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Why pay passengers? Current airfare.
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Why pay passengers? Current airfare.

Why pay passengers? Current airfare.


The current economic situation in Russia is very painful strikes on transportation of passengers in civil aviation, and occasionally come to the most negative news that passenger traffic on airlines (domestic and international) is reduced, and the cost of tickets is increasing.



Editorial Portal, with the assistance of experts tried to figure out how much is really worth passenger traffic on domestic routes and outside the country, and whether the deplorable situation resolved when the correct approach to the organization of civil passenger transportation.



What is included in the cost to the airline tickets? It is not necessary to have a mathematical turn of mind to realize that in fact, the price of the ticket is set based on the number of aircraft overcome kilometers, fuel consumption and average load flight. For example, you can take a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800Sufficiently widespread among domestic carriers to overcome the distance to the 5765 kilometers (flight performance Boeing 737-800 - approx. Ed.). Maximum passenger capacity of these aircraft is 189 people, however, assuming an average load of aircraft in 80%, you can simplify the problem by assuming that on board the aircraft will be located 150 passengers. Taking into account such flight performance Boeing 737-800, the maximum flight range, maximum fuel capacity (20894 kg - approx. ed), as well as the average cost of fuel (according to 28.08.2015 cost of one ton of aviation fuel to the airport "Domodedovo" including VAT and charging of 47776 rubles -. approx. Ed.), it is necessary to assume that in order to overcome the distance in kilometers 5765, aircraft refueling will cost airlines in 998 232 thousand rubles.



In fact, it may seem that the amount of carrier is large enough, however, producing a further calculation, and dividing the total amount of fuel costs on average aircraft load (150 passengers), it appears that the actual cost of the ticket for one person costs about 6655 rubles. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account also the fact that the airline should not only make a profit, but also to spend additional funds for maintenance of aircraft, airline employees salaries, airport services, etc., it can be assumed that the sum of the allowance for air tickets It is 150%, which ultimately corresponds to the price in rubles 16637 5765 kilometers.



Manufactured calculation can easily be compared with the current prices at approximate route (within the difference in 50 kilometers):

  • Moscow - Beijing (5800 km.) - The average price of the ticket in August - 32300 rubles.

Similarly, air carriers intend to make a profit from each committed flight in almost five times the volume, which, of course, because of the high prices reduces the interest of passengers, resulting in a decrease in passenger traffic and the actual cessation of flights in areas in case of insufficient demand.

According to experts, if you reduce the currently existing prices 30-50%, passenger traffic will increase, at the same time, it will be possible to say with great certainty that the flights will be loaded on 95-97%, and fully able to pay off, bringing the carriers profit, without any additional costs associated with the lack of flow.


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