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Antonov An-148
Antonov An-148. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-148. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


Antonov An-148 is a twin-engine, single-aisle jet aircraft serving for use on regional and local routes. Antonov An-148 designed aircraft manufacturing concern Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau in cooperation with Russian enterprises.


An-148- Narrow-body short-haul passenger aircraft. As experts expect, the market there is a need of air transportation in An-148, 158-An in the amount of up to 500 2026 units of


History of creation


Start development of a new passenger aircraft, which would be replaced An-72 и An-74And fell at the beginning of 90-ies of XX century. Commissioned the development of the design of the new liner Peter Balabaeva of OKB. Antonova. In the initial stages of designing AN-74 was not adapted for the carriage of passengers, and was conceived as a whole as a transport. Even after moving the engines under the wing pylon on the liner could not compete with the modern regional aircraft of similar passenger capacity.

Antonov An-148 2

It was therefore decided to create a new passenger aircraft An-74-68 with lengthened fuselage, a new wing and new engines replaced with the reverse design. Start of the project, known as AN-148, 2001 falls on the year. It is based on the concept of the AN-74TK-300. It should be noted that the An-148 - this is not a modification of the An-74, and a completely new passenger aircraft. The new creation of the design bureau to them. Antonov received, unlike the AN-74, longer length and diameter of the fuselage, engines with digital electronic control system (A-436). During the development of the ship were ordered components and parts made in the 214 15 firms in the world: Russia, the US, Ukraine, France and others.

The first test flights of An-148 17.12.2004 year started


Features airliner An-148


In our time, we performed the development of twin-engine passenger jet aircraft An-148 in the joint enterprises of Ukraine and Russia, with a seating capacity 80 people.

The basic model for its production has become a regional passenger aircraft An-148-100 70 from a capacity of up to 80 people and step seats 864 - 762 mm. For the sake of increasing the profitability of passenger traffic, as well as to reduce operating costs by the airlines used the An-distance 148 2200-5100 km. It can develop a speed of up to 800-870 kilometers per hour. According to marketers, these indicators now very much in demand among airlines.

Antonov An-148 3434

Liner An-148 is equipped with two engines that are placed under the wing on pylons and are labeled A-436-148. With this placement reduces the probability of penetration of external objects and enhanced stability of the wing. Even on poorly equipped airfields navigation it is possible to comfortably land the plane, due to the fact that the composition of the An-148 has a modern on-board system of registration of the aircraft status.

Radar and flight-navigation equipment, the use-by-wire control system, multi-function display of aircraft flight parameters allow the AN-148 operation even in low visibility conditions, while maintaining all the confidence and comfort for the crew.

For passenger comfort provide a rational layout and structure of the service premises, deep ergonomic optimization of individual and total interior space, the presence of a modern chairs, pleasant trifles in interior details, as well as optimal system obesshumlivaniya passenger compartment.

Antonov An-148 4545

Rational arrangement of passenger seats under the scheme 2 3 + cabin length and allow you to vary the seating capacity of up to 55 80 people, without prejudice to passengers of personal space. Inside the aircraft used components in the style of Hi-Tech equipment, not only domestic but also foreign production, thus ensuring a high economic efficiency, technical and operational excellence.

Modification An-148-100 maintenance fully meets international standards (MSG-3, ICAO). According to statistics, this aircraft has availability factor of over 99,4% in a raid 300 hours per month with a minimum of MOT.

The requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization regarding noise on the ground and aircraft engine emissions is fully implemented in the new An-148-100.

In developing a new aircraft were used 3D-modeling techniques using CALS-technology and quality control system ISO 9000 / 9001-2000. All this has improved the quality of the aircraft documentation, design solutions, reduce costs and time in the production process, improve the maintenance of the aircraft during its operation.

Antonov An-148 4545


Aircraft Modifications An-148


  • Passenger jet with a range of up to 7 thousand. Km of passenger capacity 40-55 people

  • Administrative liner with a range of up to 8,7 thousand. Km and a capacity of 10-30 people.

