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Mi-17. A photo. Characteristics. History



Last modernization of the Mi-8 1989 ended in the year. All improvements have led designers to create a qualitatively new machine called the Mi-17. The helicopter was developed in the design office Mile. The new helicopter has a more powerful engine than the previous model. Mi-17 used in more than 20 the world. The first helicopter of this model began to make from the beginning of the year 1991. Mi-17 2009 in the year was adopted in the Russian Federation, this machine is completely made in the military order with all customer requirements. Mi-17 - it is the name of a Mi-8MT in the supply on the world market. For thirteen years, the manufacture of the Mi-17 3,5 was released thousands of helicopters.


Description Mi-17


Mi-17 is a multi-purpose helicopters, which belong to the middle class. Due to previous developments helicopters designers could have taken into account all the nuances when creating a new machine. The main feature of the new device has a more powerful engine. It is also one of the features of this model has been the transfer of the tail rotor to the left side, which made it possible to improve the performance characteristics and make greater use of the machine.

Amphibious transport helicopter version was designed and developed for easy boarding and loading landing, thought was fire support from a helicopter. This unit can carry loads in the middle of a helicopter, or to hang them by the external load. Load compartment has 24 seats that can be folded. Military modifications can be equipped with guns fore and aft compartment.

Military helicopters are also equipped with a system of "Linden," which creates an electronic interference on the equipment of the enemy. For the commanders who control the tank formations, there are specially equipped helicopters - flying headquarters. Mi-17 equipped with an engine that can operate at high altitudes. System has been improved power machine equipment.

The main propeller is equipped with shock absorbers to reduce vibrations in the helicopter. Sami blades are made of high quality fiberglass, which has allowed them to reduce the weight and it does not impair their strength. But the construction itself remains the same as it was in the Mi-8. As for the power plant helicopter, then there should be noted that it has an automated system that supports the propeller revolutions. Since Mi-17 2 has a motor, it has a system of synchronization that allows you to keep flying, even if one of the engines.

Due to the quality of the new avionics to make flying on the machine at any time of the day and even in adverse weather conditions. Mi-17 and equipped with radio direction finders. There are also devices for measuring the height and the newest at that time navigation system. For protection in combat helicopter equipped with a system of emission LTC, which is located in the tail section.

Mi-17 2 Battle

In the floor there is a large hatch of the helicopter, allowing you to install an external suspension, to which you can attach loads of up to 5 tons. In the very cockpit of the helicopter can carry loads of up to 4 tons. Mi-17 is equipped with a retractable winch, which can be used to lift loads of up to 300 kg. There this series helicopters for civilian traffic, which is made more comfortable interior. Also, this machine can be equipped as a hospital in which to assist the wounded. Excellent flight characteristics made it possible to use this machine as a combat helicopter, which is equipped with missiles of the "air - air" or combat systems like "Attack" or "Storm".

Mi-17 largely repeats the complete set Mi-8, but still most of the parts and assemblies significantly improved. As for appearance, in the new machine all hoods have a different shape, and mounted on the air intake system better dust. Nozzles for exhaust gases from the engine are oval. On the Mi-17 extra power unit, which is located behind the gear. It provides power to start the main engine.

The system installed APU provides power helicopter. In the event of an emergency in the helicopter are escape hatches for the exit. The war machine is fully armored cockpit. The chassis on this model helicopter is not removed.


The operational characteristics of the helicopter Mi-17


The first Mi-17 was unveiled in 1991 year's air show in France. Production of helicopters of this model today is engaged in Kazan plant and aircraft factory in Ulan-Ude. These plants have been built more than 2 thousand different versions of the Mi-17.


Mi-17 cabin


Basic versions of the Mi-17


Since this is a multi-purpose helicopter, it has a lot of options for the design and equipment. The standard option is a transport helicopter. There is also a passenger model that can carry passengers 13 quite comfortable conditions. This machine is equipped with a compartment for luggage and clothes. Passenger helicopter has a ventilation and heating in the passenger compartment. The model vip-class titled "Elephant", it is intended for transportation of passengers 9 11 up far enough - up to 1,7 thousand kilometers.

Designed and manufactured model helicopter rescue equipped with a winch with an arrow, which can produce life-saving work. Powerful spotlights this modification allow rescue and nighttime.

Landing a helicopter has the ability to transport 30 paratroopers or arrangement as a hospital can carry 12 wounded soldiers on stretchers. This model has on the sides of the fuselage mounts for machine guns or cannons, sometimes these fastenings can be attached to the weight of half a ton bombs. Doorways have the opportunity to mount machine guns 8. To increase the safety of the crew and soldiers on board the helicopter is equipped with armored body plates.

Mi-17 civil

In addition to armor, the helicopter has a system of protection against enemy missiles, it is both active and passive system. Jumping paratroopers can produce both through cargo wing and through the sliding door to the helicopter. For military purposes it was designed helicopter, which is equipped with a radar installation that promotes plug all the enemy radio.

To control the environment has made another version of the Mi-17 called "ecological laboratory". It is equipped with the latest equipment, which makes mapping of the territory, as well as analysis of the earth's surface and atmospheric conditions. The equipment of the helicopter has the ability to monitor background radiation and to analyze the environmental situation in general. In such a model can be set photographic equipment, which can be used to carry out aerial photography from a height of up to 50 6000 meters even at high speed.

In civilian use was made Mi-17, which serves people as a firefighter. Its main objective is the elimination of fires in inaccessible places. It has a weir device which has a volume 2 m3. In addition, it has the ability to bring a fire to 20 firefighters who desantiruyutsya from a height of about 45 meters besparashyutnym way.

The latest and most advanced modification can be considered as the Mi-17MD. From his fellow he is different structure of the fuselage. First of all, there has been increased the width of the door, which allows a high speed to land and unload paratroopers. In addition, the number of seats to 36. This model can carry loads of up to 5 tons. In the event of an emergency on the water bodies helicopter is equipped with a swimming properties, which ensures the evacuation of people in the water. And the biggest advantage is that it can fly 1600 kilometers without refueling, this was achieved by installing additional tanks.


Today continues the production of a variety of modifications of the Mi-17. The most popular model is the Mi-17-1V. And to 90% of these helicopters are exported, this model can have different equipment. For Russia and the CIS countries increasingly popular model for the operation of a MI-171SH.


Specifications Mi-17:


  • Maximum speed - 250 km / h

  • Cruising speed - 230 km / h

  • Maximum range with the main tank - 610 km

  • Service ceiling - 6 000 m

  • Static ceiling out of ground effect - 1 760 m

  • Mass Properties

  • Maximum take-off weight - 13 000 kg

  • Maximum payload on the external sling - 4 000 kg

  • Maximum payload in transport cabin - 4 000 kg

  • Dimensions salon

  • The length of the passenger compartment - 5, 34 m

  • The width of the interior - 2,34 m

  • Cabin height - 1,8 m

  • The flight crew - 3 person

  • Passengers (in the passenger seat) - to 26 people.




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