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Hughes TH-55 Osage. A photo.
Hughes TH-55 Osage. A photo. Characteristics.

Hughes TH-55 Osage


Hughes TH-55 Osage - American light training helicopter rose into the air for the first time in 1956 Designed by HyuzGelikopters for the US Army. On the basis of the civil version of the Hughes developed 269. The helicopter model 269 was built under license in Italy by "Breda Nardi" in Japan by "Kawasaki". Hughes 300S - modernized version of the helicopter Hughes 269. The first flight took place in August 1984. After the purchase of the company "Hughes helicopters" company "McDonnell Douglas" sold the rights to the helicopter company "Schweitzer". Helicopters with 1983 sold under the name Schweizer 300C and 300SV. The company Schweizer in 2004 acquired by Sikorsky Aircraft. Helicopter February 2009 made as Sikorsky S300C. Helicopter is widely used as a training for civil and military flight schools and general aviation.


Hughes TH-55 Osage. A photo.

Hughes TH-55 Osage. A photo.

The helicopter is made of single-rotor scheme. It has a tail rotor. Truss fuselage of steel tubes. A three-bladed rotor, trёhsharnirnoe mount blade. Two-bladed tail rotor, aluminum tube in kachesvto tail boom. Reciprocating engine HIO360D1A (was mounted a few modifications), carbureted model 300SV, Injection in SBi. Mechanical control of the helicopter, there is no control loop hydraulic system. Cabin double or triple (in the first case the removable seat for the passenger between the right and left seats). The variant with dual controls made for flight training. The helicopter can be equipped with inflatable floats to take off from the water.


Hughes TH-55 Osage. Photo booths

Hughes TH-55 Osage. Photo booths.


Features helicopter Hughes TH-55 Osage:



  • Crew: 1

  • The greatest number of passengers: 1-2

  • Powerplant: 1 × 6-cylinder PDAvcoLycoming HIO360D1A

  • Power: 180l.s

  • The diameter of the rotor: 8,18m

  • Length with rotating propellers: 9,40m

  • Height: 2,67m

  • Takeoff Weight: 930kg

  • Empty weight: 476kg

  • The speed at FL: 153 km / h

  • Ceiling: 3110m

  • Flight range with fuel reserve: 370km


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