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Bomber M-4
Bomber M-4

Bomber M-4


Soviet strategic bomber EDO VM Myasishcheva been in service since the early 1960-ies. At the time, he was one of the best in its class.

Powerplant: four turbojet engines AM 3D thrust of 13 250 kg.


Bomber M-4 photo

Bomber M-4 photo


The performance characteristics of M-4

  • Wingspan, m 52,5

  • Length m 53,4

  • Height, m ​​12,8

  • Wing area, m2 320

  • empty weightplane kg90 000

  • Launch weight, kg 180 000

  • flight speed, km / h 1100

  • Flight range, km 11 000

  • The ceiling, 17 000 m



  • gun 6 23 mm x

  • bombs, missiles

  • Weight, more 12 000




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