, 2016 years, accompanied his parents from mineral water to the capital and was amazed arrogance representatives Airlines Yuteeyr at the front in the first place: rude talking when depositing luggage after my mother asked for a place near the pass (because often uses toilet) s has been answered: where to plant, there will sit, come not disabled !!! I ask you to pay attention on how to communicate with your representatives mineralnye- water airport and take action !!! Thank you !!!

spoiled vacation today detained flight to Sochi UT267 as always rates one and painted it the best airline never fly

Quite often I fly with UTair, but such that the flight even when, or whether, detained at 9 hours, I still was not. Feet to the top of the landing just fall off, even wanted to go to exchange tickets, but there I was too taken aback, almost one-third of the ticket price to be paid for the return. In general, I had namuchalas so that the fly does not want more.

I was surprised that they made me and my wife, she's pregnant, write a receipt that we ourselves are responsible for their lives during the flight - it's like? If the aircraft razobёtsya guilty or we will all passengers will help, but we do not have it, because we are self-explanatory? Well at least it flew normally and nothing happened.

And I fly with my son very much. In addition, the company has made on his ticket at a discount ROSNO 50% and we have great pleasure lowered the money on vacation! Wonderful flight, be sure to try one more time!

Barely got permission to transport my Central Asian Shepherd, so besides more and had to go all the way with it. No one just did not want to understand that this educated and intelligent dog that will not throw passengers. The attitude was such as translating a dangerous criminal. At least one flight attendant took pity and brought him water, for that huge thank you to her! The rest did not even asked if I wanted to have me, not what to think about the poor animals!

First confused appearance of the aircraft, which from the outside looks disgusting, but I can not say that everything inside just as, conversely repairs on the highest level, with a view to ever, said that in this wretched body can be a salon! Friendly stewards and stewardesses, all young, helpful. The rating is excellent and can fully characterize the company and the flight!

Very afraid to fly on an airplane, but it was for nothing! Take-off and landing, in my opinion, just perfect! Once the plane in the air began to slightly potrushivat pilot immediately gained height, or down, in general, it remains a feeling as though going at full speed in the car. Very satisfied and definitely going to fly again!

Reis, in front of my detained immediately on 6 hours, with my thought the same thing would be, but took off normally. Plane, of course, shocked, extremely ancient structure, which is not clear how even kept in the air. The seats are also old and shabby. I wonder - is it just me, or are lucky they have all these planes? But not like the most is that late at night, when all peacefully asleep, the flight attendants began to declare that it is not permitted drinking alcohol in the cabin, and then have to repeat it in English. I think that if someone may be, wanted to drink, it is not stopped, but people sleep spoiled.

I would like to inform the management of A / R of the poor performance of transportation services a / p Vnukovo: 15.02.15. YUT454 flew flight Tyumen-Moscow and Moscow-forth YUT595 Usinsk, after landing turned out that my luggage was not reached, made a statement and sent to rozysk.16.02. I was informed that my luggage flies flight to Usinsk, during the inspection it turned out that this is not my luggage; 17.02 I for landing aircraft the trip to Usinsk called the office A / K and asked to I was told if you still my luggage arrive -zvonka not followed, and only in the morning 18.02. I was told that, it turns out bag, after all, arrived at yesterday's flight !!! As a result, I had scourged (otherwise you will not tell) almost 4 days !!! without washrooms and changeable things!

Thanks to the crew of Flight 5091 Moscow Sharm El Sheikh 15.11.2014g. for sensitivity and care !!! After landing in Sharm felt bad, but through the crowd of passengers Stewart brought a glass of water so I could wash down medicine. At the time of the release of the aircraft due to the damaged luggage zippers fell way for our family camera with pictures of our travels. The loss was discovered only on arrival. All holidays we regret the lost moments that could shoot. And lo and behold, I found a jewel in the Domodedovo our store lost things! We express our deep appreciation for the support of the health and safety of passengers' luggage! Please guide if possible mention the entire crew service! THANK YOU!

The airline "UTair", very pleased. The pilot, while we were loaded on the plane, told some information (at what height will be flying, where we will go down, estimated time of arrival, etc.). The flight went well. On board were distributed ryznuyu delicious food and drinks. Also on the need to give out blankets and press. It is like the flight. Many thanks to the airline "UTair".

We flew the airline "UTair", flight from Moscow to Hurghada. The flight was on time. Flight attendants were attentive and responsive. The plane was clean, nice, no bad smells. The food was good, we were given a blanket although many have written that plaid is given only to children. Takeoff and landing were good and soft. Flew we quickly and on time. Thanks to a good airline.