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Drones against a man: who is better?
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Drones against a man: who is better?

Drones against a man: who is better?


It is considered that a computer, and artificial intelligence controlled under its direct control, can better cope with the miscalculation of all sorts of situations, however, whether in reality unmanned systems are completely replace the person in the aviation sphere.



Since the moment when the Wright brothers were able to fly a few meters on their plane for the first time, the man was always looking for the possibility to make flights safer and to replace the crew with special machines that could provide full control over the aircraft during flights to tens, hundreds and thousands of kilometers. Strangely enough, the first attempts to realize unmanned systems were made in 30-40 years of the last century, and although they were unsuccessful, scientists and engineers worked for decades to create devices that allow unerringly manage aircraft, and do not need in rest, completely and completely tracking the flight, from the moment of take-off and finishing with a landing.

Not so long ago, European aircraft manufacturers received reports that the corporation "Airbus" is developing a special fully automated aircraft control system. In the opinion of the creators, in the near future, the automatically manned system will get rid of the crew members, thereby making flights from one corner of the globe to the other, as efficient as possible. Of course, these news are very positive, however, can a computer replace a person?



In terms of information processing, the computer is almost no equal, in particular, for some calculations, even very simple, a person takes seconds, while the computer does it hundreds of thousands of times faster, and therefore the automatic piloting system can independently carry out control of the flight through stormy fronts, where a person quite surely could not cope.

Nevertheless, an experiment conducted a few weeks ago by scientists showed that the artificial intelligence system not only can not perform high-quality complex calculations, but it also acts much slower than a person, in particular, the experience was conducted in which, according to a given route, characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicles, and if a person could cope with the task for 11,1 seconds, then a computer equipped with an artificial intelligence system did this for 13,9 seconds technological command, that is, in fact, a time difference of 20%.



It is important to take into account that someday the computer and artificial intelligence system will reach such a level that they can surpass the person in performing many tasks, however, to date, even complex computing centers, in their essence, super-computers, make mistakes, which indicates on the fact that you can not trust unmanned systems for all 100%.


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