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Airline Aer Lingus
Airline Aer Lingus

Airline Aer Lingus (Aer Lingus). Official site.

Aer Lingus - Irish airline company, the largest air carrier of Ireland. In 29,4% owned by Ryanair and 25,4% - the Irish government. Exploits 41 Airbus, which serves North America, Europe, and Africa. Released March 31 2007 years of the Oneworld airline alliance.



The company was founded in April 1936 years with an initial capital of £ 100 000.

Basic information Airlines Aer Lingus:

  • Country Airlines: Ireland.
  • National Aviation Irish company, regular flights to the north-west Europe.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1936.
  • IATA airline code: EI.
  • ICAO airline code: EIN.


Aer Lingus (Aer Lingus). Official

Aer Lingus (Aer Lingus). Official site.

Airline Aer Lingus (Aer Lingus). Official sayt.2



Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Dublin, BelfastSiti DzhordzhBest, London Gatwick, Cork, SHANNON.
  • Mailing Address airlines: HeadOfficeBlock, DublinAirport, Dublin, Ireland.
  • City Airline Phone: + 35318868202.
  • Airlines Fax: + 35318863832.
  • E-mail Airlines:
  • Domestic airline flights: Cork, Dublin, Shannon.
  • International flights airlines: Almeria, Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Birmingham, Berlin, Boston, Bordeaux, Brussels, Bristol, Warsaw, Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Glasgow, Hamburg, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Krakow, Salzburg, Lisbon, Las Palmas, Lyon, Liverpool, Los Angeles, London, Malaga, Madrid, Milan, Manchester, Nice, Munich, Paris, New York, Riga, Prague, Tenerife, Rome, FrankfurtnaMayne, Faro, Zurich, Fuerteventura, Edinburgh, Chicago.
  • The airline has the following types of aircraft:AirbusA320, AirbusA321, AirbusA330-200, AirbusA330-300.



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I make flights from Moscow to Dubai. We can say that of the negative factors were only that I did not even have time to blink an eye, as we have already arrived. The plane made so comfortable that you can relax and not worry about how the flight will take place.

Excellent airline. We were able to book seats directly in front of the departure and, accordingly, did not wait a minute. Such speed of inspection procedures I do, no one saw. Needless to say - well done. I think many would be worth to take their example!

In the first place like the airport, where I recorded for the flight. Around grow ornamental palms leaving the feeling that the holiday has not yet ended, even on the plane did not have time to regroup. Of the minuses just something that we have more than 20 minutes is not allowed to leave the cabin after landing, although I did not know what it was connected.

A terrible airline. Once we were flying for Christmas in Dublin, via Amsterdam. Flight from Amsterdam to Dublin transplants performed Aer Lingus. Its just canceled and was told that the next flight to wait 2-th day. We and his wife had Schengen visas, single from 20ti. Rooms at the hotel no one has given, you see, was not free in the airport hotel. In the end, people 2 night sleeping on the chairs, and the payment do not even have to pay. While on the stand was delivered to each address where you want to apply for this compensation and the company's promise to reimburse costs of passengers. Upon arrival, we immediately sent an application for payment, but still did not get anything. The fault of Aer Lingus to have calculated the cost of the hotel is not cheap for 2e days in Dublin.