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Dry T-60

Dry T-60


T-60 - project supersonic bomber of Soviet medium-range distance, which was a deep modernization of the Su-24. Exact specifications not, but presumably the plane had variable geometry wing, fuselage, and two flat engine, had thrust vector control.

Dry T-60

Armament consists of six Kh-15, 55-X and X-101. It is also used precision-guided munitions and free-falling bombs. The initiative of creation of the project has taken the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Work on the design began in 1984 year, however, due to the completion of the cold war had put aside and resume development only in the early 90-x. T-60 had to replace the Soviet Su-24 in the Air Force of the Soviet Union.




Many things in the aircraft structure borrowed from the aircraft T-4. Among the innovations that have been introduced in a T-60, began some controversial decisions: wing panel removed under the fuselage (not taking into account its real strain), used engine variable bypass ratio, the so-called "Twin-Tube" engine. For this reason, technical work was delayed for a long time and were made to the Soviet Union. On arming the aircraft was planned to submit to 2003 years. More facts about the development of T-60 not. Aviation analysts suggest that the plane would be equipped with stealth technology for flights to high-speed modes.

Dry T-60

Alleged armsT-60


Presumably plane T-60 could carry 6-8 cruise missiles X-55MS X-55, 101-X, X-65, aeroballistic Kh-15P X-15, 20 up tons bombs. At launch multi-position installations MKU6-172 drum can be installed small-size missile X-41.

Dry T-60

T-60 characteristics:

Design JSC "Sukhoi"
designation T-60S
Project 2713934-4
A type The supersonic medium-range bomber
Dimensions & Weight
Aircraft Length m 40 (38)
Wingspan, m 24
Height, m 10
Takeoff weight, kg 85000
Empty weight, kg 32000
Power point
number of engines 2
Engine DTRDF
Engine thrust (starting), kgf 2h 23500
Flight data (calculated)
Maximum speed km / h (M =) 2,04
Cruising speed, km / h (M =) 2,02
Flight distance, km 6000
Range with max. load km 2200
Flight altitude, m 15000
Ceiling, m 20000
Cruise missiles X-55MS, -65, -101 (up to 6-8)
aeroballistic missiles X-15P
Bomb load, t 20


Dry T-60. Gallery.

Dry T-60 view from the top flightDry T-60 in flightDry T-60 runway

Dry T-60 image modelDry T-60 aircraft schemeDry T-60 top flight



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