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Freewing SCORPION 60-25
Freewing SCORPION 60-25

Freewing SCORPION 60-25

Scorpion - multipurpose drone, the creator of which is an American company Freewing Aerial Robotics. It is a UAV close-range in which the manufacturer has used the principle to maintain a constant angle of attack of the wing during the flight. The main benefits are achieved design drone - an improved longitudinal stability in the wind, and improved stability at slower speed. The use of various sensors allows the unit to successfully carry out tasks assigned to it in those circumstances where other UAV configuration useless.

Through the use of sloping body design "Scorpion" can land and take off at too steep trajectory, using the slope of the thrust vector. This especially helps when taking off from unprepared UAV platform and the landing on board naval ship in heavy seas. Insensitive to wind gusts and turbulence allows Scorpion drone working in extreme conditions, which are not able to withstand other existing drones.

Together with Freewing Aerial Robotics development of this unit was engaged in company Scaled Composites. In a joint project, they designed a configuration inclined body, chassis design and a tail part, have developed a new wing profile optimized for maximum lift with minimum losses. Office of pitch and roll is provided by the outer elevons. Scaled Composites company belongs to manufacture all the composite frame, the installation of Rotax engine and flight control systems. Who runs unmanned flight test program. Released two versions of the UAV Scorpion - Scorpion 60-25 and Scorpion 100-60. Between themselves, they differ only in dimensions (Scorpion 60-25 - smaller).

Freewing SCORPION 60-25. Characteristics:

Modification Scorpion 100-60 Scorpion 60-25
Wingspan, m 4.90 3.70
Length m 3.60 2.00
Height, m 1.10 0.84
Wing area, m2    
Weight, kg    
null 145 34
takeoff 215 65
Fuel l 62.5 22.7
engine's type 1 PD Rotax Hirth AP Quadra 1 200
Power, hp X 1 65 X 1 22
Maximum speed km / h 222 185
Cruising speed, km / h 121 118
Range, km 50  
Flight duration, h 6.5 4.3
Rate of climb, m / min 732  
Practical ceiling, m 4572 1524
Payload, kg 27 11


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