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News of the Russian aviation
News of the Russian aviation

News of the Russian aviation


News of Russian aviation on our portal


Every year, the role of air transport in the organization of long-distance passenger traffic only increases. Moreover, passenger air transport is far ahead of the train, especially in recent times. Most actively develop international air transport. That is why you need to know the news of the Russian aircraft, which first of all appear on our website.

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Air transport of the Russian Federation retains the air volumes that are ahead of economic growth and traffic volumes of Civil Aviation. According to experts, in the coming years 20 volumes of air to 7% increase compared to the average annual rate. This is the case if the air transport infrastructure will be developed for a given strategy. As is known, now the country is taking steps to increase the aircraft in the parks. But as the Russian aviation market in recent years 10 was one of the fastest growing in the world, and in the next term, he will not find competitors. Always read the news of the Russian aviation, and the picture in this segment will become clearer to you.


Also, the emphasis is on a more rigorous training of qualified personnel, who are interested in not only the state, but also private entrepreneurs. Each year, the Russian industry needs about 20 000 young engineers.


Russia now faced with a complex political situation, which has made a challenge to the industry, the economy and education. Requirements for new experts nominated elevated, since the quality of the product for a long time to respond to European counterparts and even ahead of them.


Today Aviation Corporation executives turned their energies to the development and creation of new, more advanced aircraft that must meet all international requirements. Gradually will be introduced modern methods of design and production of aircraft technology and equipment, as well as begin to develop a modern look military transport, tactical, strategic and special aviation.


Read the news of the Russian aviation on our website, and stay abreast of the latest developments. We publish only the true and undistorted news, what you yourself can make. Our journalists will do their best to make you have interesting. With us you will be more understanding of the art!

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