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Helicopter Sikorsky H-5
Helicopter Sikorsky H-5. A photo. Characteristics.

Sikorsky H-5



Sikorsky H-5 - Quadruple the American multi-purpose helicopter, modernization R4, improved load capacity, increased reliability, and speed ceiling. 51- variation civil helicopter. Built by «Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation». H5 / S51 took off for the first time 16.02.1946. This helicopter was equipped with an autopilot for the first time, which is much easier management. Total built 379 such helicopters H5 / S51. The helicopter was used extensively in the US Air Force and several other countries.


Helicopter Sikorsky H-5

Helicopter Sikorsky H-5 photo.

Helicopter H5 (internal name of the developer R5) is designed as a device with improved properties (speed, load, ceiling) in order to replace the Sikorsky R4. Increased rotor diameter, lengthened fuselage, seats for passengers and pilots are arranged in tandem. A more powerful engine with 450l.s. First flew in August 1943. The US Army has issued an order for 26 machines for testing (under the name YR5A), the first deliveries in February 1945. Then followed an order for 100 helicopters (modified to transport the wounded on stretchers) are manufactured and delivered 34 helicopter.


Helicopter Sikorsky H-5 photo booths

Helicopter Sikorsky H-5 photo booths.

In February 1946, the first flight made a modified version of YR5A, or S51 with improved properties. The cabin is increased and accommodates a pilot and three passengers. Eleven of these vehicles (symbol R5F) purchased by the US Air Force, and ninety - Fleet (name HO3S-1). Helicopters were used to 1957 in the US military. Licensed version of the helicopter under the designation 1946 S51Dragonfly, equipped with a motor AlvisLeonides, began to be produced in the UK is made 133 machine.


Features Helicopter Sikorsky H-5:



  • Crew: 1
  • The greatest number of passengers: 3
  • Length: 17,39m
  • The diameter of the rotor: 14,63m
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 2,565m
  • Height: 3,86m
  • The area swept rotor: 168,2kv.m
  • Profile wing: NACA.0012
  • The base chassis 3,07m
  • Track chassis 3,66m
  • Empty weight: 1718kg
  • Curb weight: 1853kg
  • The highest take-off weight: 2261kg
  • Volume of fuel tanks: 378,5l
  • Mass fuel in internal tanks: 272,2kg
  • Powerplant: 1 × piston Pratt & WhitneyR-985AN5
  • Engine power: 1 × 450l.s. (1 × 331kVt (takeoff))
  • The speed at FL: 130km / h
  • Practical range: 441km (with a full supply of fuel and passengers 2)
  • Ferry range: 674km (with an additional tank (136kg fuel) and without passengers)
  • Ceiling: 4511m
  • Static ceiling: 1615m
  • Rate of climb: 6,3m / s
  • The load on the drive: 13,43kg / m (at maximum takeoff weight)
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 146Vt / kg (at maximum takeoff weight)


Maximum speed:

  • at the ground: 167km / h
  • at an altitude of 1143m: 174km / h



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