  • Cargo version with a side compartment for luggage in containers and pallets

  • Load-passenger plane, designed for joint transportation of passengers and cargo

  • Spetsmodifikatsii (sanitary, monitoring, etc.)


When creating the design of the new AN-148 applied maximum unification and continuity of components and aggregates the underlying aircraft: wing number, fuselage, empennage, aircraft and passenger equipment, power plant.

Antonov An-148 2323

The possibility of installing some modification AN-148 foreign engines with thrust 6-8 thousand. Kg.


Future prospects


For the introduction into serial production of the An-148 Kharkov, Voronezh aircraft factories and ASTC. Antonov decided to cooperate closely. The partners believe that the short-haul airliner in the future will be able to compete with eminent Western aircraft manufacturers, and in the domestic airline market received a large number of orders. Promises of triumph from the very leaders of the project is that there is no, but the aviation industry experts prophesy him success.

Based on the words of the General Director of the company "Ilyushin Finance" Alexander Rubtsov, 19.09. 2004 between the three factories had signed an agreement to establish a joint venture (JV), which will be commercially produced AN-148. On the shoulders of the joint venture will also be responsibilities after-sales service, production and delivery to the location of the aircraft components and spare parts. Market promotion will be engaged in the leasing company "Ilyushin Finance". The duties of the latter will include the sale and transfer of aircraft on lease to airlines-customers. Lord Rubtsov investment has not been named, required to launch serial production of the An-148, but what is known: capital divided into shares of the joint venture three mills founding. We already know how to call a new project - MAP-148 (International aviaproekt - 148).

Antonov An-148 2323

According to Mr. Rubtsov, the first three test-148 An instance will be collected at the beginning of next year. In May, the 2004 First off was made. It ASTC. Antonov produces first samples. Their responsibilities will also include the first certification test aircraft. Gradually plan to launch the serial An assembly-148 in Kharkov and Voronezh. According to the general director, Vyacheslav VASO Salikova in the cost of the new AN-148 - 95% of Russian production cost, and sold the new liner will be mainly on the Russian market. For 2007-2008 years. it realized about 30 liners. Representatives of the Kharkov and Antonovskoe factories refrained to comment on such ambiguous statements.

According Salikova, the new AN-148 accurately find the consumer. "Aeroflot" has already pre-agreed technical specifications and signed the necessary documents. One only "Aeroflot" interested in acquiring 25 units, so the joint venture is working closely with leading Russian air travel market. Comments on this occasion from the "Aeroflot" was not followed, but the representatives of the "Krasnoyarsk airlines" have stated that until the certification of the aircraft orders, we can not go.

Antonov An-148 panel

Preliminary cost of one copy of the An-148 in serial production is estimated at US $ 14 million.. Financial support for the production provides the National Reserve Bank (NRB). Its president, Alexander Lebedev said the success of the project from a financial point of view of the assembly 10-20 aircraft per year at a cost of less than 15 million. Dollars per unit.

Potential customers of An-148 considered Russian airline "Krasnoyarsk airlines", "Volga-Dnepr", the Ukrainian company "Aerosvit".

In the future, An-148 plan to use the distance of up to 1500 5000 km with transportation from the 45 75 to people.

Antonov An-148 4545

aircraft development began in 2001 to replace the now uneconomical machines Tupolev Tu-134 and Yak-42. The basis was taken the utility transport aircraft An-74 TC-300. The new plane has been completely redesigned wing and fuselage. The plane has a shape vysokoplana with motors placed on the pylons under the wings bearing medium sweep. Despite the fact that the concept of the An-148 and was taken An LC-74-300, it is a completely new aircraft that is not a modification of the prototype. Compared with him, the An-148 has an enlarged fuselage. It used new Zaporozhye, turbojets D436 -148 with elektronotsifrovoy management system developed at the Design Bureau "Progress" named after Academician Ivchenko.

