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Airline Alrosa
Airline Alrosa

Airline Alrosa (Alrosa Airlines). Official site.



Russian airline "Alrosa" carries out air since 1995 years and has a very extensive fleet of machines. In particular, the regional air flights airline engaged in Yakutia, direct flights between regional centers of Russia, makes flights to the CIS countries, Europe and Southeast Asia.


The company carries out freight transportation and aerial work.


Russia: Moscow, Anapa, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk, Yekaterinburg.
Yakutia Yakutsk, Olenek, peace, Vitim, Lensk, Peleduy, Lucky, Zhigansk Ayhan, Saskylakh.


In 2010 year in early September, the aircraft company "Alrosa" brand Tu-154 during a flight from Yakutia to Moscow made an unplanned landing because of a problem with the electrical equipment. Izhma Airport, take the plane, was not intended for such aircraft boards. As a result, during the emergency landing the plane was able to stay outside the runway. No one of the passengers and crew was injured.

In March 2015 years 38 with An Nakyn occurred in a situation similar to that described above. The aircraft crossed the lateral limit of the runway. There were no casualties.

Despite the very impressive size of the fleet - as of mid-year 2014, it includes 53 air machines, the whole machinery airlines have age over 30 years, and it is no longer fully provides comfortable air travel for passengers. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the company "Alrosa" has already begun to update their aircraft purchasing aircraft type Boeing 737.



Since 2013 years, the airline "Alrosa" started its operations as an independent entity.


Basic data:

  • Country Airlines - Russia;

  • By regional flights from the Peace and Polar.

  • IATA airline code: 6R;

  • ICAO airline code: DRU;

  • Domestic airline code: NM;


Airline Alrosa Official site :

Airline Alrosa. Official site


Contact details:


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It is necessary to inform about the animals are transported, the company's staff, how to contact you, where you, ay !!!

Why can no one to call! Flight canceled, and money do not return! 16.04.2017 flight Moscow-Sochi! I call on the abolition of 6 in the morning, walk thought at first that people not only to live the time of Yakutia, especially if flying Sochi-Moscow

Good afternoon! Recently, for the first time flying with your company Alrosa from Novosibirsk to Moscow and back. I want to express huge gratitude to the leadership of an excellent team and the Organization for passenger service during the flight! All liked: Affordable price, very tasty, hearty meal, friendly flight attendants. Thank you very much! Good luck to you and all the best !!! With respect!

