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Bombardier Challenger 604
Aircraft Bombardier Challenger 604. Photo. Video. Characteristics.

Bombardier Challenger 604


Bombardier Challenger 604 - Passenger aircraft increased comfort, which is developed by the Canadian company Bombardier Business Aircraft (Bombardier Canadair Corporation subsidiary), is intended for use on air lines, large and medium-haul. The first flight of Challenger 604 with motors CF343A was in September 1994, with more improved engines CF343B plane took off 17.03.1995. The plane appeared airworthiness certificate from Transport Canada in September 1994. The first sale of new aircraft started in January 1996.

History Challenger 604 aircraft takes its origin in 1980-x. More precisely, in 1978 made the first flight of its prototype - a medium-range passenger aircraft business class Canadair CL 600 Challenger, which is known under the name of Challenger 600. The plane, which is released by the Canadian company BombardierBusinessAircraft, turned almost perfectly balanced, but it was difficult to modify for other tasks as well as a change in one parameter led to a sharp deterioration in other characteristics.


Bombardier Challenger 604 1 photo salon

Bombardier Challenger 604 photo salon


After making some versions of the Challenger, in the design process which increased the fuel capacity and enhanced avionics supplied with modern navigation piloting SollipsRgoLine4 complex, there was a business jet aircraft CL604. It happened in 1994, after a year started serial production liner in the 2003 Challenger 604 and began to take off from Russian bands.

Through a combination of versatility and comfort of using Bombardier Challenger 604 ten years holds the leading position among the large business jet class. The aircraft has a performance certificates in 45 the world. The aircraft can perform flights at a maximum speed 870 km / h., To a range of carrying up 7500km 9-16 passengers. The aircraft used the most modern achievements in the field of avionics. Precision Plus system automatically calculates the optimum values ​​for engine thrust and speed, and Safe Flight Auto Power system provides an excellent smooth speed changes. With these and many other advantages Challenger 604 has proved extremely reliable, economical and extremely comfortable aircraft.


Bombardier Challenger 604 2 photo salon

Bombardier Challenger 604 2 photo salon


Currently Challenger604 is a plane, which units in the world. It has an intercontinental range, combined with record high figure for its class cruising speed and is characterized by large dimensions of the passenger compartment. An important advantage of the aircraft is that it is provided with power heating system comprises a separate dressing compartment equipped as a standard means of communication during a flight. Liner Challenger604 includes a huge luggage compartment with a good seal, access to it is available throughout the flight.

Aircraft through this ideal for long-haul flights with a large number of transplants, as the luggage in such cases all the time is replenished, and the large size cabin space and comfort are extremely important. Interior is unique and unique, it is furnished with comfortable modern furniture, equipped with air conditioning, stereo and DVD-systems, which will have to taste even a very demanding passenger. Due to the increased configuration of the passenger cabin on 0,5 meters increased as compared with <younger brother> Challenger601, thanks to the number of windows on two windows increased.


Bombardier Challenger 604 photo booths

Bombardier Challenger 604 photo booths


If a more detailed talk about the technical properties of the Challenger 604, in comparison with predecessors CL601 CL600 and large aircraft has not changed, apart from, perhaps, a greater range. Through the installation of tanks with more fuel capacity than the Challenger 601, the largest distance flight Challenger604 increased to 7458km.

Engineers performed onboard cockpit avionics equipment on the basis of Collins ProLine 4, and the engines installed brand 2xGeneralElectric CF343Bs modification.

Salon with increased comfort of the aircraft has the dimensions: 8,66m. in length, 2,5m. wide and 1,86m. in height. The number of passengers cabin may vary 10-18 man band, the crew - 3 person. Interior and cabin aircraft are equipped with modern air-conditioning systems. Interior is arranged so as to satisfy the most demanding passengers. This spacious VIP lounge equipped with a sofa, armchairs, tables, which create an ideal environment for work and leisure. On board there is a communication device, modern VIDEO / AUDIO system. In addition, during the flight, passengers can freely pass for the necessary items in the luggage compartment. In addition, the aircraft mounted a special noise system, which was developed by UltraElectronics, which suppresses vibration, which further increases the comfort of the flight.


The characteristics of the aircraft Challenger 604:


  • Modification: CL604.
  • Wingspan: 19.61m.
  • Aircraft length: 20.85m.
  • Aircraft height: 6.30m.
  • Wing area: 45.71kv.m.
  • .: Weight of empty aircraft: 12079kg.
  • Weight .: greatest vzletnmy: 21863kg.
  • Fuel: 9072kg.
  • Engine Type: 2hTRDD GeneralElectricCF343B.
  • Link: 2h38.84 kN (41APR).
  • Maximum cruising speed: 882km / h.
  • Normal cruising speed: 850km / h.
  • Most economical speed: 787km / h.
  • Practical range: 7550 km.
  • Rate of climb:. 520m / min.
  • Ceiling .: 11430m.
  • Crew: 2 person.
  • Payload: 19 passengers in the cabin increased capacity or 5 passengers VIP-class.


Bombardier Challenger 604 video

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