An 148 photo

Antonov An-148 3

The new aircraft are used unit made by several countries including the United States, Russia and Western European countries. An-148 has a dual-channel wire control system (Fly-by-Wire). The aircraft is equipped with the latest systems of radio communication and navigation equipment, allowing to land at night and adverse weather conditions. All aerobatic information displayed on five multi-function liquid crystal displays. Basic model aircraft was designated the AN-148-100.

The first flight of the An-held 148 17 2004 December year. After passing through the ground and flight tests, February 26 2007 years, the aircraft received its first certification of Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR).

An interior 148

Antonov An-148 Salon

Antonov An-148, depending on the configuration capable of carrying from the 45 99 to passengers over a distance of up to 1570 5100 kilometers. The aircraft can be operated on the ground and not prepared airfields.

The aircraft is serially produced at the Kiev factory "Antonov", having previously called the "Aviant" and the Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Plant (VASO). An 148-entered service in June 2009 years. The first operator of the aircraft became Ukrainian airline "Aerosvit". The first commercial flight by the plane An-148 24 was executed in December 2009 years.

Driving An interior-148

Antonov An-148 interior scheme

Although the An-148 have competitors such as Sukhoi Superjet-100 and Tu-334, This car experts predict a good future. At the beginning of the year 2010, about two hundred orders for the aircraft was registered.


Technical characteristics of the basic model of the aircraft AN-148-100

  • First flight: December 17 2004 years

  • Length: 29,13 m.

  • Height: 8,19 m.

  • Empty weight: 22490 kg.

  • Wing area: 87,32 square. m.

  • Wingspan: 28,91 m.

  • Cruising speed: 840 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 875 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 12400 m.

  • Range: from up to 1570 5100 km.

  • Engine Type: 2 turbofan engine D436-148

  • Crew: 2 person

  • Number of passengers: from the 45 99 to places

An 148 video

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Finally - I was able to fly on the AN-148 I dreamed about it a half-life. Salon still quite spacious and comfortable, lots of legroom even for my legs, but my almost 2m growth. In general, I can say one thing, the flight was fun, if not admiration. Therefore, I advise everyone at least once in life to fly the An-148!

The first time I flew it at the An-148. Well what can I say, in general, a good machine. But on this plane have to work all the time to bring it to perfection, although it is probably one that will not do. This machine has not been established, as one might think. Armchairs horrible and uncomfortable, folding tables are not nominated and not fixed on him cups and glasses. It is clear that all this is not so critical, these drawbacks are eliminated, but, nevertheless, it is unpleasant. So I'm not thrilled with the AN-148.

When I read the reviews of An-148, I'm split in two. Some wrote that the plane was good, but on the contrary, many criticized him. Well, that I had the chance to fly on this machine. And my opinion is, I do support those people who like the aircraft. In flight, it is not shaking, it sits quietly and calmly, and also takes off. As for the noise, so it is also not molested. I therefore fully on the side of the AN-148!

When I flew to the An-148, I wondered, as the plane turned out to be really cool. Between the seats a long distance and do the chair can be folded up to 30 degrees. I had to fly on this machine after the operation, and my experiences have been in vain. Take off plane quickly and easily, landing was the same. During the flight, I felt comfortable. And when I was told that the AN-148 amazing plane, I did not believe. We can only thank our developers. An-148 cool device!

I had two weeks three times to fly this airliner. The first flight was from Arkhangelsk to St Petersburg. Everything went perfect, the plane went smoothly, quietly, smoothly. Second flight - from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg. Feel the vibration, the pilot walked around a thunderstorm, lightning was greatly shaken visible. Returning to St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk, the plane was tossed from side to side like a paper airplane. Apparently the problem is ill-conceived aerodynamic configuration. Now I take a closer look offers carriers and try to Anahita no longer fly.