Good afternoon! I use the services of Alrosa from childhood because Peace comes from. no complaints were not there before. But what happened the following, completely changed the opinion of AK.
June 16 send his son on vacation to visit his grandfather, flight 525 Novosibirsk Krasnodar, if not accompanied by a child. At the departure airport after registration inspection was representative of AK Borisov Andrey Yuryevich hold my son, until boarding the aircraft, under the signatures on the application of the transfer. On this day, I am the first and last time accidentally caught Borisov in the workplace. He denied me in the company of my son, recalling that I myself see off the child through the inspection, it is not clear to whom to transfer and back. To me, this situation was not clear, since when buying a ticket in Aerotrans son told me that because the child is not accompanied by his personal representative shall carry out the inspection, according to the conductor by hand and brings me a copy of the statement. On registration passed 2 bags in the luggage, and then I had to do the job itself Borisov, after the inspection referred son passenger agent, he further flight attendant. On examination I asked a bunch of questions that I could not explain anything, because Borisov told to do so! Borisov A.Yu. moreover, that does not fulfill their direct duties, capable of dealing with rude, nothing really can not explain, and reduces the minimum seconds to explain! In consequence of this, it remains in full delusion of thinking.
Later, on arrival in Krasnodar representative AK Podoprigora Vladimir Anatolievich himself from the board by hand accompanied the host of the side of my son. CallBack me after child transmission. For that he thanks a lot! At least someone is doing its job.
And it turns out that when receiving one luggage bag baggage son is not on the tape. And, accordingly, it has not been obtained by us. On the site it was to make a statement about the loss of the department of baggage tracing. Then everything was covered to this day!
To get any information requests made repeatedly to representatives of AK in Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. Any information has to pull out with forceps. The representative of the Novosibirsk did not want to work. In the workplace, it is never found, even during working hours. It appears on the site at its sole discretion to flights. In tel-e does not answer calls. The representative of Krasnodar is trying to help, but it is slow and long.
We own in the transport police, the Novosibirsk with staff watched video camera, since the passage of registration, in order to track our luggage on the tapes until the loading bags on the truck loaders. It turned out that our bag still flew. Baggage Tracing Service in Tolmachevo on 22 day loss of luggage gave us printouts radiograms, requests, etc. to find our luggage, a copy of the paintings the number of loaded porters, and the number of accepted Luggage flight attendant on the plane. baggage tracing service in Krasnodar something that does not know it looking for general information, no!
Only 27 day since the loss of baggage, we are told that you need at the airport of arrival of the child at the request of a representative of the view recording video cameras, to detect our bags and confirm its possible theft.
It is strange that at the airport of Krasnodar at the baggage claim, no one checks baggage tags !!!!!
And as a result, to this day full of suspense !!! Luggage is not! Compensation is not !!!!
According to VC RF FAP if the luggage is not found within 21 days, we are entitled to make a claim to the AK, AK but recalls that it is possible luggage stolen. And for us there is no difference. Let them understand the police. AK was obyazyana us within the period prescribed by law, to organize the delivery of luggage. Breaking all the search terms baggage.
To be honest, I do disgusting impression of the company. Very spoiled service. I understand that we are not alone with Poteryashka, but if all senior officials to fulfill their obligations on time, unhappy customers, passengers would be less. Accordingly, and would have returned its former prestige of the company.
Please understand the situation and give the correct answers.
Anna s.t.89137004419

Dear representatives of air companies are very interested to know your flight schedule kompanii6 Rostov-on-Don - Novosibirsk. Me, personally, are very attracted to this flight t. To. He is a straight line!

Dear representatives of Alrosa!

Please help in establishing the truth.

The point is this.

In late July 2015, I got a ticket

67A6126870812 aviakassa on site. Booking number

RZ79RL on the ticket clearly written baggage 25

kg (20 basic, as I understand it and 5 manual


However, since recently

Some airline frequent

"Surprises" with the luggage weight, I

specifically called on the phone,

listed on your site, and clarified

true if the data received


10 August, I flew safely flight

Tomsk to Moscow with such weight


However, way back in September 25

Moscow-Domodedovo from Tomsk remembered me

a long time! At the reception I

said that the weight of baggage only 15 kg! 10

-The main and 5 hand luggage! The rest - for

extra charge! By this turn of

events I was not ready financially because

It has long been abroad! To me

I had publicly open his suitcase

and, despite the fact that my personal belongings

beheld strangers, jibe

them in the package, sweat and humiliation

stress. When crawling on the floor at the airport

I fell out of his pocket a mobile phone,

I found already, on an airplane.

Once on board, I invited

senior flight attendant to clarify

baggage, and she told me confirmed that

always weighs 20 + 5 and took my

boarding pass, promised to contact

representative of the company.

Imagine my surprise and more

greater shock when a few minutes later

then literally burst into the salon

angry, "a company spokesman

ALROSA "by name, as I found out later,

Julia (namely with her I have dealt

reception at the airport !!!) and started

literally foaming at the mouth to yell at me,

that it is in the computer and point 15 kg, and

if I buy tickets for doubtful

sites, it is not to blame !!! This is the

courteous of those words that she at me

brought down, and the rest I do not cite here,

as it is beyond the elementary



the company, "it is a shame!

It's been a few days, when I

specifically gave yourself installation

calm down and erase this episode from

memory, but it is impossible. Julia dishonors

company to the low level of culture,

inability to communicate, primitive

undeveloped speech, vulgar external


When she finally retired all

the passengers on the plane were discussing this topic and

They said that ever struck off ALROSA

of its partners. It turns out that all

I was overweight and overpaid.

