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Heaven. Aircraft. The girl. (2002)
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Heaven. Aircraft. The girl. (2002)

Heaven. Aircraft. The girl. (2002)


Very touching and quiet movie. One of the main roles played by Renata Litvinova, hitting the audience with his unusual voice, intonations and the very formulation. The image of the main character is very light, it can be said the air.

The film is about love. The man who fell in love with Lara, the easiest, the man of his own affairs. Sometimes, it seems that George lives in a tiny world in its reality. He has his own views on life, their laws, their own ideas about what is happening.

Heaven. Aircraft. The girl. (2002)

What happened? As these very different people continue to love? Two very different people, but they need so little to be happy just to see each other.

Heaven. Aircraft. The girl. (2002)

So in the end. She flies away, and he is left alone, all alone.

Emotional film, without any frills that touches all who examined.



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