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Rating Russian airlines
Rating Russian airlines

Rating Russian airlines


Now very few people can say that never used the services of airlines. Every year we go to other countries on vacation, on business trips to work or just fly to the relatives and friends to visit them. It is so convenient to hop on a plane and after a few hours of being in the right place.

Therefore it is very important to choose the airline and the flight option. The main criteria when choosing a carrier is the quality of service, reliability and comfort. First, better define the goals and objectives of your trip. What is paramount for you? Airspeed? Maximum comfort? flight safety? Or is important to you, several factors? Above that is a good think.

The biggest airlines Russian passenger turnover at the end of the year 2014

number Airline Pass / turnover, thous. Passengers / km
Growth in 2013, at%
1. Aeroflot
0894 675 685
2. Transaero
0894 675 685
3. UTair
0894 675 685
4. Siberia (S7 Airlines)
0894 675 685
5. North wind
0894 675 685
6. Ural airlines
0894 675 685
7. Russia
0894 675 685
8. Orenburg airlines
0894 675 685
9. Icarus
0894 675 685
10. globe
0894 675 685
11. Kogalymavia
0894 675 685
12. VIM avia
0894 675 685
13. Eye Fly (I fly)
0894 675 685
14. Yamal
0894 675 685
15. Nord Star (Taimyr)
0894 675 685
16. Yakutia
0894 675 685
17. Donavia
0894 675 685
18. Royal Flight (Royal Flight)
0894 675 685
19. Aurora
0894 675 685
20. Red Wings
0894 675 685
21. Nordavia
971 092,90
22. Alrosa
655 043,30
23. Gazpromavia
619 359,40
24. RusLine 599 242,80 -14
25. UTair Express
568 016,50
26. Saratov airlines
567 237,00
27. Ak Bars Aero
439 525,30
28. Izhavia
426 953,40
29. IrAero
331 179,10
30 Angara
292 912,40


Rating ----- ----- World airlines


When you have decided on the important factors that begin to find a suitable carrier. There are a number of air carriers, whose names are on everyone's lips, and that is not the first dozen years proved its quality. From there a single mention of their confidence that the flight will take place in the best possible way, without linings and all sorts of problems. Typically, large companies have the ability to fly all over the world, have a comfortable liners and expensive tickets. But these companies have some permanent contingent who occasionally reward discounts, bonuses and promotions.

If you are most concerned about the safety of the flight, you can see what kind of plane makes you interested in flight, and then search for information about him on the Internet, statistics on malfunctions and accidents that have occurred with the models of the selected aircraft, and whether there were ever are any any issues that may affect the quality of the trip.

For the majority of the most important factor when choosing a ticket price. If you have a priority cheap tickets, you should pay attention to the airlines, which are also called low-cost airlines. They greatly reduce the price of their tickets due to the fact that the cabin put seats more than the usual standard saloons, do not make departures from the most famous airports, not to feed the passengers during the flight, but offer paid services (seat selection, baggage luggage). You can also search for charter flights, but it should prepare for the fact that they can postpone or cancel.


There is another option of cheap tickets - connecting flights when you are traveling on the same ship, and then change to the other. Strange as it may sound, but this dual flight costs less, though, and have to buy two tickets and fly longer. Usually the interval between such flights takes about an hour to 24 hours. Most advantageous to fly two aircraft of one airline. For example, if your plane is delayed, then the second can you wait or you will be offered to fly the next flight.


Every person who is going to fly for the first time or frequently depart, will be interesting ranking Russian airlines. From it you can find out whether there is in the top of the company, the plane that you are going to fly, and how better to give preference to companies when choosing tickets.


The most important criterion for assessing the airline is not only a flight comfort and even the level of service and reputation in terms of security. That is what we must first of all pay attention to. Many believe that the only long-running airline can provide complete security, but the most important aspect - the plane itself, on which you fly. If you have a choice between the new liner and battered plane, give preference to new. Take the time to carefully study the statistics flights, ranking Russian airlines and visit the fleet (if possible).


Broadly, airlines can be divided into two types: the budgetary and private. In the first case, the aircraft obsolete models are most often used, but will have to pay separately for additional services. Private companies can also afford to purchase a new aircraft models and provide excellent service, all the extras are already included in the ticket price. All news about aviation can learn from us, on


Some time ago, the German Research Center conducted a thorough investigation of this matter and has made its own rating of the safest airlines.


The main principle in the preparation of this ranking is the time without catastrophes and accidents, which have been injured or killed passengers. The first seven positions occupied by the company stamp with the experience, which for thirty years or more made air travel without all force majeure.


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