As a result, I received a great stress,

the consequence of which was the loss

phone (as it is also material losses).

Please give a comment in this case. I

also drawn in to clarify AVIAKASSY

malfunctioning baggage on the ticket,

as Julia called this site


In the case of non-receipt of a formal response

from your company reserve the right to

contact the appropriate authorities.

Regards, Tatiana

All food is paid for separately, and this despite the fact that the tickets cost a lot. No one explains how over the city, and we're going to expect when landing. Flight delays while for them have long been commonplace.

I noticed the deliberate creation of jostling when buying tickets. The staff though assure that enough tickets, however, the crowd now and then is heard that there are only a few tickets because of what everyone wants to break out of the queue to the cashier.

Ticket price is obviously overestimated. I do not know what is the reason, but I'm sure that for the money the flight attendants must fulfill literally every reasonable request, however, this is not even close there.

The atmosphere was cozy enough, if not disgusting smell, which spread from the toilet across the rear of the cabin. Disgusting.

Airline Alrosa I was very upset. Why is it starts flying, involves the sale of tickets, and in some two things change / cancel. Can not we all adjust initially. I wonder who they planned schedule? Matured combination of flights, such as the 598 and 506. Unless someone wants to fly from St. Petersburg in peace with 2-mja transfers. I am constantly confronted with the transfer time of departure. It is impossible in advance to buy a transit ticket to another company, so how exactly do not know whether the plane will fly Alrosa or not. The request to the company to adjust the schedule in order to avoid on your flights to reduce traffic flow. Otherwise, you will soon simply go bankrupt.

16 October Moscow - Polar (Domodedovo), accompanied his son 12 years alone. After registration, I asked if I could see him off in the sector to the desired stand. It is possible, but I have the right of companies to bring "a piece of paper." I found an office at the Alrosa 3 floor, but there was no one bylo.Zhdala about an hour, but no one else. Later registration. But there was no representative of the company. I asked the airport staff, where can I find them and whether they were on the register? They replied that no one came. I went back to 3 floor, waiting, but to no avail. Again he went to the reception desk. There's one woman still decided to help me. Long rang somewhere. Then he said that the airline Alrosa accompanying children are not involved, even attaches to someone. And the answer is that it is the only company that does not provide that service. Thank God I was able to find a woman, and agree that it held my son. A representative of the company I have not seen! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

before sending a son, you need to read the rules aviakompvnii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Airlines flying "Alrosa" in Anapa, on the plane was clean. Convenient, comfortable chairs. Kind and smiling flight attendant, asking passengers about their health, offers a variety of magazines, beverages, blankets, and food. The pilot held a small tour so to speak, telling about the places over which we fly, we told in two languages. The flight was quiet and calm. Takeoff and landing were also soft. Really like this airline will be glad to something more to fly. Thank you very much airlines "ALROSA"!

Recently, the airline flew "ALROSA". He was flying in the direction of Anapa to Moscow. All liked it. I flew a Boeing 747-700, the plane is large and spacious. During the flight, the pilot of the plane told us about the city over which we flew that instilled hope and confidence. Stewardesses, wonderful, smiling and kind. Only the good impression.

Alrosa Airlines plane flying from St. Petersburg to Anapa. It was my first flight in my life, so it was very exciting. Departure delayed at 22 minutes, as explained by the pilot did not have time to unload luggage from the previous flight. Takeoff and landing were very soft, and all 3 hours of flight were quite comfortable. The friendly, smiling flight attendants offered drinks and dinner. The airplane was very clean (flying Boeing 737). The commander of the aircraft told of what cities we were passing, warned that over the Black Sea, we will unfold, when we start to reduce the height. We were pleased with the price of the ticket - you can fly to Anapa for 5-6 thousand. rub., which is almost the same as the price of a train compartment, and the savings in time incommensurable. I am pleased to once again fly the aircraft of the airline.